Parents of 3 Find Flooring Franchise Opportunity of their Dreams!

Parents of 3 Find Flooring Franchise Opportunity of their Dreams!

These Parents of 3 Found the Flooring Franchise Opportunity of their Dreams!

To say people keep snapping up our affordable flooring franchise opportunities is the understatement of the year- after awarding 59 new franchise territories in 2020, we’ve already awarded 34 territories so far in 2021, and have completely SOLD OUT in 43 major U.S. cities!

Some of our Franchise Owners are experienced investors, while others are brand new business owners. One thing they all have in common is a keen eye for a good flooring franchise opportunity.

Our latest Franchise Owners, Dan and Laura Hermansen, were on the hunt for a business that would perfectly suit their family’s needs. The couple, who are the first Owners to bring our franchise to Kansas, found their ideal opportunity in two Kansas City-area Footprints Floors franchises.

Dan and Laura are married with three young children. They live and work in Kansas City, where their exclusive flooring franchise territories are located. Dan’s worked in the truck equipment industry for over 18 years, doing production planning, purchasing, marketing, and sales. Laura is a speech-language pathologist, with a Master’s degree and over 15 years of experience.

When it comes to free time, family comes first for the Hermansens. Dan shares, “We have wonderful and energetic young children. We enjoy cooking together, board games, and PBS Kids family night on Friday evenings. In a past life, we really enjoyed traveling, music festivals, and live comedy shows. We look forward to doing those things again someday.”

Balancing Career With Family

Dan and Laura are in their prime and looking to make the most of these years. That means spending more time together, being present for their children, and pursuing their own interests.

The Hermansens aren’t work averse. They simply have a different vision for their lives- one that no longer includes building someone else’s nest egg.

Dan and Laura are clear on why they chose entrepreneurship. “The opportunity to work together in a business that provides flexibility and complements our lifestyle,” says Laura. “We want to build a company that can benefit our family and our community for generations to come.”

The hunt for the perfect business opportunity was on. When the Hermansens found a business that looked promising, they reached out to a franchise consultant to discuss it. This consultant ended up introducing them to our flooring franchise opportunities.

“We first heard about Footprints Floors from a business broker that was returning our call about a different business we had seen for sale,” recalls Dan. “After a brief conversation about our goals and backgrounds, he recommended we check out Footprints Floors.”

A Flooring Franchise That Fulfills Career AND Family Goals

Why did their broker steer the Hermansens our way? Well, it’s one thing to find a promising business for sale. Owning, managing, and operating one long term is far more complicated. The Hermansens needed a financially sound business that was feasible for their skill set and appropriate for their desired lifestyle. Footprints Floors checked all the boxes for Dan and Laura from the start.

“We both liked the concept right away,” Laura says. “The overall model of the company felt like a good fit for us. The ability to control our own schedule, the low overhead cost, and the reasonable cost of entry was attractive to us. It made sense to us and we started the journey towards becoming Franchise Owners.”

Our franchising system is designed to put successful entrepreneurship in reach for industrious individuals. Part of how we do this includes giving our flooring Franchise Owners full-service corporate backing. We handle lead generation, appointment scheduling, and customer service queries in our dedicated call center, freeing up our Franchise Owners’ time to concentrate on building their empire. Additionally, Franchise Owners don’t need to worry about performing the flooring installations themselves- we equip them with the knowledge they need to successfully hire and manage a quality subcontractor team of industry professionals. Our industry-leading franchise support is the reason why Owners don’t need prior industry experience- only great work ethic, a positive attitude, and the drive to make their new business a success.

This was big for the Hermansens. “We liked that experience in the flooring industry was not a prerequisite to be successful and we felt like our past work experience would benefit us in the day-to-day operations,” Dan says.  “The fact that corporate helps with lead follow-up, estimate booking, marketing, and technical support was very appealing to us.”

Dan and Laura’s Flooring Franchise Discovery Process

The Hermansens first experienced our unrivaled support during their Discovery Day. This is where potential Franchise Owners get a personal introduction to our company and team members, including Footprints Floors Founder Bryan Park. We nurture our prospective and existing Franchise Owners like they’re family and that begins even before they’ve made any commitments. 

Laura shares that what they liked most about their Discovery Day experience was “having the opportunity to ask anything. Meeting some of the staff and getting to go into the field. It was all very helpful and informative. The whole executive team has been warm and welcoming. They’ve been approachable and shown a desire to help everyone be successful. We like that Mr. Park is an active and ambitious leader.”

Taking the Leap Toward Entrepreneurship

Becoming a Footprints Floors Franchise Owner is a life-changing decision, and we do all we can to ensure our Franchise Owners are well-prepared to successfully operate their new flooring franchise business. 

We don’t just hand out information packets, training videos, and financials, like some home services franchises do. We do our best to let potential Franchise Owners experience what it’s like to run a Footprints Floors territory. They get a feel for who we are, what we stand for, and how we operate. By the time our Franchise Owners make that final decision, they’re fully confident that our flooring franchise opportunity is right for them.

Getting to know Footprints in a pressure-free, supportive environment helped the Hermansens come to their decision. Dan says, “The decision for us evolved over time, so it is tough to nail down an exact moment. Listening to and participating in the validation calls was extremely beneficial to us understanding the model and the opportunity.”

A Stake in the BOOMING Home Services Industry

The Hermansens have invested in more than our flooring franchise opportunity. They now have a stake in the booming home services industry. Laura says, “We believe the Home Services industry is strong and poised for growth going forward.”

There definitely is room for growth here. The home services market is expected to grow at a rate of 18.91% by 2026. The Hermansens are starting off with two exclusive territories and are poised to capitalize on this, thanks to our scalable structure.

There’s also a lot of fun to be had along the way. Like many Americans, the Hermansens have the renovation bug. “We enjoy seeing home improvement projects take shape, making spaces more functional and more appealing at the same time,” shares Dan. “We are very excited to help people transform their living spaces and make their visions a reality.”

Investors often opt for restaurant and food-related franchises, without considering alternative industries. Call us biased, but we feel that consulting with homeowners on interior renovations is way more fun than supervising line cooks. Our Franchise Owners are able to enjoy a healthy work-life balance thanks to schedule flexibility and freedom to set their own hours- not to mention getting to avoid the massive overhead, real estate costs, and staffing hassles that often come with food service franchise investments.

Looking Ahead

The Hermansens have some advice for anyone looking for their perfect business opportunity. “Do your research, know what you can afford, and make sure the company you join will support you in the ways you need,” says Laura.

They’ve certainly got this support with Footprints. As Dan says, “The ongoing assistance from the corporate team is a big differentiator. They continue to expand the opportunities for growth by developing relationships with national brands and continuing to increase the resources available to franchisees.”

Laura adds, “We were fortunate to be able to attend the 2021 Annual Conference. While there, we connected more with the corporate team which confirmed for us that we had made the right decision.”

Already up and running in Kansas City, the Hermansens are settling into their new lives as business owners. “We look forward to running a business together and developing relationships with customers, crews, vendors and our fellow Franchise Owners,” says Dan. “We will find success by taking care of our customers above all else. We value honesty and integrity, and we will operate accordingly.”

Their family vision is now a reality, thanks to our affordable flooring franchise opportunity. And this is only the beginning for them.

We’d like to congratulate the Hermansens on joining Footprints Floors. We can’t wait to hear more from them!

Are you interested in securing your own flooring franchise opportunity? Please visit our franchise website for more information. You can check the territory map to see if opportunities are still available in your region. 

Our exclusive territories are selling out quickly, but there’s still time to get in on this opportunity- start now!

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Opera Singer Finds Grand Rapids Flooring Franchise for Sale

Opera Singer Finds Grand Rapids Flooring Franchise for Sale

Opera Singer Finds Grand Rapids Flooring Franchise for Sale

One of the things we hear most from prospective franchise investors is, “I have no background in construction or home improvement…am I even qualified to purchase a flooring franchise for sale from Footprints Floors?

Actually, one of the most wonderful things about the Footprints Floors franchise family is the diverse array of backgrounds our Franchise Owners come from. We’ve got business executives, former high school teachers, and now…an opera singer?

Our newest Franchise Owner Matthew Horist is a perfect example of how our industry-leading model allows people of all backgrounds and skillsets to excel in entrepreneurship! His new Grand Rapids, Michigan location is already up and running, bringing a whole new level of outstanding craftsmanship and customer service to West Michigan.

Matthew’s Journey to Franchise Ownership

Grand Rapids is one of the most dynamic cities in the Midwest. It’s a flourishing cultural and economic center that’s still growing and on the rise.

Matthew fits right into this urbane environment, with his classical music education and career. He says, “I went to school at Indiana University Bloomington School of Music. I then sang opera for about 8 years.”

He’s still a true Michigander, both sporty and family oriented.  “My hobbies have always been primarily my kids. Along with skiing, bass fishing, wakeboarding, backcountry hiking, and reading,” he says.

Matthew has an intrepid disposition. He’s a born go-getter, not one to remain within a comfort zone or live according to anyone else’s expectations. He explains, “I have been an entrepreneur most of my working life. You can either fulfill someone else’s dream or you can fulfill your own.”

The entrepreneurship Matthew refers to is his post-opera career in IT, which included owning a couple of companies in the industry. He recalls, “After opera, I then moved into an IT career. A few years later, I was a partner-owner of a physical security company. A few years later, I co-founded an IT consulting company. I ran that company for about 10 years and then I bought Footprints Floors.”

Matthew doesn’t just have general managerial experience. He knows what it takes to start his own company from scratch and is highly resourceful.

Finding a Flooring Franchise for Sale With Footprints Floors

So what brought Matthew to the Footprints Floors opportunity? He says, “I wanted to find something based in the home improvement space.”

This push by entrepreneurs to capitalize on the surging home improvement space is growing stronger and stronger as the recession-resistant industry continues to thrive, 

Online, on-demand home services in particular are poised to take off as consumer behavior is increasingly oriented online. And astute investors are positioning themselves to benefit from this. Footprints Floors’ home-based business model allows Franchise Owners to operate without a brick-and-mortar warehouse or office space, and without any inventory or payroll employees, allowing them a much lower overhead investment than other home services concepts, making it especially attractive to investors like Matthew. 

By purchasing a flooring franchise for sale from Footprints Floors, Matthew was able to snag an exclusive territory from a robust franchise with a proven and tested business model, which he describes as “financially sound.”

We pride ourselves on maintaining a franchise with exceptional unit economics. Our business model is honed for efficiency in every area, so that Footprints can provide great returns. This is a core part of our culture. However, for Matthew, our outstanding financials were only part of his decision to invest with us. He also felt a kinship with our Founder, Bryan Park, and knew that the core values he has instilled in our company were in alignment with his own.

Bryan has a military background, and is a graduate of the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. He started Footprints to provide for his family after his service was complete. And Park infused his new company with the exemplary values and standards that the military upholds.

All our prospective Franchise Owners get to see this for themselves when they meet Bryan and the rest of our team during Discovery Day at our Colorado headquarters- a pivotal part of our Franchise Education Process.

Matthew can attest to this. He says, “Bryan is probably one of the most solid gentlemen on the planet. Rare breed.”

Matthew’s Discovery Day Experience

Matthew spent time with Bryan and the rest of our team during his Discovery Day in Colorado. This time was invaluable in helping him develop confidence in moving forward with purchasing a flooring franchise for sale, as it showed him how well his own traditional values aligned with our corporate culture.

“I am a believer in the old-fashioned handshake introduction,” Matthew says. Our corporate team goes out of their way to make prospective and existing Franchise Owners feel comfortable and supported from Day One- even before any agreements have been made. Matthew felt at home in this environment and could see himself as a long-term part of the Footprints Floors family.

Footprints Floors is designed to keep the most talented people as close to the ground as possible. That means having stellar Franchise Owners running our various locations and keeping our Founder’s direct involvement in further developing and nurturing the company.

Matthew was especially glad to meet Bryan, describing him as “highly intelligent, humble, faithful, well-grounded, well-read, [with] extensive hands-on experience in his trade, strong business acumen, very personable, incredible work ethic, I could certainly go on but that should paint the picture.”

When people decide to invest in a flooring franchise for sale with Footprints Floors, they can be assured that our Founder is fully invested in this company’s growth and success.

Not every brand does this. For Matthew, this is what sets Footprints apart from the other franchising opportunities out there. He says, “Biggest differentiator for Footprints…? Bryan Park!”

Matthew’s Advice for Future Franchise Owners

In the end, Matthew’s final commitment to take the plunge wasn’t about our impeccable franchise model, outstanding financials, or awesome personalities. It came down to one thing. “Instinct, (if I am being completely honest),” he says. “Simply a gut feeling.”

Now that he’s in, Matthew doesn’t mince words on what will make him successful. “Drive,” he says. “That’s what it ultimately comes down to. Personal initiative, followed up by sustained work ethic.”

This former opera singer and tested entrepreneur has been there before. Matthew knows the perseverance that it takes to make things work. And he wants anyone else considering our flooring franchise to understand this as well.

Matthew says, “You absolutely must go in knowing the first few months are going to be a challenge. No question about it.”

That’s good advice. It’s always a challenge to step into a commitment like buying a flooring franchise for sale, which does bring about a lifestyle shift. But, when we put our flooring franchises up for sale, we backed these opportunities up with full-service corporate support. This includes administration, marketing, lead generation, and customer service, along with proprietary tools, education, an Owner peer support network, and more. All our Franchise Owners can fully lean on us.

Matthew’s Flooring Franchise Future

Does Matthew intend to expand his Grand Rapids business into a multi-unit flooring empire? After all,  thanks to our flexible structure, Footprints offers our Franchise Owners the ability to grow as much as desired and at their own speed, and many leap in with the aim of creating their own home services empire.

Matthew, on the other hand, is intensely focused on the present. He says, “I’m too busy concentrating on the current game strategy and not really thinking that far ahead right now. We play one game at a time. If we get to a point where we start to find a high level of success, awesome. For now, I’m concentrating on the current game plan.”

We admire his focus, dedication, and patience.

Matthew Horist now has a brand-new business to add to his portfolio- one that he can easily scale up when ready.

Grand Rapids is a terrific territory to acquire. We’d like to congratulate Matthew on his prescience and great timing.

Our flooring territories are exclusive and in demand, which means that many areas are already fully sold out. (Including several entire states.)

But we still have flooring franchises for sale and good opportunities remain to be found. Just visit our franchise website to see which regional territories are still available.

And for more details, you can request our exclusive Footprints Floors franchise report.

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From Computer Engineering to Flooring Franchise Opportunities

From Computer Engineering to Flooring Franchise Opportunities

From Computer Engineering to Flooring Franchise Opportunities: Jamie Lamkin’s Road to Entrepreneurship

Footprints Floors Founder Bryan Park started this company simply to provide for his wife and children. The company he was working for failed due to poor management practices and he had to find a way to put food on the table.

Bryan built Footprints Floors as he raised his family. And Footprints absolutely thrived, thanks to his careful management. He then decided to grow it further, by extending flooring franchise opportunities to like-minded individuals, who care about running a good business, while maintaining a healthy personal and family life.

Individuals like our latest Franchise Owner, Jamie Lamkin, whose Tallahassee, Florida territory is already gaining ground as a premier flooring installation company and earning stellar customer reviews!

Flooring Franchise Opportunities that Put Family First

“Family is what really caught my ears…not just the family within the franchise, but also more time I would be able to spend with my family,” says Jamie about his initial discovery of the flooring franchise opportunities available through Footprints Floors.

Born in the small town of Brandenburg, Kentucky, Jamie moved to the frozen tundra of Minnesota, where he met his wife, started a family, and began working at a software company where he would spend the next two decades of his career. “After earning an associate degree in computer engineering, I started working for a small company called Digital Biometrics,” he says. “ I was with Digital Biometrics who, over time, merged with several different companies over my 19-year tenure.”

The last 10 years of Jamie’s software engineering career took him to Tallahassee, where he enjoys spending time in the wilderness as often as he can. “My hobbies, when not working, are golf, camping, fishing, and painting,” he tells us. “Camping is my favorite as I get to spend time with family and friends. Fishing is another fun time to spend with my sons as it is relaxing being on the water.”

Unfortunately, Jamie wasn’t able to spend that much time with his family prior to discovering Footprints Floors. His professional background was in the software industry, where 50-hour workweeks aren’t unheard of, but Jamie’s role was even more demanding. “With the company I was on call 24/7; however, the last 10 years of service, I worked my way to being a Regional Field Service/Account Manager in the Southeast. My time was [devoted] to the company and [I had] little time for family as I was still needed 24/7.”

Jamie’s Road to Entrepreneurship

Jamie has a great work ethic, but he needed a break. He was more than ready for a change, when along came a surprising introduction to our flooring franchise opportunities.  Jamie remembers, “In March 2020, I was introduced to the Footprints Floors franchise by Keith Ritter from Franchise Source. He had seen my resume on a job board and asked if I would be interested.”

This wasn’t Jamie’s first-time considering owning his own business. “My interest in entrepreneurship has been something I had thought about for quite some time. I liked how I could set up my own schedule, hours, and provide family time.”

Many people would like to be entrepreneurs. Most remain stuck thinking, wishing, and dreaming about it. Jamie is one of the few who actually made the move. For a family man, a decision like this can’t be taken lightly.

“I had always thought about owning my own company or doing business on my own. I just never did take the leap,” he explains. “Going from a corporate world to buying into a franchise for myself and my family is scary; however, after long talks with my wife we thought, why not take the chance now?”

Perhaps not surprisingly, a flooring franchise wasn’t the first type of business on Jamie’s mind, and he first considered more typical franchising opportunities, like restaurants. “I was looking at opening a restaurant in the little town we live in now; however, the overhead was higher than I was looking to spend,” he recalls.

Franchise consultant Keith Ritter made Jamie aware of our affordable flooring franchise opportunities. Jamie says, “I provided him with my information and background. He provided me with two different franchises to investigate. I chose Footprints Floors.”

Inside Jamie’s Discovery Day Experience

When Jamie attended Discovery Day in Colorado and met our Founder Bryan Park, he was given the reassurance he needed to proceed. “In meeting with Bryan and the staff at Footprints Floors, they made my decision to take the leap of faith to want to franchise,” he notes.

There are a few key things that stood out to Jamie during his Discovery Day, including, “meeting everyone in person, seeing the business up front and how it operates, being provided some figures of how other franchises are doing, and being able to see the operation first-hand in the field.”


Meeting our Founder and speaking with the team helped Jamie understand who we are as a company. Footprints Floors operates on a shared vision of success. When Founder Bryan Park decided to grow his company, he had two choices: more employees or franchising.

It was an easy decision.

Footprints thrives because of how well we treat our customers. Our dedication to them shows in our industry-leading ratings with the Better Business Bureau, Home Advisor, and Yelp.

Bryan was determined to keep this intact. He decided to grow by keeping the company’s best people close to the ground, through a team of like-minded Franchise Owners.

This vision resonated with Jamie. “The Founder and corporate team of Footprints Floors were really great to finally meet,” he says. “You watch them in their videos and understand where they come from and how they got to where they are today. It took hard work and dedication to make it. When you understand their devotion, caring, kindness to build a company from the ground up and start franchising, then you know they have experienced everything you are going through when starting a franchise. I hope to take what they have built and continue on the devotion, caring, and kindness to make my franchise and company name successful.”

During his Discovery Day process, Jamie also learned how he can put his abilities to work and have success within our proprietary business structure.

Footprints Floors is such a unique flooring franchise opportunity because our Franchise Owners don’t have to worry about things like lead generation, inventory, or payroll. Thanks to our wonderful support systems, Franchise Owners simply plug themselves into our system with energy and dedication.

Flooring Franchise Opportunities- No Flooring Required!

Jamie doesn’t have a history in flooring, construction or home improvement. But his white-collar experience as an account manager will translate well for him. As he points out, “My customer service and field service experiences are a good fit for the Home Services Industry.” 

With our team backing him up, Jamie’s ready for his new flooring franchise. We asked him what set this franchising opportunity apart from others in the industry. His answer was clear. “Structure, low overhead, and family values. [Corporate] communication and the helpfulness.”

Reflecting on his experience, Jamie has some advice for those who are considering entrepreneurship. “If you are coming from the corporate world, do your research of state business guidelines. Just know, you will have good days and bad days; however, do not give up as you are the one that can make it successful.”

We certainly take care of a lot for our Franchise Owners to help them succeed in their markets, but Jamie’s the type of Franchise Owner we like best- an individual who is driven to succeed and ready to build a thriving business. He has the character it takes to make his flooring franchise opportunity flourish. When we asked what motivates him and what he’ll be relying on, he had this to say. “My family, my work ethic, and my customer service experience.”

Thanks to investigating flooring franchise opportunities through Footprints Floors, Jamie now has far more family time and a much better lifestyle than 24/7 on-call work at someone else’s business. He says, “I look forward to being able to provide superior service to homeowners and spending more time on the weekends with family and friends. Never thought I would be a franchise business owner; now that I am one, my work ethic has to be above and beyond what I have done before to make my own Footprints Floors franchise successful.”

A Better Life for You and Your Family is Just Footprints Away!

Quality family time, a profitable business, and some healthy recreation. That’s our vision of a good and balanced life. It’s one that we hope to share with as many aspiring business owners as possible, through our affordable flooring franchise opportunities. 

For those of you out there who’d like to discover flooring franchise opportunities that give them back a healthy work-life balance, Footprints Floors is still on the lookout for quality Franchise Owners. We still have exclusive flooring franchise territories available. But hurry, several states are entirely sold out and some regions have only a few territories left!

If you’re interested in securing an opportunity like this for yourself, please visit our franchise website for more information.

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Franchise Veteran Finds the Perfect Fit with Our Floor Franchise!

Franchise Veteran Finds the Perfect Fit with Our Floor Franchise!

Franchise Veteran Finds the Perfect Fit with Our Floor Franchise!

Footprints Floors is thriving. In fact, our floor franchise is growing so rapidly that we’re entirely sold out in several states!

Footprints Floors is an incredible opportunity to affordably invest in the home services industry boom. And entrepreneurs are racing to lock down their own profitable floor franchise territories in their home cities.

Scott Ogburn is one of these savvy entrepreneurs. He’s a seasoned investor who was on the hunt for his next business opportunity.

Scott found this opportunity in our flooring franchises.

He puts it this way: “The home services industry will never go away! And the flooring industry in particular needs professionalism. Enter Footprints Floors!”

Scott was recently awarded an exclusive Footprints Floors franchise territory in Mechanicsville, Virginia. We’re honored that Scott chose us and pleased to welcome him to the Footprints Floors family.


Footprints Floors makes it easy for hardworking, everyday people to become business owners. As a result, many of our Franchise Owners have no experience in manual labor or delivering home services. And our flooring franchise is often their primary introduction to business ownership. 

Others, like Scott, come to us with heaps of know-how. He’s handy, resourceful, and quite well-rounded.

“I’ve been involved in general construction my whole life,” he tells us. ”I love to be outdoors, to paint, to watch soccer, and play games with my friends and family.  Any time spent with my family is the best!”

Scott’s what many would consider a natural-born entrepreneur.

“I’ve always been an entrepreneur,” he says. “I don’t feel like I ‘wanted’ to. I have been compelled. Any experience I had working for others at their business was only a frustrating experience for me.”

Scott’s road to floor franchise ownership

Scott’s a pro at taking whatever he has and investing it toward a better future. This enterprising initiative began early for him, and with great payoffs.

“Construction enabled me to pay for college and two stints in grad school,” recalls Scott. “I earned a Master’s degree in teaching mathematics in 1992 and taught high school math for 5 years. I earned my second Master’s degree in 2002 and taught at a Bible school in Albania for 7 years.”

Around eight years ago, Scott took his business savvy further by acquiring his first franchise with a different corporation. This move proved successful for him. So successful that Scott recently decided to purchase another franchise.

Scott consulted with his franchise advisor and was introduced to the Footprints Floors opportunity. There was instant interest, particularly due to Scott’s construction background.

“I like the construction world, I like doing good work for customers, and I like developing good relationships with my subcontractors,” he explains. “The people of Footprints Floors are pretty amazing people, very others oriented.”

But Scott didn’t join us simply because he has an affinity for his type of work. He also understands that home services are always in demand.

Right now, the American home services industry is worth $500 billion and growing. In fact, on-demand online services are a rapidly exploding trend. That global market is expected to reach $4.1 trillion by 2027, with an estimated compound annual growth rate of over 45%.

That’s a highly attractive investment, especially in today’s climate. A carefully designed, well-structured, effectively managed home services franchise like Footprints Floors is a smart choice for just about any investor.

What made Scott choose to invest in Footprints Floors?

Scott’s quite discerning, so what made our floor franchise the one for him? He says it was the implications of our one-of-a-kind business model, proprietary systems, and ROI.

“The thing that initially drew me to Footprints was how money spent on advertising resulted in estimates being scheduled. That puts the ball in my court, that is, at that point, it is up to me to sell then execute a job. But knowing that I could get that chance (to sell and execute) by a pretty closely defined advertising budget, was very appealing to me. Also, in the same vein, the whole CSR structure. Fabulous. I also appreciated the three key numbers that I need to watch. I love that.”

Our business model is streamlined to perfection. Every part of the Footprints system is key to delivering results. We don’t provide total back-end support just to have something to brag about.

Our franchise system is a lever our Franchise Owners use to achieve the financial results they want and the ideal work-life balance they desire.

We don’t expect prospective Franchise Owners to just take our word for it. We lay everything out during our Franchise Education Process and Discovery Day.

Scott was able to experience several real-life calls for himself.

“The whole thing with ad dollars resulting in a calendar full of appointments… when I listened to all the recorded validation calls and it became clear that this aspect of the business was for real, I made up my mind right then and there to buy,” he tells us.

We aim to give potential investors everything they need to understand exactly what we’re about. And we don’t just hand out recorded calls, lectures, or information packets. The entire Footprints team is available for questions, including Founder Bryan Park

“The people of Footprints Floors are pretty amazing, very others-oriented,” Scott says about his experience. “They’re genuine, honestly interested in the well-being of others. It was good to be on a sales call, as well as the time we were given to ask any questions of Bryan.”

With all his questions answered, Scott’s ready to dig in. Thanks to his entrepreneurial background, he knows that building a successful business is not without determination and hard work, but that the payoff can be huge.

“It really is a lot of work, but completely worth it,” he says. “If you like people and want to be involved in something that can grow, then this is a fabulous opportunity. Make sure you have money to support yourself for a few months. But being able to pay yourself something in a few short months is completely possible.”

Starting a flooring business with Footprints Floors

Looking ahead to a bright future

We’re confident that Scott will see good returns on his floor franchise. Thanks to our healthy unit economics, many of our new Franchise Owners make their initial investment back within 3-6 months.*  

We make it easy for them to get started since they don’t need showrooms or employees. But Scott can take his flooring franchise as far as he wants to, and at the right speed for him.

“I look forward to building out my territories and getting the right people in the right positions to run a great company,” says Scott of his short-term goals for his floor franchise.

We know how important it is to have the right people on your team. When we asked Scott what he was most looking forward to, he revealed a conscientious and diligent mindset.

“Growing in my dedication to serving others, maintaining strict discipline in keeping down costs, doing great work and getting good reviews, and keeping my eye firmly on the three key business numbers Bryan talks about.”

Our franchising success is thanks to industrious Franchise Owners like Scott. Footprints Floors is thriving, because hardworking individuals like Scott can thrive with our company and attain their investment goals.

Footprints is doing so well, we even made it onto 2021’s Entrepreneur Franchise 500 list. This is a significant milestone for any franchising company.

And we’re looking forward to much more growth to come as Founder Bryan Park and the rest of our all-star corporate team keep developing this company to make it even better.

If you’d like to get on board with Footprints Floors, there’s still time to secure an exclusive floor franchise territory for yourself.

Just visit our franchise website for more information. You can request our Franchise Report for detailed revenue information.

*All investment and revenue numbers were obtained from our 2020 Franchise Disclosure Document. 

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Industry Insider Secures Flooring Franchise Opportunities in FL!

Industry Insider Secures Flooring Franchise Opportunities in FL!

He Helped Others Find Flooring Franchise Opportunities…Then Snagged One for Himself! Meet Don Brammeier

As a franchising consultant at a firm that represents over 500 companies, Don Brammeier is an industry insider. 

Out of all of the franchising options he researches for clients every day, however, Don chose Footprints Floors as the right franchise opportunity for himself.

We’re honored to have him join us as one of our latest Franchise Owners.

Don evaluates franchises for a living. He specializes in matching people with the right opportunity for them.

After introducing two clients to Footprints Floors, Don loved the concept so much that he decided to capitalize on the massive surge in the home services industry and invest in our flooring franchise opportunities himself.

In fact, Don isn’t just opening one new flooring franchise. He’s secured three exclusive territories in beautiful Southwest Florida.


What made Don choose Footprints Floors over other flooring franchise opportunities?

So why did this industry insider pick Footprints Floors? Don’s come across hundreds of solid franchise options in his line of work.

That’s where he first heard about Footprints Floors. “The more I got to learn about the business model, the more I liked it,” he explains. “The rapid growth and still staying ahead of the curve really impresses me.”

But there’s more to business than good numbers on a page. 

Don says, “Support is real critical when you’re evaluating a franchise and Footprints Floors is doing an excellent job.”


From franchise consultant to Franchise Owner- Don’s journey

Don’s witnessed the reality of owning a franchise himself. Before working as a consultant, he spent 16 years with a major international Franchisor.

In his operations role, Don worked with Franchise Owners at this company day in and day out. He saw their struggles, where they failed, and where they needed help. He knows how crucial back-end business support is for long-term franchising success.

“Lead generation can be very difficult, especially because I have no marketing background and I don’t particularly care for it,” admits Don. “So, the fact that Footprints can produce the leads and schedule the appointments based on my calendar was huge for me.”

Our unparalleled level of Franchise Owner support and marketing assistance is what tipped the scales for Don.

Taking action with flooring franchise opportunities in Southwest Florida

Like many people, Don has long cherished the idea of entrepreneurship. “I always had it in the back of my mind – even from years and years ago – that someday I’d like to have my own business,” he tells us.

Despite this, he wasn’t moved to action until he heard about how the Footprints Floors model is head and shoulders above other flooring franchise opportunities in the home services sector.

The more he learned about Footprints Floors and the way we do business, the more Don saw the potential for a customer-friendly flooring franchise right in his area.

“I see a real need for it here in the Southwest Florida residential marketplace. I’ve had my own experiences with home improvement services, which haven’t always been the best. I thought there was a real opportunity here,” he says.

Don’s personal work ethic and commitment to providing outstanding service align with our high customer service standards- something that he noted right off the bat when looking into our flooring franchise opportunities for his clients. He says, “We provide services based on integrity. That’s what I bring to the table. We’re bridging the gap between the contractors or subcontractors that are actually doing the work and the homeowners.”

“No matter what, I’m as good as my word. I’ll do whatever it takes to make it right. I think that resonates with people. A mistake might be made, but I’ll make it right. I’ve proven this over my years.”

Many homeowners can relate to the headache of dealing with contractors. Not all are enterprising enough to realize the potential business opportunity.

Thanks to Footprints Floors, Don is capitalizing on these frustrations with several new flooring franchises geared toward helping homeowners get the service and results they want at an affordable price.



Overcoming uncertainty with the support of the Footprints Floors team

But Don still felt some uncertainties about this new venture. Even with his extensive franchise industry background and years of examining different brands, at first he was not sure if owning a franchise was the right move for him. He says, “Like most people, there was always a reason why I couldn’t.”

Becoming a business owner is a major decision. A touch of apprehension is to be expected. Our team’s warmth and great company culture quickly alleviated this for Don, as he saw that the franchise he was about to invest in was more like a big family than a corporation.

“I guess the real thing that impressed me with Footprints, is the people,” recalls Don. “I got to start to meet the folks involved, like [Founder] Bryan Park, [Director of Operations] Rachel [Simpson], [Director of Managed Services] Debbie [Melkonian], [Franchise Development Manager] Jon [Jarvis]…they’re just genuinely good people. They’re professional, smart, and I know they’re going to do their best to make sure I’m successful. And I like the way Bryan is building the business.”

One of Don’s concerns was a lack of direct knowledge. 

At Footprints Floors, we take care of this by giving our Franchise Owners everything they need for success. This includes operational training, proprietary financial management, and our full-service corporate call center. We look after our people 100%.

Our Franchise Owners don’t need personal experience in the flooring industry, crew management, sales, or anything of the sort. They come from all walks of life.

People with diverse backgrounds are experiencing incredible success with Footprints. This is because our business model adapts to many different skill sets, whether personal or work-related. The willingness to grow and an enterprising spirit are most important.

Along with his time in consulting and operations, Don spent 20 years in the commercial appliance repair industry. He has a sense of what it’s like to operate a regional service business. 

With our team’s support, Don is eager to pour his talents into his new flooring franchises. He’s confident about this new opportunity and optimistic for his future.

Flooring franchise opportunities that offer freedom & flexibility

Don’s only lived in Southwest Florida for a few years. And he didn’t move his family there just so he could be holed up working. 

He says, “It won’t take a large staff to operate the three territories. I can step back from much of the day-to-day activities when we reach a certain point. Then I can enjoy the area we live in. We call it our paradise.”

Even with three flooring franchise territories, our uniquely flexible business model gives him the opportunity to do so. Lifestyle freedom is a core part of this franchise. 

Footprints Floors fits perfectly into Don’s Gulf Coast life, starting with the fact that he can run it right from home. 

“It is home-based, but it’s definitely scalable,” he says. “You get the growth that you want, thanks to the lead-generating call center and scheduling flexibility. It truly is your business and your baby. You get to do with it, what you want.”

And Don isn’t only thinking about what’s right for now. He started off with three territories and still has a vision for an even bigger future.  He says, “The scalability made investment a big part of this. The franchises can develop into a real asset. It’s the right thing to do and I think it’s good.”


Don’s next steps as a Footprints Floors Franchise Owner

For now, Don’s settling in and setting his sights on learning everything it takes to succeed as a Footprints Floors Franchise Owner.

“I’m really looking forward to the upcoming training that starts next week and getting to know everyone a little better,” he says. “Everyone is so genuine and open.”

It isn’t enough for flooring franchise opportunities to be affordable or attainable. Footprints Floors makes sure business ownership is practical. This care is built into every part of our franchise system.

Don experienced this for himself. It solidified his decision to move forward when he was still feeling unsure, and has given him confidence in his future success in the flooring business. He says, “It’s going to be successful because of the folks who are there to support and guide you through it.” 

Don’s taking a new approach. “Life’s an adventure, so go for it. This is fun.”

Don scooped up three of our exclusive Gulf Coast territories. Our franchise territories are selling out quickly. Some states are entirely sold out, but good locations are still available.

This is a recession-resistant business model, with great profitability. Please visit our franchise website for more information on flooring franchise opportunities.

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How This Singer and Bride-to-Be Discovered Our Flooring Franchise

How This Singer and Bride-to-Be Discovered Our Flooring Franchise

How This Singer, Bride-to-Be (and Grandmother of 3) Discovered Our Flooring Franchise!

Meet Taryn Mitchell! She’s creative, tenacious, enterprising, and one of Footprints Floors’ newest flooring Franchise Owners.

Taryn is opening her flooring franchise in Mesquite, Texas, a suburb of Dallas.  Taryn is a California native who’s lived in Texas for a couple of decades now. She’s happy to secure a territory among friends and family in the heart of her community.

Taryn is quite multi-talented. She comes to our flooring franchise after enjoying a career in recruitment, sales, and business development.


Taryn also has an extensive history in the performing arts. She’s been a dancer, thespian, playwright, professional singer, poet, speechwriter, lyricist, songwriter, and more.

Earlier in her life, Taryn came close to signing several recording deals. She passed on these and opted to raise her young family instead.

During that time, Taryn used her gifts to give back to her community as a youth mentor and artistic talent developer.

When Taryn decided to re-enter the working world, her warm heart and people skills helped her find her place. She worked in a few industries before finally landing in the retail and home improvement space.

It would’ve been easy for her to stay in this comfort zone, but that’s not Taryn.

Taryn believes in living her life to the fullest. For her, this means creating prosperity in a way that makes you happy and feeds your soul. Taryn was never meant to work a job for the rest of her life.

Footprints Floors attracts people like this. Our Franchise Owners come from all walks of life but tend to have a few things in common. They’re industrious, resourceful, and in active pursuit of growth and success.

Taryn fits right into this select group.

In her own words, “In essence I have always been an entrepreneur. My ideas and mover/shaker personality have led me to need my own business.”

A Thoughtful Endowment

Taryn decided to make the leap to company ownership when her father passed away. Carlton Mitchell was Taryn’s biggest supporter. His care for her didn’t end with his life.

He provided his daughter with an endowment that helped make this possible. Taryn took on this new challenge as a floor Franchise Owner thanks to these resources, savings, family support, and a good dose of faith.

So, how did this artist at heart decide on a flooring franchise? Well, she initially wanted to go into the restaurant industry. In fact, Taryn had her heart set on it.

Taryn first went after a Chick-Fil-A franchise. When she was cut in the third round, she started looking for other options.

Luckily for Taryn, she came across the Integrity Franchise Group, a business opportunity consulting firm. She was in the right hands with certified agent Lisa Welko.

Lisa listened to every desire Taryn had for a franchise and her dreams for the future. She also accounted for Taryn’s background, work history, and considered her personality. 

With all factors in mind, Lisa knew exactly what would fit Taryn: an affordable, highly scalable Footprints Floors Franchise.

Everything about Footprints sounded right for Taryn.

“Footprints Floors has all the key elements I seek: work-life balance, working with people, low overhead, a system already set up for me to focus on sales alone and I have the option to make as much as I desire,” she explains.

Lisa introduced Taryn to the Footprints Floors concept and handed things off to our Franchise Development Director, Brian Knuth.


The Perfect Fit

There was an instant match between Taryn’s warmheartedness and our team’s energy.

“I love all their laid-back, super knowledgeable and welcoming personalities. The demeanor of the Founder reflects the business culture, and it really showed me a family-like environment, with amazing team support. Everyone wants everyone to win. Brian and [Footprints Floors Founder] Bryan [Park] were an absolute pleasure and the more founders that were introduced to us, it just kept getting better. A wonderful group of people.”

At Footprints, we pride ourselves on providing our Franchise Owners with excellent support. This begins well before they’ve made a monetary investment.

Our Footprints Floors Discovery Day gives potential Owners a structured, thorough, and personal introduction to the company.

Taryn found this to be invaluable. “We were treated kindly, treated to great food, and had absolutely every question answered that we needed. The ‘a-ha’ was also seeing the culture for myself and meeting the Founder on D-Day!”

Affordable and Rewarding Flooring Franchise

There’s more than good chemistry at play. Taryn understood the opportunity’s good business sense and she knows the value of a dollar.

“I really like the detail of the organization from the customer service and lead generation team already set in place to the product outsourcing agreement established. Everything is ready for new owners to enter this well-oiled, fully functional machine.

I also like the low initial investment cost. The affordability leads to equal or more profit. Basically, investing less than the other ones, yet reaping the same (or even more) of a return.”

The Footprints Floors franchise opportunity is designed to make profitable business ownership within reach for everyone who truly wants it. The flooring franchise was within her investment budget while providing healthy returns.

What sealed the deal, is that this franchise system was the right lifestyle fit. “I was sold on the business model, work from home (no office space needed), CSR’s built in, Leads generated, no overhead and no headaches. Just get to work and make it happen!”

Taryn does have some prior exposure to the home services industry. Much of her business development and sales work was done in the home improvement space. This sparked an interest in flipping houses.

“I have always been interested in home improvement as it was one of my goals to flip houses soon,” she recalls. “I used to work for Lowe’s and had ideas with how I would restore fixer-uppers using materials I listed and budgeted in the store, floors included.”

Real estate investment is a popular wealth-building strategy. But there are many underrated ways to profit.

Providing home improvement services is another way to sell shovels in a gold rush. And a profitable, scalable flooring franchise is a great real estate adjacent income strategy.

Taryn saw this value right away. “Once I discovered the model, I got excited. It renewed an interest [in home improvement] that was suppressed.”

Owning a Footprints Floors franchise gives Taryn more than financial benefits. It’s bridging the way to much larger dreams.

Family Friendly

Taryn is moving into an entirely new phase of her life. She’s opening a business, getting re-married, planning her wedding, and expanding her family.

This entire venture is a family affair. Her fiancé is a co-manager and there’s plenty of work for their blended family of 11 (grandchildren included) to do.

Taryn’s open heart begins with her family. She treasures her time with them. Footprints Floors gives her the freedom to include them in her work and enough free time to maintain her personal interests.

At Footprints, we like to consider ourselves as a second family. This means creating a nurturing, supportive environment for our Franchise Owners. And going all out for their success.

But we know what real family is. We pride ourselves on the flexibility and healthy work-life balance that our flooring franchise offers.


A Vibrant Future

Taryn certainly has a lot to handle. But she’s energetic, ready to work, and eager to make the most of this opportunity.

Taryn lives by a “never quit mentality.” And she wants to absolutely master our system. “I look forward to getting my system down to a science,” she says. “I want to work hard and understand what I am doing, so I can do it in my sleep.”

We have no doubt that she will. Plucky Franchise Owners like Taryn are a core reason we’ve been so successful.

We’re thrilled to have Taryn on board- Chick-Fil-A’s loss is our gain!

This is an exciting time for Taryn and Footprints Floors. Our franchise is growing exponentially. We recently made it onto Entrepreneur’s 2021 Franchise 500 List, a prestigious honor for brands of all sizes. You can find McDonald’s, Baskin-Robbins, and Kumons on this list of highly successful franchises across multiple industries. We’re currently ranked at #463.

With dynamic Franchise Owners like Taryn on our side, we’re looking forward to an incredible time of growth and prosperity.

If you’d like more information about Footprints Floors, please visit our franchise website. We’re filling up fast in hot markets, but there’s still time to snag an exclusive territory for yourself!

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