How A Google Search for a Franchise Changed Matt Gilstrap’s Life

How A Google Search for a Franchise Changed Matt Gilstrap’s Life

How A Google Search for a Franchise Changed Matt Gilstrap’s Life

He Googled ‘Home Services Franchise’ After Coming Home Exhausted From Back-Breaking Work…and Found Footprints Floors!

We love having industry insiders give our home services franchise their stamp of approval. This time, it’s coming from another home services entrepreneur!

Meet Matt Gilstrap from Chandler, Arizona.

“I have been self-employed for the past 10 years and have created a few successful start-ups,” Matt says. “Currently, I own and operate a business called Elevated Epoxy Designs where I specialize in resurfacing customers existing countertops with custom epoxy designs.”

That’s right, Matt’s already a successful business owner. He operates a unique company that he started and built from the ground up.

So, what would make him want to add our home services franchise to his portfolio?

Well, it all comes down to his quality of life.

“I came home exhausted from an epoxy job and mentioned to my wife that I need to find a way to just do the sales and marketing for my business-the part I love- and find crews to do the manual labor,” Matt says. “We realized that my business was not scalable in that way, so I started researching franchise models.”

Matt’s quest for a better quality of life began that night. He recalls, “I Googled “franchise in the home industry” and started shopping for a new opportunity. I was honestly a little shocked when I read about Footprints Floors- it was exactly what I was looking to find!”

home service Franchise Owner Matt Gilstrap

Matt Discovers Our Home Service Franchise

Like many of our Franchise Owners, Matt’s Footprints Floors journey started with a simple internet search and a thorough read-through of our franchise website, followed by the completion of a brief questionnaire to pre-qualify for our Franchise Discovery Process. It wasn’t long before Mike Edwards, our Franchise Development Director, reached out.

Mike helped Matt take an in-depth look at our home services franchise and evaluate whether awarding him a territory in his Chandler, AZ hometown was the right move both for him and for Footprints Floors.

“He was very open that I currently have a great business and why not just build that up? I appreciated that Mike didn’t give a hard sale right then when he could have,” Matt says.

“I was clearly frustrated with my business, and we were able to talk about why my weaknesses were exactly Footprints’ strengths. I felt at that moment that my Development Director was looking out for his client’s best interest, and we could talk honestly about the strengths and weaknesses of Footprints.”

“This Time, I’m Not Alone”

As someone who has built a home services business from the ground up, Matt knows firsthand what it takes to keep it running on a day-to-day basis. This unique perspective ultimately led him to take a close look at the pros and cons of operating an independent home improvement company versus franchising with a brand like Footprints Floors.

Matt loves the entrepreneurial life. He loves sales, marketing, and project management. But the hours he was working, and the level of physical labor involved were overwhelming.

And there’s no long-term future in a lifestyle you can’t sustain.

Despite his excitement about a better work-life balance, Matt did feel some hesitation to leave his own company behind.

“I think I was excited to be a part of something bigger, but also intimidated to have to follow someone else’s business model,” he recalls. “[As an independent owner] I can call all the shots right now, which is both a blessing and a curse.”

But he quickly realized the benefits of signing on with Footprints.

“As a successful entrepreneur already, your struggles and challenges are exposed daily. Footprints really fills the gaps in so many ways for my skill set,” Matt says. “I’ve made it this far as an entrepreneur because I am not afraid to take risks and pivot when I see a good opportunity. Joining this team, I will be able to leverage my years of success and failures. But with a team this time, not alone.”

Becoming a Home Services Franchise Owner

Matt connected with our extensive franchise support team throughout his new Owner Discovery Process. And he connected well with us during his in-person Discovery Day at our Colorado HQ. He shares how the entire corporate team’s attitude and inclusive vibe helped him to feel at home.

“The corporate staff was great, super laid back, made the Discovery Day flow really well, and made us feel welcome and comfortable. [Founder] Bryan Park is a great franchise leader because he has built the business from the ground up and has worked every facet of the flooring industry,” Matt says.

“He seems to truly love what he is doing and love serving others. He has a big vision for the company and his Franchise Owners and is just getting started. He’s excited and wants to bring us along for the ride!”

When Matt says that Bryan wants to bring other people along, he means it literally! Bryan took Matt and a few other potential Owners on a road trip to see our home services franchise in action and to answer any questions about Footprints Floors with total expertise and transparency.

“I liked when we got a chance to do the ride-along in his truck to different job sites and flooring stores. It felt very natural and you could feel his passion for the business, his employees, and the Franchise Owners,” Matt says. “[He was] just an open book and we stopped and had a lot of great talks. I felt like I was already in training and was just taking in his years of experience.”

This sealed the deal. Matt now owns a home services franchise that lets him keep his entrepreneurial freedom while gaining a healthy work-life balance.

“Footprints is the right fit because I love the home industry and I love being involved in a client’s remodel,” Matt says. “Their franchise model was so appealing because they deliver turnkey systems and I’m able to own my own business but have a team that has done it before leading the way.”

New home services Franchise Owner Matt Gilstrap

Getting Started With Our Home Services Franchise

After completing his comprehensive initial training session, this serial entrepreneur is raring to go! Matt shares that he’s filled with energy and optimism for his future.

“I’m really excited to get away from doing the manual labor and start doing the part of the business I love,” Matt says. “I am looking forward to wearing regular clothes and not painter’s attire. And just to be a part of a team, excited to have the backing of such a reputable company,”

He also adds, “I have a very flexible schedule now so if anything, I will be working a lot more which I’m excited about. I am looking forward to having some structure, I think I will be a lot more productive.”

Well, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. And we can give Matt a home services franchise with flexible operations, but we can’t force him to actually slow down!

We’re happy to see that, with Footprints Floors, Matt is able to channel his passion for entrepreneurship and the home services industry into a successful business that gives him back the most important thing of all– time.

If you’d like a business of your own that lets you live the entrepreneurial life, while maintaining the work hours you want, please visit our franchise website for more info.

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Doug Engle Finds Life Balance With His New Footprints Floors!

Doug Engle Finds Life Balance With His New Footprints Floors!

He Spent 30 Years Traveling Up to 50 Weeks Per Year. See How Doug Engle Found a Better Quality of Life with Our Home Services Franchise!

There’s one less stressed-out road warrior and it’s all thanks to our home services franchise!

Doug Engle is one of our latest to improve his quality of life with our Flooring Franchise. Doug locked down his exclusive home services territory in the Lancaster/Harrisburg/Reading, Pennsylvania area.

Like many others, Doug found us while searching for a better work-life balance. After 30 years spent traveling for work, he’d had enough of his frenetic schedule and went to a franchise consultant to discover his options.

New home services Franchise Owner Doug Engle

We took some time with Doug to chat about his transition to business ownership. Our conversation started off with what drew him to the home services industry.

For Doug, it was simple: “Quality of life, helping people, and unit economics.”

As for the Footprints business model itself? Doug says, “High-quality in-demand service, [an] owner-operator model with the ability to scale the business quickly, and exceptional unit economics” helped him make the leap to becoming a franchise investor with Footprints Floors.

Our home services franchise offers Owners the ability to set their own hours, take days off, and grow at their own pace. This had definite appeal for Doug after his hectic career in the automotive and senior care industries.

Owners of restaurant franchises don’t have the freedom to pick and choose which days they want to work. But these perks are built right into Footprints. (Thanks to our flexible operational system.)

And helping people?

Doug now gets to spend his time doing fun home renovation consulting. Many people like home décor and renovation, but most only get to experience it when watching television shows. 



home service Franchise Owner Doug Engle

Helping People + Making Money= The Perfect Career!

With his in-demand home services franchise, Doug is getting paid to enjoy this popular pastime. And he never has to get hands-on with the work- he leaves that up to the capable hands of master craftspeople on his subcontractor team.

“The value proposition for both the customer and business owner is exceptional,” Doug says.  “It affords the opportunity to help people while providing the perfect balance of business opportunity with the coveted work-life balance we all seek.”

It all translates into an incredible owner experience. One that Doug was more than ready to make his reality. 

“A career change is intimidating but business is business. Managing is managing, and customer service is customer service,” Doug says. “I’m confident Footprints has the infrastructure and support to help me overcome any concerns on the technical side of the business.”

Taking a Deep-Dive Into Our Home Services Franchise

Doug got a thorough look at our infrastructure and support throughout his Franchise Discovery Process. But he really got to know this for himself during his personal Discovery Day.

It’s one thing to have all the financials in front of you, but business ownership is a lifestyle. You need to know that both the system and the people are right for you. And you should understand what leadership team you’ll be signing on with.

Doug had some definite concerns that he needed Footprints Floors Founder Bryan Park to address.

“I went to Discovery Day with the primary objective of gaining confidence in the management/support team, which I did,” he says. “My biggest concern was the long term.  I was concerned that the typical franchise endeavors to grow ASAP and sell out to private equity.”  

These concerns were alleviated when Doug got to speak to Bryan for himself. “Bryan’s shared that his vision is to not only not sell to private equity, but perhaps build by adding other related brands under the same umbrella.”



Total Transparency From Day One

Not all franchises offer this level of access to the Founder and leadership team. Footprints is designed to capture the best of our home services franchise’s growth potential while keeping leadership close to the ground.

“Bryan is the prototypical Franchisor. Hands-on, engaged and committed to Owners’ success.  A rarity among today’s franchise systems,” Doug said. “His experience, hands-on, commitment to the brand, and ability to attract an above-average support team.”

In addition to having his questions answered, Doug was able to personally experience what it’s like to own one of our home services franchise territories.

“A bonus was the opportunity to shadow sales calls and field visits.  And providing ample opportunity to speak to other Franchise Owners, most of whom were in the same boat as I. That served to give me a firsthand opportunity to see exactly what the job entails,” Doug says.  “That commitment to full transparency and an “eyes wide open” approach is a testimony to Bryan’s commitment to finding the right owners and not just selling franchises.”

This transparency helped fully prepare Doug for the road ahead. And speaking with other new Owners gave him a sense of any areas where he might need a bit more effort.  

“Finding crews appears to be universally the biggest concern among new Owners.  That is true in every position I’ve had previously, and I excelled at that aspect of the business,” Doug said. “I believe every industry has the same issue; I also believe that the ‘good’ companies/managers do not have that problem.”

Looking Ahead to a Balanced, Successful Career

Doug’s optimistic, rational, and ready to put his energy into his new home services franchise. He’s also looking forward to having his life back.

“I spent 30 years traveling 40-50 weeks a year.  Not traveling will be a huge quality of life improvement for me,” Doug says. “I look forward to achieving my goals while maintaining a personal life.  And collaborating with other Owners committed to building the brand.”

“As a bonus at some point, I look forward to building a business that affords me the opportunity to work at my own schedule.  What I’ll do with that opportunity is still unknown.”

With our scalable home services franchise, Doug’s moving into a time of growth and freedom.

And he has more than just a great system going for him. Doug has our leadership, owner support team, and Franchise Owner network to lean on.

He can build the business he wants, work the hours he wants, and maintain his personal life.

Are you interested in having your own home services franchise? Please visit our franchise website for more information and to see which exclusive home services franchise territories are available near you.

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What Inspired Arnett Hudson to Own a Footprints Floors Franchise?

What Inspired Arnett Hudson to Own a Footprints Floors Franchise?

“This was a perfect storm for me.”
Arnett Hudson’s Inspiration for Starting a Flooring Business

The home improvement business is booming. In 2019 the industry was worth over $400 billion, with home improvement sales projected to be $510 billion by 2024. Our flooring franchise is selling out fast in territories nationwide so we caught up with our newest Owner, Arnett Hudson to hear his story and to talk about how he decided that starting a flooring business in his Coatesville, PA hometown with Footprints Floors was the ideal move for his future.

Arnett’s Path to Starting a Flooring Business

Arnett Hudson grew up in South Jersey and believes that watching his dad work as a carpenter taught him the importance of customer service and ownership from a young age. He had several paper routes as a child and understood that to try and grow the customer base he needed to be friendly, organized, and on time.

Arnett went on to attend university in Pennsylvania, and throughout his time at college, he worked as a shift supervisor/team leader. He realized that he not only enjoyed dealing with the public, but he was also good at it, thanks to his early lessons in customer service. Arnett also discovered that he excelled in managerial roles and enjoyed being in charge of a team. Within 6 months of graduating from college, he was promoted first to Assistant Manager and then to Store Manager, paving the way for a 25-year career working for Fortune 500 companies.

Arnett enjoyed his career and is very grateful for the opportunities that he was given, however, he could never shake off his desire to own his own business. It wasn’t until 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic shook the world, that Arnett was given the push he needed to finally pursue his dream.

Like many others during this time, Arnett was furloughed in April 2020 and subsequently laid off, which upon reflection he sees as having been “a perfect storm.” In his words, “I chose to make this ominous time into a silver lining in my life”. For many, this period was a dark time in their lives, full of uncertainty and worry, but Arnett instead chose to turn this misfortune into a positive, starting a flooring business with a Footprints Floors franchise.

What Made Arnett Choose to Franchise With Footprints Floors?

Arnett’s advice to anyone interested in investing in a franchise is to do their research and perform due diligence to ensure that the company is the right fit for them. He did just that, and after thorough research and a meticulous vetting process, he didn’t have to look much further once he came across Footprints Floors.

So why did a flooring franchise appeal to someone who had never been interested in starting a flooring business? Arnett admits that the reason Footprints Floors stood out to him was, as he notes, “because of its tremendous emphasis on customer service. In my years of managerial experience, I believe there is no better way to maintain a strong customer base than to provide excellent customer service.” Arnett contacted Footprints Floors and was indeed immensely impressed by their service.

In addition to this, further factors which made an impression on Arnett were that no physical building is required, he would have the autonomy to make his own decisions, and Footprints Floors have marketing strategies that are not reliant on cold calling. Also, it wasn’t a business where he would have to be on call 24 hours a day. “The ability to have sovereignty over my schedule was crucial.” Arnett’s first impressions of Footprints Floors were excellent. Our Founder and CEO, Bryan Park came across as knowledgeable and personable, and the corporate team was incredibly welcoming. He says he knew right away that this was the franchise for him. 

Finding Balance Through Starting a Flooring Business

As well as extremely attractive financial incentives, becoming a Footprints Floors Franchise Owner also brings with it great emotional rewards. One of the main reasons people love being a Footprints Floors Franchise Owner is the flexibility; having more time to spend with friends and family as well as time to go on vacation. Rather than being tied down to the monotony of a job with set hours and no flexibility, there is great freedom in being a Franchise Owner, allowing more time to enjoy both yourself and your work.

A strong support team providing initial training and ongoing support such as marketing, social media, and SEO means there are far fewer headaches compared to running a traditional business. All the work is completed by subcontractors, so you don’t need to be an expert in flooring to join our team! We have been an established company for more than 10 years now, and have built up an excellent reputation with a strong customer base. For people wishing to run their own business, there are far fewer risks when investing in a franchise with a trusted and established brand, compared to starting a business from scratch. With a low initial investment and a quick return on that investment, the revenues from Footprints Flooring are extremely attractive. No employees, no rent, no showroom, no HR costs, and no inventory make our overheads extremely low! With much of the hard work taken care of, Franchise Owners can concentrate on growing their business and enjoying a flexible, healthy work-life balance.

Why Flooring? And Why Now?

Flooring is an excellent business model because people will always be buying and building houses, and these new houses need floors. The current demand for new homes exceeds new construction, and as a result, many people are choosing to invest in an older home in need of renovation. The main competitors in the flooring business are one-man shows, who often have no backing, marketing presence, or credibility, so customers understandably prefer to pay the same price to an established and trustworthy brand with professional backing such as Footprints Floors. In addition, the larger stores that offer flooring services are considerably more expensive due to their higher overheads.

Arnett Hudson felt that during his professional career he developed a number of transferrable skill sets, many of which would easily translate to being a franchise owner. Not unlike many employees of large establishments, he was unsatisfied at not being able to witness the “fruits of his labor”, working year after year for a company where he received no equity or ability to leave a legacy. In his words “I wanted the opportunity to redirect all of my hard work into my own business.“ Footprints Floors Franchise Owners are fulfilled in a way they never were in previous roles, due to the fact that they are in complete control of all aspects of the business.

When asked why he chose a home service industry over one such as the popular restaurant industry, Arnett observed that although enjoyable, restaurants are a luxury, and based on the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is more prudent to invest in a business more able to sustain a pandemic or recession. He believes that homeowners take pride in their homes and are happy to invest in a service that will benefit their families and home, including upgrades and improvements to continue to grow their investment. Arnett reflects that he is most looking forward to being one of the first Footprints Floors owners in the Northeast part of the country. “I want to continue to build the Footprints Floors brand and help make it a national household name.”

We are very excited to welcome our newest flooring Franchise Owner and look forward to following his progress in Southeast Pennsylvania!

Interested in starting a flooring business of your own? Please visit our franchise website for more information.

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Tile Expert Finds Perfect Fit With Our Franchise

Tile Expert Finds Perfect Fit With Our Franchise

When This Tile Industry Expert Saw a Flooring Company for Sale, He Knew it Was a Perfect Fit!

More industry insiders are discovering our flooring company for sale. Our latest Franchise Owner is a flooring materials master.

Meet David DeBear, CTC, from South Jersey. David is one of the newest Owners of an exclusive Footprints Floors territory, and he shares how he came across this uniquely ideal opportunity for his background.

Life Before Footprints Floors: David’s Story

David comes to us from a successful career in the flooring materials manufacturing industry. We asked him to share a little about his professional background with us.

“I’m a Certified Ceramic Tile Consultant (CTC). I’ve spent over 25 years in the Ceramic Tile industry with one of the nation’s largest installation materials manufacturers as its National Architectural and Commercial Business Development Manager,” he says.

“I’ve been providing professional development to the industry through the American Institute of Architects, National Tile Contractors Association, and other industry channels.”

David enjoys his profession. But after years spent advancing the company he worked for, he was more than ready to get into business for himself. 

“In today’s world, I was tired of the big corporate environment and was looking for something different that would allow me to use my skills and energy,” he says. “Footprints Floors has provided this opportunity for me. I feel at home here.”

David began his journey to our flooring company with a clear understanding of the business lifestyle he wanted. He knew he wanted to remain in the home services industry. He’s seen the underpinnings of our industry, knows what makes it tick, and where it’s going next.

So, he reached out to a professional to get things started.

“I found Footprints Floors through a franchise coach. I think it is the right fit for me because of my background and love of the industry,” he says. “I have spent most of my career in the construction industry as a supplier and consultant to other entities within the industry.”

Familiarity isn’t the only reason David wanted a flooring franchise. He finds the home services industry to be far more appealing than other, more popular franchising options.

“The service industry works well for what I am looking for,” David says. “Industries where inventory is managed, and the burden of a brick-and-mortar business were not of interest to me. And I am not at all interested in the restaurant industry personally – only as a patron.” 

David’s consultant presented him with a range of franchise options which included our flooring company for sale. He says, “as I looked into other opportunities, I kept coming back to Footprints. With my background, it is a perfect fit”.

Getting to Know Footprints Floors:
David’s Franchise Journey

We had to know why he kept coming back to us. “Comparing Footprints to other service-oriented companies, the business model just works better,” David says. “I like the low overhead, customer and crew interaction along with the processes that are tried and true. The entire business model.”

David learned how our business model performs in action throughout his Franchise Education process. But Footprints Floors is about more than great financial metrics and proprietary systems.

It’s also about the people involved and the way we all work together for success. It’s important that all our potential Franchise Owners get to meet us and personally experience what it’s like to be a Franchise Owner. That’s what Discovery Day is for.

In David’s Discovery Day at our Colorado headquarters, he met the Footprints team and other Franchise Owners. And he was able to spend time with the Founder himself.

“[Founder] Bryan Park’s goals are simply to succeed and provide opportunities for success for those around him. The business model and the family of people within the organization make all of the difference,” says David. “I like the open approach and acceptance into the Footprints family.  Everyone is willing to take the time to help out and promote success.”

Our Founder, support team, and Franchise Owners all work together to make Footprints thrive. That’s what turns our carefully designed system into a flourishing operation.

David only had to experience a little of our company culture to recognize the value. “I am early in the process,” he says. “However, all indications show me that it only gets better. It’s the willingness to listen, act on ideas, and the support from the team. We all win with this approach.”

Finding the Right Flooring Company for Sale With Footprints Floors

This supportive structure lets us take people from all walks of life and fit them into Footprints with success. Our Franchise Owners come from all different backgrounds. They each find something unique to help them thrive within Footprints.

We asked David what he thought would make him successful. He was very direct. “That’s my history in the industry, love of the industry, the business model provided, and the people within the organization,” he says.

David fits right into the Footprints Floors family now. That was clear when we asked him what he enjoys most about being a member of the organization. He said it was, “being part of the community and the Footprints family. Having the freedom to manage my business as I see fit and controlling my own destiny. Also, I’ve been an education advocate for 25 years and feel that I can help others in the family be more successful.”

David is ready to do this by sharing his flooring expertise with his fellow Franchise Owners through their exclusive support network. For now, he has this advice with anyone considering our flooring company for sale.

“I would advise potential Franchise Owners to step back and not look at the singular idea of installing floors. Take a good look at the lifestyle that is associated with Footprints Floors,” David says. “Interaction with people in your community, the family-first attitude of the team, and the opportunity to help others make their lives better – both customers and teammates as well as yourself.”

Thanks to our flexible business structure, David now has more time for himself as well. Time for him to be outdoors, go sailing, and simply spend more time with his friends and family.

We’re proud that this tiling installation expert decided to join Footprints Floors when he saw our flooring company for sale. 

If you’d like to know more about Footprints Floors, please visit our franchise website for more info. You can see if any territories are still available in your area. And check out more stories from other Footprints Floors Franchise Owners.

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How This Franchise Consultant Couple Discovered Footprints Floors

How This Franchise Consultant Couple Discovered Footprints Floors

What Happened When This Multi-Unit Franchise Owner and Franchise Consultant Couple Found a Flooring Company For Sale?

Andy and Michelle Snyder are no strangers to the franchise world. 

Andy has over 15 years of experience as a multi-brand Franchise Owner. The couple now works as Certified Franchise Consultants, coaching other entrepreneurs who are looking to find the right business opportunity for them. 

Lucky for us at Footprints Floors, this business power couple is one of our newest Franchise Owner teams. Not only that, but they are our first Mississippi-based Franchise Owners. With so much experience in the franchising world, we are so grateful to have them aboard. 

Let’s take a look into Andy and Michelle’s decision to join us here at Footprints Floors. 

Their Backgrounds 

Andy and Michelle’s career backgrounds are in fact quite different from one another. 

Andy’s 15 years of franchising experience has resulted in him owning around 12 franchise businesses, one of which has multi-unit territory in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama. 

His franchise portfolio in commercial cleaning and locksmithery correlates with his previous experience in janitorial and home improvement services.

In fact, that’s one of the reasons why he was so attracted to Footprints Floors. He tells us, “One reason I liked the idea of Footprints Floors is that I have a background in janitorial, resurfacing floors, stripping, and waxing, I’m used to this type of work, and it just fits everything that I’ve done for the last 15 years.” 

Michelle, on the other hand, is a trained registered nurse with over 15 years of experience but she’s focusing on consultancy work right now. 

Andy says, Being a consultant has taught us a lot. There’s a whole different world out there, and you get to see good things like Footprints Floors which has taken off and is just such an amazing brand. We get to see it from the inside out, and we get to sell it which is an even better thing!” 

Making The Move Into Franchising 

Andy says that his decision to make the move into franchising was spurred by an advertisement he saw 15 years ago for a commercial cleaning franchise. 

He recalls, I called them up to buy a franchise and I’ve gone from there.” 

Before that, he worked for a company called Quicklubes as their Operations Manager. 

His job was to open up new locations and this is one of the reasons why he knew franchising was a good move for him. At any one time, he was running four Quicklubes locations by himself so he knew that he could handle running his own franchise. 

At the time he was working 100 hours a week making plenty of other people very rich. He thought to himself, “If I can do it for them, I can do it for myself.”

As for Michelle, her move into franchising came after marrying Andy! 

Now they both work as incredibly successful Franchise Owners and Consultants, helping others to do the same. 

Before they jumped into buying a Footprints Floors Franchise, Michelle explains that they did their own research. 

“We are affiliated with FranServe and first learned about Footprints Floors on the support side,” she explains. “We represent it and we heard the success of the brand as we were consulting.”

So, Why Footprints Floors? 

As Franchise Consultants, Andy and Michelle see hundreds of different brands all the time and are introduced to many different concepts and ideas. 

We were interested to know, what made them decide to buy a flooring company for sale over another franchise concept? And why did they decided to buy a franchise themselves instead of simply promoting it to their clients? 

Andy and Michelle said that they learned about Footprints Floors themselves and then went on to show our business to their consultancy clients who were looking for a new business opportunity. 

Andy recalls how he and his wife came to a decision to do something that aligned so well with their previous background and industry experience. “Michelle said to me, you already do this, so why don’t we do it together? She liked the model. She doesn’t like the stripping and waxing of floors part, but I do that with my employees. That’s why the concept was good for us. It’s a management concept, too and it gets us to work together.”

The Snyders Buy Flooring Company For Sale in Mississippi

Michelle remembers the couple’s Discovery Day with fondness, saying that going to actually meet the team and their CEO Bryan Park was great. Everyone was so personable and down to earth.” As well as liking the team, Michelle says that they were attracted by “the low investment. You get so much corporate support, lead generation assistants, and the call center. It’s a great model.” 

We wanted to know what was the point at which Andy and Michelle knew that Footprints Floors was for them. With Andy’s extensive experience as a Franchise Owner, what made us special? For him, it came down to one major thing: the people.

 “When I try and sell a Franchise, the Discovery Day is important,” he explains. “That’s what pushed us over the edge. We talked to everybody on Discovery Day, and we loved the way they do things. Family, religion, and the concept brought us together. Other concepts we had looked at left Michelle out, but with Footprints, this was something that we could do together.”

Michelle said she was sold from the beginning. “On the Discovery Day, learning about the origins of the brand, the founding story of the Founder, Bryan Park, and the Christian background – it all just made sense.”

Future Of The Business

When it comes to their individual roles in the business, they’re both going to be involved. 

Andy says that he’s going to be more “hands-on” with the general operations work alongside his crew. Don’t rule him out as a one-trick-pony though, he’s also going to be involved in customer service and selling. “I can talk pretty good, too!” is what he told us. 

Michelle, on the other hand, is going to be focusing on the day-to-day running of the business while also being involved in the selling. 

As for the future of the business, Andy’s dream is to scale it eventually. He’s starting off with three territories but has plans to grow it to 7. He wants franchises along the coast of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Pensacola, Florida.

What’s Most Exciting About Footprints Floors? 

In Andy’s words, “The most exciting thought is blowing it up together!” 

He said that he was looking forward to “looking at the model, making a profit and working hard. It’s different for me and I’m excited to get started.” 

Joining in with this sentiment, Michelle said that she was excited about “working together as a family and growing the business while being part of the Footprints family.”

Advice To Prospective Franchise Owners 

When we asked Andy this question, he had the best answer. 

“You’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself. I consulted people when I was working as a mentor before I ever became a consultant. They bought franchises before I even received a commission for it. Pick something that you like and something you’re comfortable with doing. If you pick something you enjoy, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Andy and Michelle’s story is one of incredibly hard work and determination and demonstrates the power of going after what you want. 

Their story could be yours, too. 

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How Our New Franchise Owner Found Opportunity in Crisis

How Our New Franchise Owner Found Opportunity in Crisis

A Silver Lining Amid a Tough Year:

How Tim Busbee Discovered Our Flooring Installation Franchise

We’ve had a stellar year at Footprints Floors, as our flooring installation franchise is absolutely thriving. But that hasn’t been the case for everyone.

It’s been a bumpy year and a half for many, like Tim Busbee, one of our newest Franchise Owners, who is up and running in North Atlanta. Tim found our flooring installation franchise after losing his job due to COVID-19 layoffs.

Tim is a native of Savannah, Georgia, a seat of history, charm, and southern hospitality.

“I grew up in Savannah, Georgia and have spent most of my life here in the State of Georgia. I grew up loving sports, being outdoors and doing anything competitive,” Tim says. “My family is my passion but beyond that, I am an avid Atlanta sports fanatic, I love being outdoors and I’m a mechanical watch, wine, and equestrian enthusiast.”

Flooring installation Franchise Owner Tim Busbee

Tim’s Road to Franchise Ownership

Tim’s built a good life for himself and his family. He turned a solid education into a thriving business career at one of America’s largest companies. 

“After graduating from Georgia Southern University, I went into corporate America and eventually ended up starting a career with Enterprise Holdings in the metro Atlanta area,” Tim says. “Along the way I met my wife, Dani and moved twice for promotions. We welcomed our daughter Avery into the world while in Wilmington, North Carolina.”

Family and work go hand in hand for Tim. He’s achieved levels of success that many only dream of, and in a relatively short period of time. 

“I spent over 10 years of my professional career with Enterprise, rising through the leadership ranks, running multiple multi-million-dollar operations, and managing hundreds of employees.”

Tim worked his way up to the top of his field, but that didn’t mean he was safe. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, his upper management position was made redundant. Tim lost his job and had to scramble. He turned to his personal network for support.

“After losing my career with Enterprise due to COVID layoffs, I was in search of what my next career chapter would look like. In talking with my mentors and inner circle, the idea of franchising was brought to my attention,” Tim says.

‘Going back to corporate America was the last thing I wanted to do’

In talking with his personal network, Tim became aware of his latent love for entrepreneurship and desire to move away from corporate life. And this discussion is what started Tim’s journey to our flooring installation franchise.

“I realized going back to corporate America was the last thing that I wanted to do. Tired of office politics and companies not doing what they say they believe in. I had a vision for a better future for myself and my family,” Tim says. “I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. It was that entrepreneurial spirit burning inside me that paved the way for success in my professional career. COVID provided me this amazing opportunity to pivot and take that entrepreneurial spirit to the next step.”

Tim realized that his existing career skills would easily transfer into entrepreneurship through franchising. Unlike starting your own business from scratch, franchising with the right company plugs you into a business that’s structured, tested, and proven successful. You simply need the right personal traits to make it work.

“It was never about the cars at Enterprise, it was about people. It was about service and operating a system with a relentless pursuit of excellence. I realized that those ingredients are the same that make a successful Franchise Owner,” Tim says. “I never considered owning my own business before that conversation but what I realized is that what made me successful at Enterprise was I had an entrepreneurial spirit, loved running a business and could execute a proven business model with consistency.”

Flooring installation Franchise Owner Omar Linton

Journey down the franchising rabbit hole

The dream of being your own boss is almost universal. But not everyone has the courage to take the leap, particularly in troubling times.

Tim’s not that kind of man. Once he considered it and decided that this was the right move for his family, it was a done deal.

Tim moved forwards by consulting an expert – one of the many franchising consultants who’ve referred investors to our flooring installation franchise.

“I was referred to a franchise consultant, Anita Best, whom my father-in-law has known for years and thus began my journey down the franchising rabbit hole,” Tim says. “After getting to know me, Anita started putting a few franchises in front of me to review and Footprints was one of the very first ones.”

Industry consultants are increasingly referring their clients to Footprints Floors. They do this because of our great metrics, economics, and ease of operations. When Tim was introduced to our flooring installation franchise, his business acumen went straight to work.

“There were certain things I was looking for in a franchise: service industry, smart business model, good economics, low cost to entry and scalability,” Tim says. “I realized Footprints checked those boxes quickly. Intangibly, I was also looking for a company with a certain culture and set of values that I identified with. Footprints’ ability to also check that box is what ultimately led me to come on board.”

Flooring installation Franchise Owner Omar Linton

A Smart Franchising Decision

So, Tim wasn’t arbitrarily drawn in by Footprints Floors. He was specifically looking for a strong franchising opportunity in the services industry.

“I like the home services industry because it has a lower investment to entry, requires a skilled person to travel to your home and turn a screw or hammer a nail. That type of service will always be in demand, you can’t outsource it and the internet can’t do it.”

Operating in the home services market gives us a definite advantage over franchises in other industries, like the restaurant business. There are certain advantages that are just built-in, like no real estate investment or staff requirements. 

“The business model is really smart and has good economics. There is a lower cost to entry than other businesses, there is relatively no overhead because you are working from home and carrying no inventory. The expenses are related to operating and marketing expenses and are within your control.”

And our proprietary IP and outstanding customer care take it the rest of the way. Tim puts it this way: “Footprints brings a professionalism and sincerity for quality service to a fragmented marketplace where consumers are thirsting for it.”

It all added up to a smart decision for him.

“There was no single ‘a-ha’ or ‘lightbulb’ moment for me. As a cautious risk-taker, I had many boxes that I wanted to check off in order for me to make this commitment,” Tim says. “For me, Footprints’ ability to check off all of those boxes during each part of the validation process was what confirmed it for me.”

Tim clearly took his time making the decision. Much of this happened during his Discovery Day process, where he met the people behind Footprints Floors.

“Meeting [Founder] Bryan [Park] and the corporate team was an essential part of my own process for choosing a franchise,” Tim says. “If I was going to commit to becoming a business owner in this franchise system, I needed to ensure that the people I would be working with at the corporate level and the support system met my standards for excellence.”

We feel the same about our Franchise Owners. And we look for potential new owners who share our values of family, good solid work, and dedication to service. Our Discovery Day process is a mutual evaluation. 

“Meeting Bryan and the corporate team confirmed the culture of the company and the set of values that the business was founded on and continues to operate on today,” Tim says. “I liked that I didn’t ‘discover’ anything new. It was a confirmation that everything I learned through the validation process was verified in person and even expanded upon.”

Discovery Day is the beginning of a relationship marked by trust and open communication. “The corporate team has been a great example of the culture of the company,” notes Tim. “They are extremely welcoming and professional. They have already offered support and guidance and there is an exciting enthusiasm about their role and the company overall.”

Freedom and Flexibility

Tim is fully on board now and has had some time to reflect. “I’m looking forward to putting my success in my own hands and I’m excited about the flexibility and financial freedom that I can provide for my family.”

“I believe that success comes down to people, and how you treat them. If you take great care of your employees and contractors, then they will take great care of your customers,” he says. “If you build a culture that is customer-centric and everything you do and say backs up that you care about providing a quality of workmanship and professionalism of service, then customers are going to take care of you.”

And this top business executive turned flooring franchise entrepreneur has some solid advice for anyone looking for a solid franchising opportunity.

“My advice to a potential Franchise Owner is to get to WHY. Most of the validation process is figuring out the WHAT the company does and the HOW the company does it,” he says. “Although super important, the real question you should be asking is WHY does the company exist, WHY do they get out of bed in the morning, WHY are they successful and does that line up with your own WHY.”

President John F. Kennedy introduced the world to the idea that every crisis presents an opportunity. This was based on a misinterpretation of a Chinese word. However, it’s an idea proven true by enterprising folk like Tim Busbee.

We’re proud to have Tim as one of our Franchise Owners.

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