Starting Your Own Business or Investing in a Franchise Brand

Starting Your Own Business or Investing in a Franchise Brand

Starting Your Own Business or Investing in a Franchise Brand

If you’re seeking to launch a business, one of the decisions and self-examinations you must make is whether you want to launch a franchise or start an independent business. The benefits of franchising are numerous!

The franchisee is the party that purchases the brand rights from the franchisor on behalf of a third party (the brand owner). In addition to ongoing franchise fees for marketing, royalties, and other costs, the franchisee pays the franchisor an upfront fee for the right to use their brand’s trademark.

Picking the Right Franchise Brand for You

If you choose to invest in the wrong franchise brand things can go wrong fast. However, if you take your time, do your due diligence, and find a company whose values align with your own, your path to success will be set.

One of the significant benefits of franchising over starting your own business is that the franchise business is creating a name for itself on a local or national level, which should be valuable to the target market you’re attempting to reach.

Any reputable franchise corporation has created a business system that functions well and delivers positive outcomes. Even better, they must disclose significant amounts of information in their mandatory disclosures so you can research the facts and confirm the findings with current franchisees before making your final decision.

The franchisee may acquire a largely turnkey operation, depending on the conditions of the franchise agreement and the company’s structure. They can have everything they need to complete the work, including an established brand, tools, materials, and a marketing strategy.

Also, a reputable franchise organization will have training programs that will educate you on how to operate the business effectively. Also, they have to have the available resources to help you deal with any issues that may arise as you manage your firm.

While some other franchisees might not offer everything, all franchises offer the franchisor’s expertise. The franchisee gets access to a vast pool of business advice to help them navigate the process of starting and running a firm, whether that information is contained in a searchable, digital knowledge base or just a phone number to contact the franchisor directly. Running a successful business with this information is much simpler than establishing one from zero.

Footprints Flooring Franchise
Has Another New Family Member!

Joseph Kane - Footprints Floors Flooring Franchise Owner

“You are your own boss, and you get to decide what you do each day at Footprints Floors Franchising” – Bryan Park

We at Footprints Floors home services franchise are a cut above the competition and are not your typical flooring company; we’re a cutting-edge, reasonably priced business that uses a distinctive franchise business strategy to stay one step ahead of the competition in the flooring sector.

And because of our faith-based success, we’ve grown tremendously over the years, gaining many trusted and successful new Franchise Owners along the way. One of our most recent is Joseph Kane from Provo, Utah! We sat down for a fun and informative chat with Joseph to learn about how he found himself investing in a superb home flooring business!

Footprints Floors: What industries have you worked in prior to discovering Footprints Floors?

Joseph Kane: My background is essentially in sales for software companies, so SaaS. And then before that, I was an assigned language interpreter for four years, which brings you into many different environments.

FF: How did you first hear about Footprints Floors flooring franchise?

JK: Through a broker. I was requesting information on a different business opportunity and then he brought this one up and so dove in deeper, and now here we are.

FF: Were you looking at construction franchises, or did you know what you wanted to do there?

JK: Originally, I was not even looking for a franchise business opportunity. Then we talked about the pros and cons of working with franchises, and he brought up a couple. One of them was a Restoration Company, one of them was a flooring company. Once we zeroed in on the flooring business it just made sense. It was a good fit based on my sales background and skill set.

FF: Awesome! What did you like about their franchise business model?

Joseph Kane and Family - Footprints Floors Flooring Franchise Owner
Joseph Kane and Family - Footprints Floors Flooring Franchise Owner

JK: Their home improvement business model was already in line with my strengths and preferences. With a sales background, on the one hand, I’m going to be doing estimates and working with customers while helping capture the customers’ vision. So I get to be on that side of things, which is similar to my experience. Also, being on the side of production and helping make sure that these jobs come to fruition now that the vision has been realized and there’s a tangible piece to it. So that’s the role that I will fill.

On top of that, the faith-based organization seems to be focused on people first. They genuinely want to make a difference in customers’ lives. If you do what’s right for the customer, and you have that mentality and focus on taking care of the customer, then everything else will work itself out.

They’re also focused on us as Franchise Owners too. Helping each of us be successful and caring about us.

FF: Was there anything about the franchise business model at first that intimidated you? Anything that made you question whether or not this was the path you wanted to take?

JK: The crew side of things is the biggest unknown and biggest question mark. Another factor for me is that this is my first transition from being a W-2 employee to a business owner and not having a paycheck and a salary and all that. And so there are also some nerves around that, and I’ve had to work through all of that.

Honestly, Footprints flooring franchise is awesome and there are no red flags.

FF: With those concerns in mind, was there anyone during the process that helped you feel more at ease with those issues?

JK: Brian was extremely helpful the whole time. He did a really good job helping me understand that everything is going to be okay. And showing how they’ve done this successfully across the country. 80 or 90 franchise owners and they’ve been able to figure things out. I’ve had the chance to get to know 20 or 25 franchise owners and they all had the same concerns as me, but things turned out good and they reassured me that with dedication I’ll be good too.

FF: Do you have a favorite part of Discovery Day?

JK: Meeting the entire Footprints Floors Franchise team!

FF: What sets Footprints apart from other franchise business opportunities in the home service or flooring industry?

JK: I didn’t look at other flooring companies, but I did look at some other home improvement services companies and Footprints checked ALL the boxes. They put the Franchise Owners first.

FF: What makes you most excited about owning your own Footprints Floors flooring business?

JK: The ability to have more freedom and opportunity to be a part of my family’s life more.

We can’t thank Joseph enough for taking the time to sit with us and discuss his story. And we couldn’t be more excited for him!

If Joseph’s journey inspires you and you want to change your life and community, let’s talk about Footprints Floors franchise opportunities in your area.


Our Flooring Franchise BOOMED in 2022! (And We’re Just Getting Started)

Our Flooring Franchise BOOMED in 2022! (And We’re Just Getting Started)

Our Flooring Franchise BOOMED in 2022! (And We’re Just Getting Started)

After ten years of operating as a home services franchise, Footprints Floors is celebrating a BIG year of wins and achievements as we continue our nationwide franchise expansion.

From revenue to development to community partnerships with various organizations, 2022 was a tremendous year of growth for us, and we can’t be more excited!

Our Founder and CEO, Bryan Park, had this to say in a recent interview with 1851 Franchise: “This was really a year of national growth for us. We have experienced a lot of maturation as a business and focused on new relationships and connections. Our volume is really starting to open doors for us, which has been exciting to see.”

We’re coming off of a big year and looking to keep that momentum going in 2023. Here’s a rundown of our faith-based franchise’s top achievements in 2022:

Footprints Floors - 18 Flooring Franchises Nationwide

18 New Flooring Franchise Units Nationwide

Our roster of Franchise Owners has grown significantly since we first began franchising our flooring business ten years ago, and we now have over 160 home services franchise units in operation across the United States! 18 of these units opened in 2022, launching the Footprints Floors home improvement brand into a number of new markets, including Jacksonville, Florida; Boise, Idaho; Long Island, New York; Reno, Nevada; St. Louis, Missouri; Providence, Rhode Island and Boston, Massachusetts. 

What’s the secret to our success with finding the right franchise investors for each market? A lot of it comes down to what we have to offer. Footprints Floors offers much more executive support than a typical flooring franchise business opportunity: from our dedicated call center to our expert marketing and operations teams, our Franchise Owners get a level of support that is unheard of in most home services franchise concepts.

Our proven flooring franchise business model allows Footprints Floors Franchise Owners to have the freedom and flexibility that comes with being their own boss, while providing a unique level of support from our Executive Leadership Team from Day One. Unlike independent flooring contractors, who have to handle the headaches of lead generation, appointment scheduling, customer service queries and more along with the actual completion of the flooring jobs, Footprints Floors Franchise Owners are able to fully concentrate on growing their business without having to worry about any other aspects that come along with starting a flooring business. In fact, thanks to the simple business operations involved with owning a Footprints Floors, we’re even able to operate as a semi-absentee franchise for investors who want a less hands-on approach to entrepreneurship—something that many of our prospective Franchise Owners find intriguing about the Footprints Floors concept. 

Our one-of-a-kind flooring business  model is definitely one of the reasons we’ve experienced such massive growth, but when it comes to building a successful flooring franchise, our top priority is making sure we have the right people to run each territory. We’re fortunate to have partnered with Franchise Owners who we believe are ideal representatives of the Footprints Floors core values of family, faith and outstanding customer service. Each year we receive literally hundreds of applications from prospective Franchise Owners who are interested in learning more about how to start a flooring business of their own that is backed by the power of an experienced corporate team. 

By going through the Franchise Discovery Process with qualifying candidates, we’re able to see who is the best fit for the Footprints Floors brand, as well as giving our prospective Owners the opportunity to decide if we’re the right franchise fit for them. This way, we can move forward with confidence, knowing that we’re awarding territories to Franchise Owners who best embody our brand values and align with our commitment to outstanding customer service. We don’t just award territories to anybody who can afford the investment: to us, it goes much deeper than a financial transaction. We are welcoming people into the Footprints Floors franchise family. We’re pleased to say we’ve built a national network of fantastic people to represent the Footprints Floors name with their own successful flooring franchise territories.

Footprints Floors - Nationwide Flooring Franchise Expansion

90% Systemwide Flooring Franchise Revenue Increase

In addition to growing our national “footprint” by making inroads into new territories across the United States, Footprints Floors also experienced staggering systemwide revenue growth, to the tune of a 90 percent increase over the previous year. 

That’s not all—in addition to our flooring franchise brand achieving such impressive growth last year, a number of our Franchise Owners experienced a big jump in profits at the individual level, with 10 of them joining the Footprints Floors “Million Dollar Club” as Franchise Owners who reached a seven-figure sales total in 2022. 

Considering that the initial financial investment for opening a Footprints Floors home services franchise starts at just $78,505, it’s easy to see why so many franchise investors from all walks of life and career backgrounds are choosing our flooring franchise over any other concept in the home services industry. As a mobile franchise with no need for dedicated office space or payroll employees, we’re able to keep our overhead investment low for new Franchise Owners wanting to make a big splash in their community by starting a flooring business without any of the typical hassle or expense that comes with entrepreneurship. 

Prospective Franchise Owners who see the starting financial investment range compared with our multi-unit average gross sales of $1,883,332* and our multi-unit annual gross profit of $850,027 can immediately spot the potential for success in a fraction of the time that it would take to build an independent flooring business from the ground up. Also, because of the fact that our starting investment is significantly lower than that of other home services franchise concepts, the ability to own multiple units within a territory is more attainable for investors looking to build a flooring franchise empire in their community. 

Best of all, as a home services franchise, Footprints Floors has proven time and again to be a recession-resilient concept, not only surviving but thriving during the Great Recession and the Covid-19 pandemic. We don’t anticipate people’s needs for quality, affordable flooring to change—in fact, with more and more people purchasing older homes in need of renovation, we expect families to be in greater need of the floor installation and restoration services we provide in the coming years. Even during shaky economic times, home improvement  is one industry that historically has consistently remained a safe bet for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Launch of the First Fruits Fund

As you can see, 2022 was a banner year for Footprints Floors for a number of reasons, but none quite so near to our hearts as the institution of the philanthropic arm of our flooring franchise: the First Fruits Fund. Through the fund, we partner with faith-based organizations to volunteer and donate help for family service, homelessness prevention, drug rehabilitation, poverty reduction, and other issues that are important to the communities we serve and to the world at large.

Our Founder is especially committed to channeling his strong faith and dedication to service into helping those in need. In another interview with 1851 Franchise, Park shared his vision of using his successful flooring franchise as a way to give back, saying, “I see my business as a way to live up to my values of supporting my neighbors and lending a hand to those in need. A business should be about more than just making money for its stakeholders; it should play a positive role in its community.”

Our executive leadership team has committed to donating 25 percent of our annual profits to The First Fruits Fund so we can assist charities and nonprofit organizations by donating money, flooring services, volunteer work and more. 

First Fruits Fund - Footprints Floors Flooring Franchise

In its first year, the fund has been able to offer assistance to a number of organizations, including Hope’s Promise, a Christian child placement agency; Open Door Ministries, a Denver, Colorado-based non-profit that fights poverty and homelessness; and World Orphans, a group that partners with churches to combat poverty and support children in developing nations by training and empowering women to become entrepreneurs.

Park’s commitment to doing good through his company is a testament to his core values of faith  and service. Thanks to The First Fruits Fund, his passion for helping others through charitable work can now be combined with his commitment to upholding those values in our flooring franchise. Jonathan Jarvis, our director of franchise onboarding and training, strongly agrees. “Here at Footprints Floors, we value community good above all else,” said Jarvis. “We are very excited and humbled to be a part of these philanthropic efforts with First Fruits Fund and to use it as a vehicle to live out the brand’s mission to help as many people as possible.”

For prospective Franchise Owners who are as interested in doing good and giving back to their communities as we are, Footprints Floors is an excellent opportunity to help make the world a better place while finding personal success and achieving entrepreneurial goals. We are proud to be able to share the wealth we’ve accumulated as a successful flooring franchise with those in need, and we’re always on the lookout for like-minded Franchise Owners to help us share our goals of being of service to others.

Awards and Recognition

As our flooring franchise continues to grow by leaps and bounds, we are committed to maintaining the same reputation for excellence that got us here in the first place. That’s why we are so proud to have been recognized as a top home services franchise with the following awards in 2022:

As if that isn’t enough recognition for one year, Footprints Floors was also named a “top home improvement franchise” by Franchise Business Review, and Franchise Chatter ranked us at number 3 on its list of Best Flooring Franchises of 2022. We are beyond proud to receive these top honors and are extremely thankful to our hardworking Franchise Owners, corporate team, and everyone else who has helped us attain this level of success. 

Awards and Recognition - Footprints Floors Flooring Franchise

Exciting New Partnerships

All of the progress we’ve made in the ten years since we began franchising never could have happened without our outstanding executive team. In 2022, we added several new members to help us take our flooring franchise brand goals even further. We’re proud to have our new director of communications, Jeremy Wasinger, on board. We’ve also added two familiar faces to our executive team—longtime Franchise Owners Joel and Kate Gudeman have joined us as our new franchise support managers. With their level of experience and ability to put themselves in new Franchise Owners’ shoes from Day One, the Gudemans are a valuable asset to help us continue on our path of tremendous growth!

In addition to our new executive team members, we’ve also established some exciting partnerships with outside vendors to help us continue to excel at providing excellent customer service. We’ve teamed up with financial supplier Synchrony to offer payment options for our flooring franchise customers. Additionally, we have integrated the digital job site communication app CompanyCam into all of our systems, empowering our Franchise Owners to have more ease and convenience with their day-to-day business operations.

All of these new relationships are integral to our continued growth over the next year and beyond. “Going into 2023, we aim to continue this pattern of growth and to lean into more strategic partnerships,” says Park. “There’s been a great deal that’s happened for our relatively young franchise, and we’ve done exceptionally well. I’m excited to see what the future holds for the brand.”

Be Part of our Flooring Franchise Growth Story—Become a Footprints Floors Franchise Owner!

We’re planning to keep making footprints all over America in 2023—care to join us? Visit our home services franchise website today to learn more.

*Refer to 2022 Franchise Disclosure Document Item 19- Table 3

Footprints Floors Ranks in Entrepreneur’s 2023 Top Franchise 500

Footprints Floors Ranks in Entrepreneur’s 2023 Top Franchise 500

Footprints Floors Ranks in Entrepreneur’s 2023 Top Franchise 500

Footprints Floors Ranks in Entrepreneur’s 2023 Top Franchise 500
What does a long-time Air Force veteran do when his time serving his country is up? He starts a flooring company, of course! Bryan Park is a proud United States Air Force Academy graduate in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and proudly served his country for several years before leaving for civilian life.

However, he didn’t just wake up one morning and decide to open a flooring installation business. He had been working for a flooring company for many years after his discharge, but then 2008 came, the economy went south, and Bryan’s job disappeared. But instead of feeling bad for himself, Bryan decided to make the most of the situation. He did that by taking his years of experience in the home improvement industry and started  his own flooring business.

That was in 2008. Over a decade later, Footprints Floors is a one-of-a-kind flooring and home restoration franchise  backed by faith, commitment to excellence, and customer service. 

Franchising beginnings

In 2013, Bryan began to offer flooring franchises only in Colorado, and by 2016, Colorado was utterly sold out. It wasn’t until 2018 that Footprints Floors decided to expand nationally, growing from a presence in one state to 18 states in just two short years. In the last few years, Bryan has found a calling in business mentorship, having now helped several first-time business owners find levels of success that they did not previously believe could be possible!

The franchising formula we offer here at Footprints is unique to others. Our Franchise Owners meet with customers, complete the installation estimate, and then allow the customer to source the actual flooring from anywhere they see fit. Once the assessment is performed, and the job is booked, owners manage subcontractors who complete the labor and spend their time as the main point of contact for the customer, ensuring a smooth and professional experience. 

Using this type of business model, our Franchise Owners can be home-based and don’t need to put money down on a huge retail space; they don’t have any business overhead expenses because there’s no need to stock any flooring inventory, and they don’t need to hire employees because they use 1099 subcontractors. 

Hold on, because it gets easier! Our corporate leadership team handles most of the marketing that helps find new customers and runs a fully-serviced call center to answer any questions you or customers may have.

Entrepreneur Top 500 ranking

We’re proud to announce that Footprints Floors has been ranked on Entrepreneur’s prestigious Franchise 500 list for 2023! To be considered among so many esteemed franchises is an honor, and it’s even more exciting to know that out of the thousands of companies that applied this year.

Matt Gilstrap - Pin Ceremony - Footprints Floors Franchise

Why you should join the Footprints Floors Franchise Family!

Owning a franchise is a great career path, a chance to be your own boss and secure your financial future. And if you want to be involved with a faith-based franchise  that puts Owner success and customer service first, Footprints Floors is the perfect one.

With a minimum initial financial investment of $78,505 and average multi-unit gross profit of $850,027*, you could be enjoying an average return on investment (ROI) of up to 1,082%! However, that’s not to say the revenue potential ends there, and nothing is stopping you from achieving the same financial success. Not bad for an affordable franchise that starts at under $79K!

Because of our successful franchise business model and no need for a brick-and-mortar store, our owners usually can make their investment back within 3-6 months of opening their territory. With a brick-and-mortar franchise store, recouping an investment can take up to 2-3 years.

Expect 24/7 Franchise Owner Support

We maintain company-owned call centers that support you every step of the way. Not only do we take customer service calls for our Franchise Owners, but we also schedule all appointments and manage lead generation. All they have to do is focus on providing a great customer experience.

Don’t worry; we’re not going to send you blind. We give each new Franchise Owner 120 hours of hands-on training before opening. We’ll also train you in our unique marketing techniques and help you maintain your digital presence, so your business thrives.

Work-life balance

Most franchisees operate on a regular 9-5 schedule, five days a week, but that doesn’t mean you have to. That’s the beauty of being a Franchise Owner because you can set a schedule based on your individual needs and preferences. 

Time to get started

Footprints Floors Flooring Franchise is a welcoming community of like-minded individuals looking to make a difference in people’s lives. If you want to learn more about becoming a Franchise Owner and joining this incredible family, check out the Franchise section on our website, and let’s get started!

Footprints Floors: Learn What it Takes to Own & Operate a Home Improvement Franchise

Footprints Floors: Learn What it Takes to Own & Operate a Home Improvement Franchise

Footprints Floors: Learn What it Takes to Own & Operate a Home Improvement Franchise

We were lucky enough to sit down with the wonderful people behind Footprints Floors Franchise Development Team for an inside look at what makes this brand so successful. Vice President of Development Brian Knuth, and Development Manager Tyler Woodard, also answered questions from prospective home improvement franchise owners of Footprints Floors.

When thinking about buying and running a franchise business, the first question you might ask yourself is, ‘What type of franchise should I invest in?’.

After that decision is made, the others come flooding in…

  • How much money is needed for an initial financial investment? 
  • Can I operate a successful Franchise during a severe market downturn? 
  • What will my month-to-month business overhead expenses be? 
  • How do I begin the process of hiring employees and staff? 

And those are just some of the questions you and other future franchise owners will face. But we’re here to assure you it’s possible, and you can do it, primarily when investing in a brand like Footprints Floors home services franchise.

Whether you’re an experienced tradesman or someone who enjoys dabbling in carpentry here and there, owning a Footprints Floors flooring franchise may be the perfect fit. Wouldn’t you want to control your own schedule and workflow, manage your own team, and create a thriving local business? We think so, too.

When people reach out to us about investing in a home improvement franchise, they reach out with a lot of questions. And rightly so. It’s a huge, life-changing decision with tons of commitment and responsibility attached. Because of that, we’ve taken over the Footprints Floors blog, pulled together the most frequently asked questions, and let our industry experts do the talking.

Let’s get started!


Are subcontractors hard to find?

Brian: In the world of trades, folks start as employees to learn the craft. They then graduate into being subcontractors to make the most money, so they are always looking to work. Finding them is not a challenge because they are always out. Acquiring subcontractors is not a challenge either; you just need a job for them to work. Retaining them is not challenging because you just need to keep them steady. Subcontractors are probably the number one or two concerns for everybody going through the process, and after a month, subcontractors don’t even make the top-10 list of worries. It’s not a challenge or concern whatsoever.

How do you handle customers that want you to provide products considering Footprints Floors’ flooring business focus is labor sales?

Brian: The reality is that about 95% of the customers we visit know precisely what they want, where they are getting it from, and what it costs before they allow us to enter their property. So when a worker rings the doorbell and that worker or representative walks through the front door, the customer will tell them all those things. We don’t want to convince them to buy our product. I don’t want to add the complexity of logistics and sourcing that product, and scheduling for delivery. We want to meet them where they’re at. So to answer the question of ‘how do you work with people that want to provide the product?’ it’s simple; 95% of our customers want to get it themselves.

The other component is we have every resource to provide them with flooring products, including vendor relationships and preferential pricing. We have a room visualizer tool that allows us to show them what their room will look like with the new floors they select. We have every tool to provide that service, but we try to avoid it because it’s not necessary for our business model. 

I am concerned about the economy, inflation, and possible recession. Is now really a good time to invest financially in a Footprints Floors home services franchise?

Brian: The business was founded during a recession in 2008, and arguably, a recession is related to real estate, specifically residential real estate. So during a time when residential real estate was extremely vulnerable, we were able to thrive. And right now, we’re seeing the same thing. While the economy, our stocks, and our 401ks are vulnerable right now, real estate is slow to react to that. So we do not see any challenges, but when we do, what we know is going to happen is the lesser flooring companies, the lesser flooring installation guys, will struggle to find work. We can get in front of customers and continue to find work and continue to provide for our crews.

This is with the hope that you realize that to run a million-dollar business with Footprints Floors home improvement franchise, we don’t need a tremendous amount of jobs. We’re doing two to three jobs a week. So I don’t need hundreds of thousands of transactions. I just need a couple hundred to run a million-dollar business. So while we might see buyers slow down, I only need a few of them to run a really, really successful flooring business.

Can I sell my family or friends flooring products from within the home services franchise?

Brian: We have every resource to sell flooring products. We have supply chain operations. We have preferential pricing with the major companies. We even have a company that’s decided not necessarily to have a private label with our name on it, but the samples they’ve sent us, franchise owners, have Footprints Floors stickers on them. Again, we don’t want to sell products, but we have every resource to do it. Nothing stops us from selling flooring products. 

How can I be sure I’m getting my home services franchise in the best, most profitable area of my town or city?

Brian: We’ve built every franchise territory to be equal around the country. We’ve utilized demographic information, consumer patterns, and lead count information to validate that one territory is one territory. The franchise owners that have launched over the last three years share the same experiences, whether in Dayton, Ohio, or Columbus, that’s sliced into three franchise territories. One is one, and they’re all equal. Our franchise owners will validate their sharing of the same experiences.


How do I get customers?

Brian: WE ARE A HARDWOOD FLOORING LEAD GENERATION AND MARKETING MACHINE! We know the game, play it well, and win. It’s irreplaceable. Footprints Floors flooring business crushes it by queuing up franchise owners with estimates.

Who finds the subcontractors?

Brian: We’ll pave the path for our home services franchise owners. We’ll show them everywhere to look and how to look. We’ll even look on their behalf if needed, and usually, within a couple of weeks, they want you to move out of the way because they got the search for subcontractors under control.

Do Footprints Floors do epoxy floors?

Brian: We tend to stay away from that. If I had to consolidate an answer for what we provide, it would be hard surface residential flooring. No carpet. No concrete.

Why should I buy a franchise business during this unstable economy with a possible recession on the horizon?

Brian: The market is down, so why is it a good idea to invest financially in a franchise right now? It’s an opportunity to invest in yourself versus riding the market and hoping that Jeff Bezos continues to make a decision with your Amazon stock. To me, there’s no better time to invest in yourself. The job landscape is going to become volatile. Companies will feel the same crunch that homeowners are feeling, and the dollar is continuing to move on us as far as the value is concerned. Why gamble on yourself if you’re trying to create security and maturity? You’re somewhat doing it daily as a commitment to fulfill your corporate America job. Do it with the added benefits of being a Franchise owner.

I have funds in my 401K. Can I use these?

Tyler: Absolutely. We’ve discovered it’s one of the most popular ways to fund new business investments. There is a program called Rollovers as Business Start-ups (ROBS). Once you begin the Franchise Discovery Process, we can discuss funding options that best suit your needs and introduce you to potential financial lenders.

If I’m not into spending my life in a 100-hour work week, what do the hours of operation look like at Footprints?

Brian: We are a Monday through Friday, 8-to-5 flooring installation business. We are 100% scheduled, which allows us to have an outstanding work-life balance and provide our families with our physical time.

I have a few geographic locations in mind already. Can I use these?

Tyler: Our team can provide feedback on any geographic locations you have in mind and if they may be a good fit. We ask that you keep an open mind to all options in your market to find the best fit.


We can’t thank you enough for these questions, but just because you’re at the end of the feature doesn’t mean you can’t keep submitting your questions. We want to ensure that you have everything you need to begin investing in yourself.

Anything we didn’t address here? Visit our flooring franchise website to schedule a call so we can speak with you one-on-one. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Footprints Floors: Putting Faith and Family First in Our Flooring Franchise

Footprints Floors: Putting Faith and Family First in Our Flooring Franchise

Footprints Floors: Putting Faith and Family First in Our Flooring Franchise

gFor people who dream of going into business for themselves, the road to entrepreneurship can be paved with uncertainty and conflict. After all, it can be extremely difficult to build a thriving business without having to sacrifice precious time that might otherwise be spent with family and friends, at church, or pursuing other important hobbies and interests that bring you happiness.

Because of this, entrepreneurs can often feel forced to choose between the allure of becoming their own boss, and what they may feel is the safer option: working for someone else and earning a steady paycheck, but ultimately not building something of their own.

Over time, choosing the second option can leave people with ambitions of owning a business feeling frustrated and unfulfilled. Surely there must be an option out there that allows individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit a chance to go into business for themselves without compromising their values by giving up time for family, worship, and recreation.

Fortunately, there is!

At Footprints Floors, we believe that nobody should have to make a choice between career success and making time for the things that matter most. As a floor installation franchise built upon the tenets of faith, family, and providing outstanding service to our customers, we help our Franchise Owners build something of their own and achieve success in business while also helping them preserve the sanctity of home and family. It’s a win-win!

A legacy of family values

Our Founder and CEO, Bryan Park, knows firsthand how it can be to launch a business while caring for a growing family. Bryan first began working as a contractor with another flooring company following his service in the U.S. Air Force as a way to support his wife, children and dogs. During this time, Bryan saw gaps in the home services industry that needed to be filled, particularly when it came to communicating effectively with the customer to give them the results they want and the service they deserve.

Using the industry knowledge he had acquired, along with staying true to his values of putting faith and family first, Bryan worked day and night to bring his vision of Footprints Floors to life in 2008, then began franchising his successful business model so that others with the same vision wouldn’t have to work as hard to get it off the ground.

Today, with over 125 franchise locations across America, Footprints Floors delivers something other franchise concepts are unable to do: a simple, home-based business model that works to fit Franchise Owners’ schedule preferences, not the other way around. Thanks to our use of subcontractor crews to get the floor installation and restoration jobs done for our customers, along with our dedicated call center that handles appointment scheduling, customer service queries and more, Franchise Owners can dedicate their energy to growing their business during a typical work week, rather than having to spend their days doing the labor while struggling to fit lead generation and marketing in after-hours.

Best of all, Franchise Owners can block out time during the week for important things, such as school recitals, kids’ soccer games, prayer group meetings and more, ensuring that no appointments will be scheduled for them during those times. This scheduling flexibility gives them the freedom to live the lives they have dreamed of and be there for the important moments, both big and small. While independent business owners must work for years to achieve this level of freedom and flexibility, it’s all right there for Footprints Floors Franchise Owners from Day One.

“You who are young, be happy while you are young, and let your heart give you joy in the days of your youth.” – Ecclesiastes 11:9

If you’ve always wanted to own a business, ask yourself this: why? Is it because you want to be your own boss? Is it because you want to have the freedom to do the things that matter most to you and to enjoy life to its fullest? Is it because you want to build a legacy that you might someday pass on to your children? All of these reasons are wonderful motivators for leaving the corporate grind behind and launching a business of your own, but it can take years to achieve these goals on your own. Imagine getting to reap the rewards of entrepreneurship now, while you and your family are still young enough to truly enjoy them, rather than years or decades down the road, when the kids are grown and gone and you’re facing retirement.

At Footprints Floors we believe that it’s essential to enjoy precious moments with family and friends as they’re happening, and we have designed our flooring installation franchise model in a way that puts family first, for our Executive Team members and our Franchise Owners alike. Our strong ties to family and faith extend beyond our immediate family members to include the members of our franchise family as well. We take an individual interest in each of our Franchise Owners and strive to help them achieve success in their markets with an unprecedented level of support that has never before been seen in the Home Services industry. You’ll never be just another number in a system as a Footprints Floors Franchise Owner.

When you invest in a faith-based franchise like Footprints Floors, you’ll also never feel as though you need to choose between success in business and making time for family, worship, and leisure, because our values align with your own. When you meet the Executive Team members during your Approval Day at our Colorado headquarters, you will realize that we “walk the talk,” and that we are truly as invested in your success and happiness as you are.


Choose a Flooring Installation Franchise Built on Family Values

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Jonathan Jarvis Shares Exciting News About Our Flooring Franchise’s New Giveback Opportunity

Jonathan Jarvis Shares Exciting News About Our Flooring Franchise’s New Giveback Opportunity

Jonathan Jarvis Shares Exciting News About Our Flooring Franchise’s New Giveback Opportunity

As a hardwood flooring installation franchise built on the tenets of faith, family and service, Footprints Floors has spent the past 15 years helping families preserve and restore their most sacred investments — their homes. We are dedicated to providing each customer we serve with affordable solutions that yield high-quality results. In this way, we are doing our part to strengthen and beautify the communities where our franchises are located across America. 

We are also proud to help our Franchise Owners build their own legacies by giving them the resources and support they need to launch a successful business. For many Footprints Floors Franchise Owners, owning and operating a home-based flooring franchise can be their key to financial freedom and schedule flexibility that allows them time to enjoy the things that matter most — family, worship, friends, and being of service to the members of their community.

Now, there is one more way that our executive team members and Franchise Owners can make a difference, both locally and around the world. We just launched the First Fruits Fund, a nonprofit arm of Footprints Floors created to help people in need. We sat down with our Director of Franchise Onboarding and Training, Jonathan Jarvis, to learn about the exciting details behind our new Giveback Opportunity to celebrate our flooring franchise’s success by paying it forward. Here’s what he had to say:

Can you please give us a quick overview of the First Fruits Fund, how it works, and who it helps?

Of course! The First Fruits Fund exists to serve as the charitable wing of Footprints Floors Franchise, primarily at the corporate level. Bryan Park, the Founder and CEO of Footprints Floors, has long had a vision of giving back a percentage of his company’s profits to help and support nonprofit organizations that share our same values.


Franchising with Footprints Floors provides all the advantages of self employment, with almost none of the downsides.

 With the recent growth of Footprints Floors Franchise on a national level, that vision has finally taken shape. Bryan’s commitment has been to donate 25% of the company’s profits each year to a Donor Advised Fund that we have created through the NCF (National Christian Foundation).

Starting out slowly, our internal advisory group has initially selected three organizations that are working within the three target areas we value as a group. Those three target areas are Holistic Family Care, At-Risk Youth and Orphan Prevention. The nonprofit organizations we have chosen to partner with, both locally and globally, are Hope’s Promise, World Orphans, and Open Door Ministries.

Footprints Floors is uniquely positioned to help Franchise Owners build a successful business and achieve personal financial freedom, but more importantly it can serve as a vessel for Franchise Owners to make a real difference in their communities and beyond. How does First Fruits enhance your company values of faith, family and outstanding service

The leadership team of Footprints Floors Franchise places a very high priority on our faith, and running the business in a way that we believe the Bible teaches.

We do this by pursuing integrity, honesty, and transparency, while also treating each and every person we interact with with respect and dignity. We truly love our Franchise Owners, and invest in our relationships with them not just as people in a system, but as friends and family. So as an extension of that foundation, The Footprints First Fruits Fund is a natural expression of what we at a corporate level believe and hold dear to us. We believe that we have been blessed by God in order to be a blessing to others, and with so much hurt and brokenness in the world, the First Fruits Fund has an amazing opportunity to step into the needs we see by giving back, both financially, as well as with our time and talents when possible.

For Franchise Owners who want to give back to their communities and share the “fruits of their labor” with local nonprofit organizations, how does First Fruits help them accomplish this goal?

At the corporate level, we love and support our Franchise Owners giving back to organizations they are passionate about. We encourage generosity on all levels with regard to Franchise Owners sharing the fruits of their labor with nonprofit organizations in their community, and we do not actually stipulate that they be faith or Christian based. We do, however, ask that they not be organizations of a controversial nature, in which association with these organizations could be deemed detrimental to the Footprints Floors franchise brand as a whole.

As part of our Footprints First Fruits Fund, we will have a pool of money set aside for miscellaneous giving outside of our three partnering organizations, which could be used to give to special initiatives or opportunities Franchise Owners present — provided it fits within our values and target areas. But long-term partnerships will be initiated and maintained at the corporate level.

One really interesting aspect of First Fruits is that it can help give back to people in a Franchise Owner’s local community, but can also help people across the world. Can you talk about some of the ways this fund can reach people on an international level?

We recognize that many organizations are tackling important issues right here in the U.S., and that we can come alongside and support them. But we also want to be aware and attuned to the global interconnectedness of the world right now. This even plays into the flooring industry as a whole, in that a lot of products, research and development, and sundries are made outside of the U.S. on a global scale.

One of the goals when creating the fund was to find organizations that are locally based and serve the local community, while also having an international aspect to their organization. Two of the three organizations we partner with are based here in Colorado, but also have operations in at least four other countries each. For us, this is the best of both worlds. The organizations being based here means they are working and serving our local communities, while also giving the Footprints Floors corporate team opportunities to join in fundraisers, and volunteer at events, giving our employees opportunities to give back with their time and talents as well. I envision the possibility of trips being taken to other countries in the future to build schools, install floors in children’s homes or things like that. But that is still way off in the future for us.


How does an organization connect with First Fruits to receive funding? Do they need to be nominated by a Franchise Owner?

As of right now, we initiated the partnership with each organization we are working with, and we will most likely maintain it like that for the time being. I think we prefer to dive deep rather than be spread thin, meaning, initially as we start out at least, that we prefer to invest in a smaller number of organizations, and really get behind them and get our people to buy into what they are doing, versus just writing checks to dozens of organizations. So as of now, we will have our main three, with a special miscellaneous pool of funds that can be used for one-time initiatives or causes that might be brought to our attention by a Franchise Owner. But long-term partnerships with nonprofit organizations will be maintained and initiated at the corporate level of Footprints Floors Franchise. 

In addition to funding, can you please talk about some of the other acts of service Franchise Owners can participate in through the First Fruits program?

The organizations we have partnered with are Colorado-based, so unless a Franchise Owner lives here, or is visiting, it might be hard to volunteer at the local level. We at corporate have helped refinish and paint rooms in one of the homes that Open Door Ministries uses to house single moms entering into their transitional housing/residential program. 

We also helped organize some furniture donations and other needed items for women coming into the program with infants. We plan to meet more tangible needs as our relationship with them develops. 

We have also helped sponsor and volunteer at several fundraising events. A way that a Franchise Owner might be able to help or volunteer is if we initiate trips out of the country. That could be a very fun way to involve Franchise Owners across America. 

Finally, for those who are considering investing in a Footprints Floors franchise, how does your unique business model help Franchise Owners achieve a healthy balance between work, family, church, volunteering and any other important aspects of their lives?

We see so many men and women being awarded a franchise because they want more control of their lives, and they want to be more present with their families. This, along with financial independence, is probably the biggest driver of the majority of our Franchise Owners. 

Our business model is amazing because it can really be tailored to the goals of the individual running the business. It can be cranked up to 11, and you can work 50-60 hours a week and make a great income, or you can keep it at a more modest 40 hours a week and enjoy being home more, scheduling estimates around soccer games, vacations, recitals, etc. all while still making a nice income. 

Not to say there isn’t stress involved in owning a franchise, but the best part is that the business model is designed in a way that what you put into it is likely what you get out of it. Being your own boss is amazing because you have the ability to dictate the balance you want in life between business and family. Footprints Floors Franchise is a great option for anyone wanting to gain more control over their lives and are looking to reprioritize family and find joy in their work again. 

The First Fruits Fund is just one more way Jonathan Jarvis, Bryan Park and the rest of the corporate leadership team at Footprints Floors strive to make a difference in people’s lives. For Franchise Owners, the leadership team offers so much more than corporate support—the team has a vested interest in each Franchise Owner as an individual, and truly wants to help them succeed in any way they can.

If owning a business is something you’ve always dreamed of doing, but you also don’t want to go it alone, good news — you don’t have to! Footprints Floors is a national flooring franchise that offers world-class support and commitment to each and every Franchise Owner, while still allowing them to set their own schedules and make time for the priorities in life, like family and faith. We’re selling out fast in major U.S. markets but still have some franchises to award to like-minded investors. Take a tour of our flooring franchise website today to learn more about us and find out how you can get started with our Franchise Discovery Process.