3 Reasons to Start Your Own Business with a Flooring Franchise Today

With the thousands of franchise opportunities across hundreds of industries available in the U.S. today, how can anyone expect to choose the right one for them without getting overwhelmed? While each may offer things like a work-from-home environment or the opportunity to get involved in the community, there are few who offer all that and a successful business model.

If you’re in a corporate job you hate, and you’re looking for a way out, let us recommend an industry you may have previously overlooked – flooring services. Unlike some other franchise concepts that turn out to be fads, the flooring industry will always be in demand, so here are a few reasons why you should consider launching a flooring business and how Footprints Floors home services franchise can help you make that happen.


3 Powerful Reasons to Start Your Own Flooring Business

The Industry is Surging

Footprints Floors and other flooring franchises reside within the enormous multi-billion dollar home improvement industry, which is projected to see sales reaching $510 billion in 2024. While some of this growth can be attributed to the massive amount of new builds going up across large and small cities alike across the country, much of it is due to the nation’s aging homes, too. Today, approximately 80% of the country’s 137 million homes are now at least 20 years old, while an even higher 40% are at least 50 years old. This, paired with the uncertain state of the housing market, has forced many people to stay in their current homes and opt to remodel instead of purchasing a new home.

Footprints Floors Franchise Cultivation Map

The portion of Millennials who are now finally buying homes are finding themselves in a financial position that only allows them to buy older homes that need more repairs. Research conducted at Home Advisor showed that Millennials are investing in a greater number of home improvement projects each year compared to any other age group. This demographic is expected to drive billions of dollars of home improvement in the coming years as more Millennials become homeowners and as their incomes and home equity rise, too.

You Can Enjoy a Home-Based Business

While the method you choose to use to break into the flooring industry can affect this, the nature of flooring services typically lends itself to remote work that’s either done from a home office or in customers’ homes. This is especially true of franchises in the home services niche! Even if you were to find yourself in a franchise that required you or your employees to do the flooring installation work yourselves, any equipment can easily be stored in a work vehicle or your home garage.

At Footprints Floors, our Franchisees enjoy low overhead expenses because they can work from home, no matter how large they scale their home flooring business operations. We even take this one step further by having our Franchise Owners rely on subcontractors to do the laborious aspect of flooring projects for them. This means that you’ll never need to own or store any installation or refinishing equipment yourself, and you won’t need to worry about renting an office for your technicians or other W2 employees to work from. 

Services are Recession and Pandemic Resistant

While some home improvement and flooring projects can be classified as luxury, oftentimes, homes need updated flooring for essential reasons like the safety of their family or the structural integrity of their property. Likewise, all new construction requires flooring, making this type of home service incredibly recession-resistant. In fact, home improvement spending nationwide has actually grown at almost double the rate of the rest of the retail sector.

Additionally, the pandemic also increased the demand for home services, with 76% of responders to a Statista survey noting that during 2020 they performed at least one home improvement project, 58% of those being interior renovations. During the third quarter of 2020, the Home Improvement Remodeler Index (RMI) rose to 82, demonstrating how overall, homeowners focused on the importance of their homes for both work and day-to-day life amid the pandemic and its consequences. 


Why Footprints Floors is the Flooring Franchise You Should Join

You’ll See Outstanding Revenue Potential

One of the strongest motivating factors new Franchisees point to when they discuss why they want to open their own flooring business is the massive potential for wealth and lasting financial independence. Rather than working to make someone else rich, Footprints Floors gives Owners the opportunity to generate wealth for themselves and their families. Considering that you can start your business for just $78,505, our current financials show how you could recoup your initial financial investment quickly after launching.

Start Your Own Flooring Business - Footprints Floors Franchise

In 2022, when our Franchise Owners followed our long-established and proven business model, our multi-unit Franchise Owners saw Gross Sales of $1,883,332* with a Direct Gross Profit of $850,027.* Single territory Owners saw $1,202,703* in Gross Sales with a Direct Gross Profit of $543,379!*

You’ll Receive Marketing & Lead Generation Assistance

Managing the day-to-day of a business is a job on its own, so when you add marketing to an already full plate, it’s no wonder many business owners don’t have the ability or capacity to grow. When you join the Footprints Floors franchise, you don’t just receive the rights to use the business name and brand in your territory – you also receive all the help you could ever need to market your business and generate new leads for your future.

Today, our corporate team is dedicated to ensuring the success of Franchise Owners by helping each Owner obtain customers, both before your business even launches and on an ongoing basis well into your operation. To do this, we’ve created a variety of tried-and-true marketing strategies to leverage a variety of different platforms that are proven in the home services industry. We create and manage specific online construction portals that our corporate locations have tested, turn on and manage Google Ads, and manage all social media platforms, while our preferred partners design websites specific to each location and complete all the necessary upfront and continuous search engine optimization (SEO) work to help you scale.

Our Call Center Does Much of the Work For You

When you’re a business owner, you want to focus all of your energy and efforts on the customer in front of you, especially when that customer has welcomed you into their home. However, it’s tricky to do that when you’re also expected to field phone calls from other prospective customers that you need to continue maintaining and growing your home flooring business. When Footprints Floors started, our Founder quickly recognized this issue and decided to solve it for his Franchisees.

Today, our corporate team runs a call center to field all customer inquiries and handle the scheduling for all of our Franchise Owners. All Owners need to do is set their scheduling preferences and let our team handle the rest. Not only does this significantly reduce the daily workload for our Franchisees, but it also guarantees that every customer’s first interaction with Footprints Floors is met with extreme professionalism, setting a high standard for every contact after that.

Leveraging Subcontractors Means Minimal Employees Needed

Thanks to our home-based, no-inventory franchise model, our Owners never need to worry about renting any kind of showroom for their home flooring business to grow. With this, Franchisees and their few operations and/or sales employees can work completely remote and oversee the business from a management standpoint while they hire subcontractors to handle all the labor. This means that customers source their own flooring and trust their local Footprints Floors Owner to handle all the installation and clean-up for them.

To learn more about all the benefits of using subcontractors as a home services business, check out our blog on the subject!

You’ll Gain Total Control Over Your Schedule

As we mentioned earlier, Footprints Floors is an entirely appointment-based home services business, and all appointment setting is handled by our call center, with only the few appointments you choose to set in person being the exception. This way, all scheduling is done around each Franchise Owner’s availability and preference, allowing you to create your own hours and enjoy the work/life balance you would never see as a corporate employee. Many of our Franchise Owners were drawn to our business based on the flexibility of the operations and the ability to spend more time with their families – including this husband and wife duo out of Illinois!


Whether you’re tempted to break into the home flooring service in your market because of the surging popularity among homeowners or you’re excited about the idea of launching a home-based business that will last through recessions – and even pandemics – Footprints Floors may be the perfect business opportunity for you to finally become your own boss and join the home services industry. We’ve worked with thousands of customers and laid the footwork to ensure our Owners’ success, so all you need to do is decide how big you want to grow your flooring business!

When you’re ready to take the first step towards changing your life and starting your own flooring franchise business, our team will be ready to walk you through the process of becoming our next successful Footprints Floors Franchise Owner. Take our quick, 1-minute qualification quiz to find out if you’re a good fit for our model.

*Refer to 2023 Franchise Disclosure Document Item 19 – Table 3A (High)