We’ve been busier than ever over the past few months, as our flooring franchise continues to sell out in markets across the country! Eduardo Reyes, one of our newest Franchise Owners, just purchased a Footprints Floors territory in the North San Antonio/New Braunfels, Texas area, becoming our first flooring Franchise Owner to serve San Antonio!

 We were able to catch up with Eduardo and chat with him about his experience with our Franchise Education Process, our corporate team, and more, including what made him want to invest in our flooring franchise opportunity.

At 28, Reyes is the youngest Owner in our flooring franchise, proving it’s never too early in your career to follow your dreams of entrepreneurship! A former financial sales advisor with BBVA, he enjoyed the world of banking and finance but dreamed of someday owning a business. “I always knew I wanted to have a business of my own, but was waiting for that million-dollar idea,” he recalls. “Then I said, ‘Maybe it’s time to go with a franchise.”

Flooring Franchise Owner Eduardo Reyes

Eduardo’s decision to begin looking into franchising opportunities was made somewhat easier thanks to a connection to the franchising world through a childhood friend. He says, “I’ve always wanted to do a franchise- I just did not know how to go into finding one. But then one of my best friends since childhood became a franchise broker last year, and that’s when it started getting serious.”

After embarking on the process of finding the right franchise match this past January, Reyes found himself immersed in a variety of prospective opportunities, and it became clearer to him what he was looking for, as well as what he was not looking for, in a franchise business venture. He explains, “First of all, one of the big things was I didn’t want to have a big overhead investment. Not being required to have an office or pay rent, pay employees, that was also a big, big thing for me. It’s my first business and I didn’t want to have that stress to start off.”

Though he continued to look at other franchise opportunities for comparison’s sake, Eduardo could see that Footprints Floors was the franchise that ticked all the boxes on his wish list. He admits, “I always knew it was going to be Footprints Floors but was just doing due diligence!”

In addition to fitting the bill as a home-based business with no need for a brick and mortar location or a staff of employees on a payroll, Reyes was also impressed with the outstanding economics that our flooring franchise opportunity offered. He says, “The initial investment isn’t that much compared to other franchises and the ROI is an average 6 months to a year. The numbers spoke to me!”

In due time, Eduardo moved through the Education Process and soon found himself attending a Discovery Day hosted by our Founder, Bryan Park, and the rest of our corporate team in Denver. For him, he says, speaking with everyone on the team is what really sealed the deal. “Meeting Bryan, (Franchise Development Manager) (Brian Knuth), (Jon Jarvis), (Franchise Support Manager), (Northern Colorado Franchise Owner) (Aaron Benedict), (Debbie Melkonian), (Director of Managed Services), (Rachel Simpson), (Director of Operations)- everybody- I noticed the way they got along, their type of culture, it’s what I wanted.”

As someone who comes from a very tight-knit family and is close with his parents, grandparents, aunt, and brother, Reyes was particularly struck by the family feel of our corporate team, particularly in contrast with the office culture he’d experienced in his former financial career. “It’s very different from banking or finance culture,” he notes. “It’s very family-oriented, and I’m a big family guy!”

San Antonio flooring franchiseNow that Eduardo’s flooring franchise is already up and running in North San Antonio, he anticipates great success, thanks to the need for flooring installation and restoration in his community, along with his innate ability to connect with people. “Connecting with the customers, building confidence and trust and building a relationship with them, I am very good at that,” he says, adding, “From that, referrals come!”  Reyes is also looking forward to using his bilingual Spanish and English skills to communicate effectively with subcontractor crews and customers alike.

Reflecting on his decision to invest in a flooring franchise, Eduardo notes that the Footprints Floors opportunity allows him to do something he always wanted to do- provide a useful service to his community. “I was always looking at services,” he says. “I wanted to provide a service, I wanted the success of the business to depend on how hard I work, not on waiting for customers to walk in the door.” We anticipate great things for our new flooring Franchise Owner, and look forward to hearing about his tremendous success in North San Antonio!

Interested in ditching your 9-5 corporate career for something more fulfilling? Footprints Floors is awarding franchises in territories across the country- but we’re selling out fast! Visit our franchise website to learn more about the opportunity to own a flooring franchise in your community before it’s too late!

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