Welcoming Noel Brewick to our Flooring Franchise!

Welcoming Noel Brewick to our Flooring Franchise!

Introducing Noel Brewick, one of our newest Franchise Owners with Footprints Floors! We are beyond ecstatic to see Noel apply his sales and finance expertise to introduce our flooring franchise to Atlanta, Georgia.


Noel’s Background

No stranger to the world of business, Noel has spent 29 years in corporate America building his career working in sales and finance. For the last 22 years, Noel worked at Serta Simmons Bedding Company in roles ranging from Sales Representative to National Account Director, and lived in six cities across the US with SSB. After nearly three decades in the workforce, Noel decided that he desired a career that offered more flexibility and power in his own work.

“In a nutshell I wanted to create equity in myself and not a corporation. The timing was perfect in terms of where I am at in my professional life,” Noel states. As an individual passionate about sports and a father of two daughters aged 2 and 5, Noel also wanted a career that would offer the flexibility to accommodate with his lifestyle. “I liked the idea that Footprint Floors is home-based, and I can carve out time for my family when needed,” Noel explains. “I was intrigued by the lifestyle aspect of Footprints Floors.” 


Why Our Flooring Franchise?

Once coming across our flooring franchise, Noel began to see how our franchise business model and potential for him as a Franchise Owner  fit perfectly with the career he was looking for. Considering himself a handy person, he was instantly drawn to the home improvement aspect of our company. Not only did the craftiness of our flooring franchise appeal to him, but Noel also saw great benefits from our company and its work in the service industry. Unlike a franchise in the restaurant or fitness industry, Noel explained how our franchise allows for “minimal employees, no leases, better hours, better chance of success, better ROI, lower cost of entry….I could go on and on!”

As he compiled more information, Noel saw how Footprints Floors truly stood apart from other home improvement franchises. When asked what he believes puts Footprints Floors above the rest, Noel emphasized “the possibility of a really great ROI, driven by the low overhead model. I have looked at a lot of other opportunities over the years and always passed them up due to either a complicated business model or being too big of a risk/reward scenario.” He believes our flooring franchise “carves out a niche that is missing in the flooring space”, given there is no product or showroom. 

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Experiencing Our Flooring Franchise In Action

Noel got to actually see how the business is run in person along with our corporate team when he experienced Discovery Day, helping him understand what a typical day as a Franchise Owner would look like. “It was great to see the business in action,” Noel expresses. “It was really good insight to see both the inspection of current jobs as well as the sell in of potential customers. It gave me a good feel of what a typical day might look like in my own business. The entire Footprints Floors team was open, welcoming and answered all questions.” Noel expressed how strong he felt about the entire Footprints Floors team, explaining how “everyone has been very gracious with their time and is always very easy to contact with questions.”  He specifically highlighted his impression of meeting our Founder, Bryan Park, and how it helped him feel even more confident in joining our team as a Franchise Owner. “Bryan is a straight shooter and open book,” Noel says. “He is open and honest about what it takes to succeed.” 

After meeting our team, experiencing a day in the life of our flooring franchise, and understanding our business model, Noel knew that joining Footprints Floors was the perfect opportunity for him. “Once I really understood what made them different than others in the flooring business I was sold— the combination of the customer service marketing model and removing waste in the back end of the business in terms of expense.”


The Future

Above all, Noel is excited to get his own Footprints Floors up and running. As a Franchise Owner, he is looking forward to the “freedom, flexibility, and creating equity in my own business.” He will also “enjoy seeing well done finished work and look forward to getting to know a lot of new people as customers.”

For any aspiring Franchise Owners looking to get started with their own business, Noel leaves this word of advice: Do your due diligence and talk to the existing franchisees. Hopefully you will come to the same conclusion that I did!”

Inspired by Noel’s journey to becoming a Franchise Owner? Check out our franchise page to learn more about our flooring franchise, what it takes to be a Franchise Owner, and why you should join our growing team! 

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Footprints Floors is a Service Industry Franchise with MASSIVE Benefits

Footprints Floors is a Service Industry Franchise with MASSIVE Benefits

When it comes to Footprints Floors, our product, our customer service, our business model, and, in turn, our franchise opportunities are a step above the rest. One of the major reasons for this is that we offer our Franchise Owners a benefit that is rarely seen in any industry, let alone the service industry.

We provide our Franchise Owners with the benefit of having a fully-focused call center made up of employees who actually receive and handle business phone calls, accordingly.

Marketing and Lead Generation are Furnished into Our Franchise Model


This call center is currently centrally located in Denver, Colorado which helps for training purposes as we are able to get new hires up-to-speed in no time at all. Our service industry franchise receptionists work with Franchise Owners outside of Colorado’s time zone, of course, adjusting their scheduling based off of the Franchise Owner’s timezone.

Each of our Franchise Owners is then assigned a receptionist who makes it a point to familiarize themselves with their particular Franchise Owners’ business location and territory.

This is important because as we’ve started to expand outside of Colorado, our receptionists have started learning new areas. This leads to new strategies in ensuring that our out-of-state Franchise Owners are able to utilize so that their businesses are running as smoothly, as effectively, and as successfully as possible.

So, how exactly does having a call center benefit our Franchise Owners?

Well, it begins with the primary fact that our receptionists answer and handle ALL incoming phone calls and leads (HomeAdvisor, Thumbtack, Porch, BBB, etc.). They help set up estimates, answer any questions, and then enters the lead into their CRM so that they can schedule phone calls, emails, and other ways so that they might reach/communicate with the potential customer.

They’re then able to follow up with Franchise Owners to provide them with appointments, updated schedules, and updated maps so that the Franchise Owners are able to see the best time and way to get to this location.

Note: It’s important to point out, as well, that your receptionist will also make note of your preferences for how you are running your business in the service industry. Some Franchise Owners don’t mind driving long distances so that they can get everything taken care of in one day instead of two whereas other Franchise Owners may want to schedule projects that are in closer proximity to one another that way they aren’t having to drive further. However you prefer to run your business, our receptionists will be there to assist you in managing inbound and past business for your service industry franchise.

Here is a basic rundown on how our call center benefits our Franchise Owners:

  • Answering all incoming calls
  • Filling schedule with leads who want to schedule
  • All incoming leads and following up on all leads 
  • Receiving leads from lead sources, entering them, and creating a protocol to get into a contact schedule
    • Phone calls day 1, day 2, day 3, day 5, day 10 with emails scattered intermittently
  • Reminders – emails or phone calls to Franchise Owners before they have an upcoming estimate or project
  • Creating maps so that, from a business standpoint, you know the area the best and they know the area the best

As we continue to grow we will add new employees to the call center as necessary. We’ve evolved from our Franchise Owners’ wife answering phone calls to an Office Manager, three full-time receptionists, and one part-time receptionist. As we continue to grow, so will our team and so will our support for you.

How we’ve been able to utilize our call center to help our Franchise Owners be even more successful is just one of the many ways that Footprints Floors differs from other companies in the service industry. For us, franchising is something that should be beneficial for all parties involved, not just for the franchisor. When our Franchise Owners are successful, it means that we are doing well as a business.

If you’d like to learn more about franchising with Footprints Floors, then CLICK HERE! This link will take you to the homepage of our franchising site where you’ll be able to learn all sorts of information about what it takes to join the Footprints Floors family, including information on our background, our industry-leading numbers, the requirements, and more!

Interested in hearing from our Founder, our Support Team, and some of our Franchise Owners? Then we invite you to visit our YouTube Channel!

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Territories Are Going Quickly.

Footprints Floors is one of the fastest growing franchises on the planet. Hover over your state to see if there’s still open territory.

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