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How do I find out if I qualify?

Fill out our Franchise Questionnaire HERE to see if you meet the initial background and financial requirements.

What skills are you looking for in a Footprints Floors Franchise Owner?

We’re looking for people with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, with excellent management skills, and with a good ability to problem solve and multi-task.

What is the cost to open a Footprints Floors?

The total initial investment to open a Footprints Floors business is between $62,500 and $85,550 depending on how quickly you are looking to grow your business.

What is the Franchise Fee?

$45,000 for a single unit. We also offer discounted multi-unit territory fees for candidates with strong backgrounds.

How much can I make?

We are proud of our industry-leading unit economics and look forward to discussing those with you. Unfortunately we cannot legally disclose these numbers outside of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). To obtain this document and review all the juicy details, we will first need you to complete a Confidential Questionnaire.

What Kind of Support is provided?

We offer our flooring Franchise Owners the following types of support:

•Marketing (which is our secret sauce!)
•Ongoing operational support
• Accounting and financial coaching
• Contractor hiring
• Sales and retention

Are there ongoing fees paid?

Yes, Franchise Owners in the Footprints Floors system pay a monthly royalty equal to 5.5% of gross sales. The fee entitles you to continued use of the Footprints Floors name and trademarks, access to our operating systems, new product development, ongoing training and support and other benefits the come along with being a Franchise Owner in the Footprints Floors organization.

How long will it take to get my new business open?

We our proud of our highly systematized training and onboarding program designed to make starting a flooring business as smooth as possible. As a result, we can get our Franchise Owners up and running in 6-8 weeks.

How many employees will I need to run my business?

To begin, Owners will only need 2-3 wood crews and 2-3 tile sub-contractors ready to perform jobs. An Owner will be able to run the business without any office staff until a couple of years into the business, when they will want to hire a Production Manager to assist with field management. Then, as the business grows, Owners will add more sub-contracted crews and office members as necessary.

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