Whether It’s Hardwood, Carpet, Vinyl, or Laminate, Footprints Floors Have You Covered!

Whether It’s Hardwood, Carpet, Vinyl, or Laminate, Footprints Floors Have You Covered!

Whether It’s Hardwood, Carpet, Vinyl, or Laminate, Footprints Floors Have You Covered!

Footprints Floors has been part of the home improvement industry since 2008. Bryan Park founded our home-based flooring business intending to put customers first and give them the best flooring installation service at prices our competitors cannot beat.

The faith-based company has grown significantly over the past 14 years because of our stellar reputation (we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and we continue to receive high ratings on reputable websites such as HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List, and Yelp). Our entire team — Management, Operations, Customer Service, and Franchise Owners — continues to work hard to ensure that all customers are satisfied with our home improvement services.   

Thanks to all the homeowners who put their trust in the Franchise Owners who have opened their doors in cities across the United States and us, Footprints Floors is now a national brand, with 90 faith-based, Christian franchise locations and counting! But what makes us different, you ask? Why work with Footprints Floors instead of a competitor? We can answer that!  

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You Can Rely on Our Industry Expertise. When you contact Footprints Floors to discuss your flooring project, we can help you determine your options by learning more about your vision for your room(s). Perhaps, for example, you’re not sure if you should select tile or laminate. Our experts can share with you some recommendations for materials, answer any questions you may have about our flooring installation process, and then provide you with an estimate for our home flooring installation services. Bottom line: we want you to feel confident in working with us. We also want to earn your trust and your highest recommendation because while it’s true that we are passionate about flooring, we’re just as passionate about establishing long-term relationships with our customers.

You Supply the Materials. We Supply the Labor. One of the biggest reasons we can offer you such competitive pricing is that we neither select nor purchase your flooring materials. Here at Footprints Floors, we allow you to shop at outlets to compare prices and view all the flooring styles available. This means that our Franchise Owners are not serving as salespeople but rather consultants who are always glad to point you in the right direction regarding finding the flooring you most desire. 

We Offer Free In-Home Estimates. Ready to commence your flooring project? Schedule a free in-home estimate (in-person or online) with one of our flooring experts. They will discuss our process with you, answer any questions you have, and then conduct measurements of your space so that when it is time for you to purchase your materials, you’ll know exactly how much flooring to order. Also, please be sure to check out our Room Visualizer on our website. This neat tool allows you to upload a photo of your room (you can also select a sample room if you prefer), pick a flooring option, and generate an image of what that particular flooring choice will look like. 

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We Offer Financing. To best serve customers who prefer to make payments on their flooring project, we have made financing available through Synchrony Bank. It’s easy to apply, and all payments are handled securely through Synchrony. If you’re interested in financing, we encourage you to visit your nearest franchise location to learn more.

We’re a Christian, Family-Owned, and Veteran-Owned Business. When you work with Footprints Floors, you support a family-owned and veteran-owned business. Our Founder, Bryan Park, proudly served in the United States Air Force before launching Footprints Floors.  

Veteran Owned Business - Footprints Floors Franchise

We Hire Experienced Flooring Contractors. Once you have secured your materials and approved our estimate, our work can begin! Professional installers will enter your home and install your flooring. Not sure how to clean your vinyl flooring? We’re here for you even post-installation. At Footprints Floors, we aim to provide a superior flooring installation experience and operate openly and honestly. 

We Save You Money. What else makes us different? Pricing, pricing, pricing! Because we allow our customers to source flooring from any outlet, we eliminate all the overhead costs that other flooring companies have. Two examples of expensive overhead costs include maintaining showrooms and stocking inventory. Our mobile business model allows us to avoid those overhead costs and save our customers money—on average; we can install your new floor(s) for 20% less than our competitors. Our customers appreciate that we can do the job at an affordable price.

You Get the Flooring You Want. Renovating your home is a big deal, not to mention a significant investment. That said, you should be able to transform your room(s) by using the flooring materials you want . . . whether it’s hardwood, vinyl, laminate, carpet, stone, or tile, there is no flooring material with which we are unfamiliar. Looking to install some backsplash or wall tiles in your kitchen or bathroom? We can do that, too! Our contractors also install or restore staircases and baseboards. Rest assured that we can meet your needs no matter the materials you select and the project size. 

As Footprints Floors continues to make its unique “footprint” on the flooring industry, we look forward to serving new and existing customers. We also welcome individuals interested in opening a franchise to contact us to learn about franchise advantages and how to buy a franchise. We offer low-cost franchise opportunities; our Franchise Owners across the country appreciate our business model’s freedom and flexibility. For more information, please visit footprintsfranchise.com

Whether you are a homeowner who wants to hire us for a project or an individual who is interested in learning more about franchise opportunities near you, we look forward to hearing from you soon. We thank you for your interest in Footprints Floors!

Should I Invest in a Home Improvement Franchise or Start One From the Floor Up?

Should I Invest in a Home Improvement Franchise or Start One From the Floor Up?

Should I Invest in a Home Improvement Franchise or Start One From the Floor Up?

There are many benefits to owning your own business and being your own boss. If you’re interested in the freedom and flexibility that being a business owner can offer, you may wonder what steps you need to take to pursue your career goals.

Here at Footprints Floors, we know a lot about the time, effort, and dedication it takes to not only start a business, but also make it succeed. Our Founder, Bryan Park, worked for a professional flooring company upon his return from serving in the United States Air Force and, in 2008, made the decision to launch Footprints Floors, a faith-based, Christian professional flooring installation business that specializes in everything from small repairs to large refinishing and installation projects.  

Over the years, as word spread and business grew, Bryan recognized that it was time to create a framework for a Footprints Floors franchise model. The goal was to expand the franchise brand nationally, of course, but there was another reason behind this decision: Bryan wanted to give people an opportunity to invest in this fast-growing franchise that operates so much differently than its big-box competitors. 

If you want to open a business within the home improvement industry, you can certainly follow in our Founder’s footsteps and start your own. Just be aware that there’s a lot of legwork involved, plus numerous logistics you’ll have to consider. Another option — the one we recommend — is to consider investing in a faith-based, home improvement franchise! 

Investing In A Home Improvement Franchise

The Benefits of Investing in a Footprints Floors Franchise

1. Our Brand — and Reputation — Is Well-Established:

When you invest in a franchise, you can rest easy knowing that the brand under which you operate has already been established. In the case of Footprints Floors, our brand comes with a stellar reputation, which means that new and existing customers who want to give you their business will know that they will be given unbeatable prices, not to mention an incredible customer service experience.

2. No Background Experience Necessary:

Our Franchise Owners represent a wide array of professional backgrounds and have varying levels of experience when it comes to owning and operating a business. What they all had in common when they initially approached us was a desire to own their own business and make a better life for themselves and their families. 

3. You Don’t Need to Start From Scratch:

Starting your own home improvement business “from the floor up” can be as exciting as it is intimidating. In fact, starting a brand-new business within any industry is comparable to building a bicycle from scratch. You have to go out and source all the components. Then, you have to learn how to build the bicycle and, once it’s finished, figure out how to sell it. Investing in a franchise is more like this: we supply all the parts and tools you need, and then we give you access to a knowledgeable, experienced team to help you correctly build the bike and then sell it. In other words, a franchise model is designed to set you up for success straight out of the gate. 

4. Our Team Is Your Team:

Another benefit to opening a franchise with Footprints Floors Faith-Based Franchise? We give you unlimited access to all the tools and resources you need to excel in the home services industry. That’s right — our customer support agents are your customer support agents. Our marketing team is your marketing team. Our corporate call center handles lead generation, appointment scheduling, and customer service queries, which helps you achieve the flexible, healthy work-life balance you desire — and deserve! Our marketing team will do everything they can to spread the word about your franchise location and the installation services that Footprints Floors offers.

5. When You Become a Franchise Owner, You Become Part of Our Family:

Bryan and our entire team at Footprints Floors are here for you — always. We’ll offer you the training you need and the ongoing support you’d expect. We want you to succeed because your success is our success. 

Some potential Franchise Owners approach us because they’re seeking a career change. Others have experience in the home improvement industry and join us because they’re excited about the endless potential and possibilities of owning a Footprints Floors franchise. Our company, after all, was ranked among Entrepreneur’s annual Franchise 500® and also ranked as a Top Low-Cost Franchise 2022 and a Fastest-Growing Franchise 2022. We are passionate about our work and committed to building long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Our simple and effective faith-based, Christian Franchise business model is unique in that it allows you to start an independent business that gives you incredible financial and personal freedom. You don’t need to install floors, answer customer calls, or generate new leads. Instead, your primary responsibility is to focus on growing the business. 

Suppose you’re interested in opening a franchise. In that case, we’d be glad to provide more information, answer your questions, discuss the franchise territories available, and help you determine if this is an investment you’d like to make. We seek candidates who take pride in assisting customers, are skilled at multitasking and problem-solving; and excel at communicating clearly and effectively.

Interested individuals are asked to complete what we call a “mutual discovery process” — a four to six-week process that enables us to learn more about you while you learn more about us. The process aims to encourage you to make an informed, confident decision when opening a Footprints Floors franchise. If you decide to move forward, you’ll soon be on your way to joining the Footprints Floors family. 

For more information about owning a Footprints Floors franchise, please visit www.footprintsfranchise.com. We indeed do our work at the ground level, but when it comes to opening a franchise with us, the sky’s the limit! 

How Footprints Floor’s Model Fights Off Inflation!

How Footprints Floor’s Model Fights Off Inflation!

How Footprints Floor’s Model Fights Off Inflation!

These days, it’s common to hear people talk about inflation. As prices rise, concerns continue to grow among consumers and business owners alike. The inflation rate has continued to worsen throughout the first half of 2022. In May, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the inflation rate was 8.6 percent — the highest since 1981. 

According to an article written by Drew DeSilver for Pew Research Center, “Inflation in the United States was relatively low for so long that, for entire generations of Americans, rapid price hikes may have seemed like a relic of the distant past. Between the start of 1991 and the end of 2019, year-over-year inflation averaged about 2.3% a month and exceeded 5.0% only four times.” This article, published in June 2022, goes on to state that inflation — or, as DeSilver puts it, “inflationary whiplash” — is happening not only in the United States but also in other countries throughout the world. 

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A related article published by Pew Research Center in May 2022 states that “seven in ten Americans view inflation as a huge problem for the country.” Clearly, Americans are feeling the pressure at the pump, in their local grocery stores, and elsewhere. In times like these, inflation can be a severe source of stress for individuals, families, and business owners.

Here at Footprints Floors, we are fortunate to share that our franchise business model protects customers from the high costs and shortages commonly associated with inflation. Many homeowners who are interested in having flooring installed or having their current flooring restored/refinished continue to turn to us to help them get the job done — without breaking the bank. 

Every home is unique, and we are always glad to help our customers find the type of flooring that appeals most to them. Our professional contractors install tile, hardwood, and carpet, just to name a few. Our contractors are also experts at refinishing and restoring floors, especially wooden floors that have been scratched and are not nearly as smooth as they once were. 

Franchise Model Fights Inflation - 2

One thing’s for sure: the pandemic forced us all to spend a lot more time in our homes than perhaps we were used to. Homeowners across the country began to notice imperfections in and around their homes, including those related to their flooring. Hence, many home repairs and/or remodeling projects commenced, and even during inflation, that momentum hasn’t stopped. This is excellent news for our Franchise Owners around the country! 

Since Footprints Floors came into existence (and expanded into a successful faith-based, Christian franchise), we have remained committed to giving our customers the best flooring installation possible and offering them industry-low pricing. Our business model puts customers in the driver’s seat by allowing them to select and purchase their own flooring materials. We’re glad to discuss the pros and cons of each flooring type with them through an in-person or virtual meeting, during which we give them an estimate for our affordable floor installation service and then provide them with all the measurements they need before they head to their chosen supplier. 

Because customers are responsible for purchasing the flooring materials, we can pass significant savings on to them. We eliminate the need for operating showrooms and stocking inventory — thus, those overhead costs don’t exist at Footprints Floors, and we can give customers the best deals possible when it’s time to schedule their home flooring installation. On average, our proven business model saves customers approximately 20% of installation fees. That’s a considerable amount of savings, especially during this period of inflation. 

Franchise Model Fights Inflation - 3

Two additional benefits of customers purchasing their own materials? One: they’ll have lots of freedom of choice at their chosen supplier, and two: they don’t have to worry about buying too much or too little. We’ll tell them exactly how much to order, which can lessen their purchase stress. 

In fighting inflation, this model works well for our customers and Franchise Owners because customers are never restricted to one flooring brand. Footprints Floors allows — and encourages! — customers to shop around. This is beneficial because inflation is not the only problem at hand; unfortunately, shortage issues have also become commonplace in the home improvement industry. For example, a customer visits the flooring outlet of their choice, but they are all out of the material they were planning to purchase, and no one can give them a firm date regarding when the materials might arrive. The customer can either select another material or shop at another outlet with the needed material. 

In addition, customers have the freedom to compare prices. Two nearby suppliers may have the material they want, but one is cheaper than the other. This is another way in which Footprints Floors helps our customers fight off inflation. Customers genuinely appreciate how much thought we put into saving them money. During times like these, we recognize that every dollar counts.

Nate and Tiffany Matthews - Footprints Floors Graduation

Please contact us today if you are interested in having the floor in your home installed or refinished. Our website, www.footprintsfloors.com, even allows you to upload a picture of your room and sample a variety of flooring materials within minutes. 

Should you be interested in operating a Footprints Floors faith-based franchise, we invite you to peruse our franchise website at www.footprintsfranchise.com. Now is as great a time as ever to invest in a Footprints Floors franchise. We proudly secured a spot in Entrepreneur’s annual Franchise 500® as well as within their Top Low-Cost Franchise 2022 and a Fastest-Growing Franchise 2022 rankings. 

It’s hard to predict what’s in store for the future of the economy. Still, we are confident when we say that Footprints Floors will continue to do our best to fight off inflation and be an affordable, home-based flooring business that customers across the United States can count on when it’s time to embark on a home flooring project.