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Kate was a high school teacher with a very set schedule before becoming a Footprints Floors Owner.

Now that I am an Owner of Footprints Floors, one of the things that I love most is that I get to work with my husband, more time with the family, and being able to own a business and take ownership and pride behind that. 


Before Footprints, Aaron worked in Telecommunications, Sales and Marketing and sought out another opportunity to be highly successful on his own.

There’s so much more fulfillment in what I do now because I am in complete control of my day, my income, and in complete control of running my own business. 


Mark owned a flooring business in Colorado Springs for roughly 13 years before becoming a Footprints Floor Owner.

I’ve been able to make more money than I ever did in any of the previous years being an individual flooring business owner for 13 years. When you’re using subcontractors, looking at your job costs and profits is a lot more clear-cut. 


Dan worked for a Fortune 200 company and was a long-time financial advisor before getting involved with Footprints Floors. He needed a way to get back to doing something for himself and fueling his inherent entrepreneurial spirit.

We’re getting lots of leads from lots of different sources. I get a lot of referrals, a lot of callbacks, and a lot of repeat customers when they move. 


As owner of two popular Japanese restaurants, Tony was looking for a new business venture that required simpler day-to-day operations.

I picked Footprints Floors because of the culture. They are 100% in the people business… They create a relationship between you and the customers. 


This self-described “mover and shaker” is an accomplished singer, dancer, thespian, playwright, and speechwriter in addition to her sales and management background.

Footprints Floors has all the key elements I seek: work-life balance, working with people, low overhead, a system already set up for me to focus on sales alone and I have the option to make as much as I desire. 


This husband and father of two was no stranger to franchising- he owned and operated 5 Firehouse Subs locations before discovering the Footprints Floors opportunity!

The ability to have some control over my schedule and allow me to have time to set aside for my family was a big attraction. 


Before becoming a Franchise Owner, Eduardo was a financial advisor at BBVA Bank.

Footprints Floors is very different from banking or finance culture. It’s very family-oriented, and I’m a big family guy! 


After a 23-year career as a field technician manager with Verizon, Floyd decided to relocate to sunny Orlando with his wife and young children and enjoy a better work-life balance.

I’m using my retirement savings to fund this business, and I didn’t want to dip too deep into that. It’s an amount I’m comfortable with…not having to have a storefront or carry inventory- that was huge! 


Dean spent two decades creating professional-quality, user-friendly PowerPoint presentation decks for Fortune 500 companies in New York City, but yearned for a simpler, more balanced life away from the rat race.

I’m focusing on enjoying myself. I wanted to move to Asheville after 35 years. I wanted a couple of dogs. I’ve ordered a French spaniel puppy and a pickup truck. I want to discover a part of myself that I can’t here in New York. 

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