Inside a Missouri Family’s Decision to Start a Footprints Floors

Inside a Missouri Family’s Decision to Start a Footprints Floors

From Owning a Christian Boarding School to Starting a Flooring Business- Meet the Brandons!

Some of our top Franchise Owners had no intention of starting a flooring business before discovering the Footprints Floors opportunity. They were drawn to us by the lifestyle our flooring franchise can provide and the common values we share. This is especially true for two of our newest Owners, Bob and Susan Brandon from Springfield, Missouri. The Brandons were looking for two things in their life: “flexibility and freedom.” They found that, and more with Footprints Floors. As their son Shea gets set to take on the day-to-day operations of their new territory in the Ozarks, the Brandons took the time to share their personal journey with us and let us know why starting a flooring business was right for them.

Looking For a New Legacy

Bob and Susan Brandon have devoted the past twelve years of their lives to serving others in their Christian boarding school. “For the past 12 years, we have owned and operated a Christian boarding school for troubled boys on our 31 acres in Southwest Missouri,” Susan says. “Bob was also a public-school teacher and football/track coach and then taught in a large co-ed boarding school. In between those two jobs, he installed kitchen cabinets.” Their ministry is a labor of love, but it’s demanding work that doesn’t allow them any downtime. As rewarding as it may be, the Brandons are ready for a new season of life that gives them more time for their personal lives, family, children, and grandchildren.

So, the Brandons started looking for a new business. One they could still do together. Ideally, one they could pass on as a legacy for Shea and their other children. “We initially looked at a small drive-up convenience store. It looked like a great idea and is successful in the East. It sounded like fun!” Susan said.

It’s quite common for people to initially go for something that seems fun or relatable, such as a retail store or a restaurant, when considering business ownership. Fortunately for the Brandons, reality set in before they made the wrong financial commitment. “We quickly realized that this would require both very early and late hours, weekends, employees, a storefront, inventory, and more,” Bob said. “When we first began thinking of starting a new business, we expected to be doing all of the work, so we didn’t totally discount this kind of franchise.”

Footprints Franchise Shea Brandon Headshot

Finding Footprints

The Brandons needed less stress in their lives, not more. They turned to Franchise Connect Pro for some expert advice. “We connected with Sue Derene about this time and she was able to focus our minds on what we really wanted which was no storefront or inventory, 9-5 and Monday-Friday hours, and few or no employees,” Susan said.

“We had no idea anything like Footprints existed. We assumed it meant Bob would be out installing floors. We are thankful Sue kept steering us towards Footprints. She knew it really fit us before we did.”

Even with our growing popularity, Footprints is still something of an insider’s secret. If you aren’t tapped into the industry, you might not be aware of everything we have to offer. But Sue knew that starting a flooring business would be perfect for the Brandons.

 “It allows us much more freedom and flexibility than what we currently have with the boarding school. We wanted a business without a storefront and low overhead. We wanted something our son could do with us and eventually take over,” Bob said.

Great Floors, Great Values

It isn’t easy to build a lasting business from scratch. Especially not if you plan to enjoy your life in the meantime. The Brandons needed to know exactly what starting a flooring business would mean for their lives, and if it would fit their values. They discussed this with our executive team during their Discovery Day.

“We knew we liked the business model and were optimistic about our prospects as owners. So, meeting Brian [Knuth, Franchise Development Director], Chris [Curtis, Franchise Development Manager], Jon [Jarvis, Director of Onboarding and Support], Rachel [Simpson, Director of Operations]etc was very reassuring,” Bob said. “We felt we are like-minded business-wise but also in our view of family and Christ-like servanthood.”

That’s pretty personal. But Footprints thrives because of the common values we share. Sometimes this is as simple as a mutual belief in hard work, good character, and excellent service. Other times, we get a little deeper.

The Brandons got to know who Footprints Floors Founder Bryan Park is, as an individual and a leader. “Bryan was open with us about his faith and his desire to be a servant to his family, his business, and the owners of all his franchises. That is the kind of man anyone should want to be working with. He is also obviously super competitive which in our minds is a plus,” Bob said.

Footprints Franchise Shea Brandon Pin Ceremony 2

Starting a Flooring Business With Strong Support

That’s pretty personal. But Footprints thrives because of the common values we share. Sometimes this is as simple as a mutual belief in hard work, good character, and excellent service. Other times, we get a little deeper. The Brandons got to know who Footprints Floors Founder Bryan Park is, as an individual and a leader. “Bryan was open with us about his faith and his desire to be a servant to his family, his business, and the owners of all his franchises. That is the kind of man anyone should want to be working with. He is also obviously super competitive which in our minds is a plus,” Bob said.

Bryan maintains close leadership over Footprints. He directs where this company is going while letting our passionate Franchise Owners handle the day-to-day aspect. And centralized corporate support keeps everything running smoothly. “The growth of Footprints Floors is phenomenal. We are excited to be getting in on this now. Specifically, the call center is not something we saw offered by any other franchises we looked at,” Susan said.

The Brandons had a few concerns about starting a flooring business. But understanding our comprehensive back-end support alleviated those. “The call center immediately stood out as something we would appreciate. The fact that the marketing is also taken care of is very important to us,” Bob said. “We are very impressed with the customer service aspect. We want to provide an exceptional service to homeowners and it seems that’s what Footprints Floors is all about.”

They don’t need construction, marketing, or customer service experience. Bob and Susan already have everything it takes to start a flooring business with our franchise system, and are ready to enjoy owning and operating a much more low-stress business than their previous position. “Running a boarding school for troubled kids is rough. We deal with families in crisis constantly. We did not work with underprivileged and abused kids but basically indulged children with parents who lack the basic parenting skills,” Susan reflected.

“These families are train wrecks and we mostly tried to stay out of the way of the train wreck and do what we could to change the lives of the boys. We feel that doing this work for as long as we have, disgruntled homeowners will be a breeze. Or if not easy, at least not anything we can’t handle.” She adds with a smile, “The homeowners don’t live on our property, right?”

Our Customer-First Approach

Footprints Floors has an excellent customer satisfaction track record. And our call center takes care of most of our Franchise Owners’ customer support. It’s just another thing the Brandons don’t have to worry about. We’ve thought of everything that goes into starting a flooring business, including things that may be intimidating.

“Finding crews was the one aspect that concerned us. We have always run our school without hiring people we didn’t know already and Bob is pretty hands-on,” Susan said. “We are not experienced with the interview process and are not super comfortable allowing others to dictate the success of our business. Having to hire crews is a little nerve-wracking because we are at their mercy to an extent.” 

Fortunately for the Brandons and other new Franchise Owners, learning tips and tricks to hire quality subcontractor crews is just one of the many areas they’ll have support with along their journey. Starting a flooring business is unfamiliar territory for Bob and Susan, but Bryan Park perfected a system that we can plug any hardworking Franchise Owner into. “The fact that Bryan is also an owner of his own franchise was huge for us. When he reassures us that crews are not something we need to stress over, we can believe him because he has done it himself,” Bob said.

The challenges the Brandons have surmounted leave them well prepared for anything that starting a flooring business may bring. “Our business was pretty successful. For most of the 12 years, we had a waiting list. We did it all on our own and with very little advice or any mentors; not to mention a franchise to back us,” said Susan.

Time to Enjoy Life

Our team is dedicated to helping the Brandons start their new flooring business. It won’t take them long to get up and running and, with our famously flexible work schedule, Bob and Susan will finally have some time off. “Bob has worked every Sunday since we opened the school. We take the boarding schoolboys to church with us but he works all day after church, so we are not able to have family get-togethers on Sundays, or if we do, Bob isn’t able to come,” Susan said. “With eight children and 5 grandchildren, those Sunday family get-togethers are the one thing we plan to enjoy for sure!”

This is the Footprints Floors mission at its core: putting business ownership in reach for people with full and enriching lives. “Again, Bryan obviously puts his family first and his drive to succeed second. That doesn’t mean you can’t do both well and that’s what we intend to do,” said Bob. “We can’t wait to both be able to spend time together as a family but also run a successful and prosperous business.”

We’re proud to welcome the Brandons into the Footprints Floors family. They’re just some of the amazing people who are making this franchise thrive. Are you interested in starting a flooring business that doesn’t require you to generate your own leads, stock up on inventory, or hire employees? We’re still awarding great people with exclusive flooring franchise territories. If you’re driven to succeed and have an entrepreneurial mindset, you’ll fit right in. Take a look at our website for more information.

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Why Jeff Barnwell Opened His Wilmington, NC Flooring Franchise

Why Jeff Barnwell Opened His Wilmington, NC Flooring Franchise

Jeff Barnwell’s Top Reasons for Investing in his Wilmington, NC Floor Franchise

“The support will help provide the work, but the ability of the franchise is ultimately up to me.”

One of the things we like most about our floor franchise is how well it suits independent-natured people. People like our newest Franchise Owner, Jeff Barnwell, from historic Wilmington, North Carolina. Jeff isn’t new to self-employment. He currently works as a subcontractor. He’s also put in time in business operations and small business ownership in the pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and chemical industries. 

Jeff’s always looking for ways to improve his work and life. That’s one of the reasons he decided to step out of subcontracting and back into business ownership. “I hope this will help in working with the labor and the quality of work,” he says. Jeff found our floor franchise on his own after putting in a bit of legwork to find a great investment opportunity. “I was looking for small businesses for sale,” Jeff says. “I came across one posted in multiple areas and determined the franchise. I contacted the listing party and started from there.”

Footprints Floor Franchise Jeff Barnwell Headshot

Jeff’s Path to Floor Franchise Ownership

Jeff was interested in the home services industry. It’s a little more familiar to him than owning and operating a restaurant franchise. He had a few concerns in mind and saw more advantages in a floor franchise.

“Flooring is something that everyone has and is a basic necessity.  It is something that people understand and is not a trendy fad. Flooring changes over time but should never be obsolete,” Jeff says. “It’s more sustainable. Additionally, there’s lower upfront investment along with the potential to still have family time and take vacations.”

Jeff had his eye on what his long-term future would be. Not only in a booming industry but also what his future would be like within our floor franchise.“Running a business and not having a boss is great. At the same time, that can be very hard and stressful since there are no co-workers to turn to or to bounce ideas off,” Jeff says. 

“I like the franchise model primarily for the support. It’s a great medium between not having a boss and still having support when needed. Footprints Floors has a great system of support and vision.”

Strong Support = Strong Results

Our floor franchise’s support and vision come from the top down. Footprints Founder Bryan Park is an active leader. He takes the time to individually connect with each new Franchise Owner. Jeff met Founder Bryan during his new owner Discovery Day. During this time, Founder Bryan shared his vision for this company with Jeff.

“The Founder was available and spoke to everyone personally. There is a big difference between being accessible and being too important for the simple Franchise Owners,” Jeff says. “I have worked for companies and always enjoyed and worked harder for those where the CEO would interact compared to those where the CEO felt he was on a different level than the average worker.”

Footprints Floors works as a team. When we refer to ourselves as a family, this is what we’re talking about. Jeff’s experienced how difficult franchising can be when you invest in a bad system or with the wrong people. “In the past, I started with another franchise that could not even provide proper training and no one was interested in picking up a phone to help,” Jeff says.

“Footprints Floors has a large staff available and a great system using the chat rooms to help answer questions and link with others and industry specialists.” Jeff was able to thoroughly evaluate our support structure for himself.

We don’t expect our Owners to take our word for it. His Discovery Day gave him a close look at the ins and outs of owning and operating our floor franchise. “Discovery Day was good in that we saw a very, very quick scope of typical work and met several members of the team,” Jeff says. “Additionally, I liked being on a Discovery Day with a small set of other potential Owners.My group was three [candidates], including me, and all of us signed on to be Franchise Owners.”

Footprints Floor Franchise Jeff Barnwell Graduation Pic

A Different Franchising Experience

This close look gave him the insight he needed to move forward. Jeff saw that Footprints Floors isn’t like other franchises. Owning our floor franchise would be a much different experience. “There are others that I could see myself owning and enjoying, but the marketing seemed to be more up to me than providing support,” Jeff says. “With Footprints, there’s a good focus on marketing and finding leads.”

“The support will help provide the work, but the ability of the franchise is ultimately up to me.” Jeff’s put his success in his own hands. But, make no mistake about it, he’s fully backed by our entire team. And that starts with Founder Bryan Park.

Bryan’s involvement doesn’t drop off once Franchise Owners are invested. He’s right there every step of the way. “There’s accessibility and a strive to keep improving,” Jeff says. “I see him responding to chat questions regularly and I feel like I could pick up the phone and call him if needed. He continues to look for ways to make Footprints Floors the #1 flooring company in the country.”

This isn’t just big talk. Bryan Park is ambitious, with a clear vision to go to the top. He shares this freely with our Franchise Owners and brings them in for shared success. “Metrics are in place and guidelines to overtake the industry,” Jeff says. “The initial proof is from the owner and original Franchise Owners in Colorado, but the guidelines have been proven instead of just guessed to work.”

Floor Franchise Ownership With Time for Family

So, what does this really add up to for Jeff? It’s great that he’s signed on with Footprints early in our journey. But there are still immediate benefits to be gained, for him and his family. “I have the ability to set my schedule as needed to be available for my family,” Jeff says. “Being a small business owner, it is great to be able to move around some of the work to do what you want.”

“You can go eat lunch with your wife and then perform administrative work at 11 PM if you want.  I hope to continue the ability to pick up kids or attend events as needed and move around the work. I would rather miss an hour of watching TV than my daughters’ sporting events.” We’re glad to give Jeff Barnwell a way to run his own business while he stays active and present for his family.

Are you interested in business ownership, without the risks of going it alone? Our floor franchise provides excellent support and unmatched schedule flexibility for Franchise Owners. You can invest now, get up and running quickly, and still have time for your daily life. We still have exclusive territories available, but they’re going fast! Please visit our floor franchise website to see if your preferred territory is still available.

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How Alonso Gonzalez Achieved His Career Goals With Footprints

How Alonso Gonzalez Achieved His Career Goals With Footprints

“I always looked for a management position in my work but it could never be given.” How Investing in Our Flooring Franchise Opportunity Helped Alonso Gonzalez Achieve His Career Goals

It’s exciting to watch Footprints Floors grow. What’s even more incredible is witnessing the growth that our flooring franchise opportunity unlocks for other people.

Alonso Gonzalez is one of these people. He’s the proud new owner of a flooring franchise in Mesquite, Texas.

But until recently Alonso was trapped in a career that was going nowhere. Alonso’s story shows that sometimes you just have to take things into your own hands.

Alonso Gonzalez seizes flooring franchise opportunity in Mesquite, TX

Alonso’s Elusive Management Dream

Alonso says, “I’ve been in different industries like automotive, military, and recently aerospace, as an industrial engineer, planner, and buyer.”

Yes, he’s a hardworking guy. That’s the first thing to know about him. And yet, Alonso repeatedly found it difficult to rise through the ranks and break into management.

“One of my great challenges was to be able to rise to the professional level,” Alonso said. “I always looked for a management position in my work, but it could never be given. That’s what encouraged me to look for my own business.”

It’s hard to pin down a reason why Alonso kept hitting wall after wall. One reason could be that he’s a native Spanish speaker.

Whatever the reason, Alonso wasn’t going to leave his professional advancement in other people’s hands. He knew that business ownership was the path for him.

His first step there was finding a consultant who understood his experiences.


“The first time I heard of Footprints Floors was from a broker agency that helps Latinos find the best franchise based on skills and work experience,” Alonso said. “For me, it was the best option because they could help me with all the details in my native language, it was a unique experience and I think it was a success. The company is called Interlink.”

Alonso’s consultant understood the challenges of being a non-native English speaker. Things might be fine when you’re in the general workforce. But getting into higher management? That’s an instant strike against you.

Alonso wasn’t content to remain. He was looking for independence and continued growth.

“One of my preferences of being with Footprints is the ability to continue exercising my qualities as a professional. I have experience in sales and production which makes it easier to work and it is something that I like,” Alonso says.

This is one reason Alonso preferred a services business over buying into the restaurant industry. He wants a business that brings a certain type of lifestyle.

“To begin with, I have no experience in the food industry. You have to sell a lot of food to make a profit. It’s a long time away from family. Services are fewer sales, for greater profit,” Alonso says.

“For me, Footprints Floors is ideal because it aligns with the requirements that I always look to have my own business, time with the family gives the possibility of being more with them.”

A Different Kind of Flooring Franchise Opportunity

That’s right. Our flooring franchise opportunity gives Alonso more time to spend with his family. He’ll be able to work within business hours, on the days he chooses, and take regular holidays and time off.

But that’s quite unusual in the franchising industry.

MarketWatch reported that restaurant owners should expect to routinely clock 14-hour days. And another franchise reporter puts 60-hour work weeks as the norm.

So, how do we do it? It’s all in our flexible business model and outstanding Franchise Owner support system.

When people invest in our flooring franchise opportunity, they receive full back-end management from our corporate center. 

“Footprints Floors helps you get customers according to the marketing model and makes it easier to sell services, and very few franchises do that for you,” Alonso says. “That’s what I like the most. The management of the market and being able to manage my own time.” 

From lead generation to website marketing to customer support, we do most of the heavy lifting. This gets our Franchise Owners up and running quickly and builds a business that’s easy to maintain.

“The big difference is their business model, all the others asked you to invest in your own marketing, which in my opinion is an area that I have no experience with and was a risk for me. Footprints Floors gives you the support and that is very advantageous,” Alonso says.


New home services Franchise Owner Alonso Gonzalez

World-Class Franchise Support For Our Family of Entrepreneurs

Our industry-leading franchise model not only helps our family of Franchise Owners attain their entrepreneurial goals without having to sacrifice their home lives but also sets everyone in our system up for success and potential for impressive ROI. By taking care of most of the upper-level management and back-end operations, we maintain consistently high standards across all our flooring franchise territories. Simply put, what’s good for our Franchise Owners is good for Footprints Floors.

Our support begins with onboarding new Owners in the right way. We make sure they know exactly what our flooring franchise opportunity will do for their lives.

Alonso met our support team in person during his Discovery Day in Colorado. 

“I met most of the team and they all supported all my questions. They were all very kind. I really enjoyed that day,” Alonso says. “Everything was made very clear. Everything was answered without any problem. All my doubts were answered, the support provided by Footprints Floors is one of the best.”

Alonso’s experience culminated with a personal introduction to Footprints Founder, Bryan Park.

“The CEO himself gave us the tour and he is one of the nicest people I have ever met,” Alonso enthuses. “He has a very clear direction to where the company is going and that made my interest in the franchise greater.”

Heading Straight to the Top With Our Flooring Franchise Opportunity

This company is going to the top, and Alonso’s on board with us. He’s ready for a new work-life that rewards all the effort he puts in.

“I’m looking forwards to personal and professional growth, having a lot of sales, and managing my own time,” he says. “One of my main goals is to help Footprints be one of the best franchises and to be the number one company in the United States in flooring installation.”

But what’s most important to Alonso?

He says, “More time to enjoy my children and my wife. And being able to explore the world without having someone stop me.”

We’re proud that our flooring franchise opportunity opened the door to higher levels of fulfillment in Alonso’s life.

Are you tired of waiting for career breaks that never come? Or for other people to give you their permission to advance in life?

Our flooring franchise opportunity might be right for you.

If you’d like to learn more about owning an exclusive flooring territory, please visit our franchise website for more information.

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How A Google Search for a Franchise Changed Matt Gilstrap’s Life

How A Google Search for a Franchise Changed Matt Gilstrap’s Life

How A Google Search for a Franchise Changed Matt Gilstrap’s Life

He Googled ‘Home Services Franchise’ After Coming Home Exhausted From Back-Breaking Work…and Found Footprints Floors!

We love having industry insiders give our home services franchise their stamp of approval. This time, it’s coming from another home services entrepreneur!

Meet Matt Gilstrap from Chandler, Arizona.

“I have been self-employed for the past 10 years and have created a few successful start-ups,” Matt says. “Currently, I own and operate a business called Elevated Epoxy Designs where I specialize in resurfacing customers existing countertops with custom epoxy designs.”

That’s right, Matt’s already a successful business owner. He operates a unique company that he started and built from the ground up.

So, what would make him want to add our home services franchise to his portfolio?

Well, it all comes down to his quality of life.

“I came home exhausted from an epoxy job and mentioned to my wife that I need to find a way to just do the sales and marketing for my business-the part I love- and find crews to do the manual labor,” Matt says. “We realized that my business was not scalable in that way, so I started researching franchise models.”

Matt’s quest for a better quality of life began that night. He recalls, “I Googled “franchise in the home industry” and started shopping for a new opportunity. I was honestly a little shocked when I read about Footprints Floors- it was exactly what I was looking to find!”

home service Franchise Owner Matt Gilstrap

Matt Discovers Our Home Service Franchise

Like many of our Franchise Owners, Matt’s Footprints Floors journey started with a simple internet search and a thorough read-through of our franchise website, followed by the completion of a brief questionnaire to pre-qualify for our Franchise Discovery Process. It wasn’t long before Mike Edwards, our Franchise Development Director, reached out.

Mike helped Matt take an in-depth look at our home services franchise and evaluate whether awarding him a territory in his Chandler, AZ hometown was the right move both for him and for Footprints Floors.

“He was very open that I currently have a great business and why not just build that up? I appreciated that Mike didn’t give a hard sale right then when he could have,” Matt says.

“I was clearly frustrated with my business, and we were able to talk about why my weaknesses were exactly Footprints’ strengths. I felt at that moment that my Development Director was looking out for his client’s best interest, and we could talk honestly about the strengths and weaknesses of Footprints.”

“This Time, I’m Not Alone”

As someone who has built a home services business from the ground up, Matt knows firsthand what it takes to keep it running on a day-to-day basis. This unique perspective ultimately led him to take a close look at the pros and cons of operating an independent home improvement company versus franchising with a brand like Footprints Floors.

Matt loves the entrepreneurial life. He loves sales, marketing, and project management. But the hours he was working, and the level of physical labor involved were overwhelming.

And there’s no long-term future in a lifestyle you can’t sustain.

Despite his excitement about a better work-life balance, Matt did feel some hesitation to leave his own company behind.

“I think I was excited to be a part of something bigger, but also intimidated to have to follow someone else’s business model,” he recalls. “[As an independent owner] I can call all the shots right now, which is both a blessing and a curse.”

But he quickly realized the benefits of signing on with Footprints.

“As a successful entrepreneur already, your struggles and challenges are exposed daily. Footprints really fills the gaps in so many ways for my skill set,” Matt says. “I’ve made it this far as an entrepreneur because I am not afraid to take risks and pivot when I see a good opportunity. Joining this team, I will be able to leverage my years of success and failures. But with a team this time, not alone.”

Becoming a Home Services Franchise Owner

Matt connected with our extensive franchise support team throughout his new Owner Discovery Process. And he connected well with us during his in-person Discovery Day at our Colorado HQ. He shares how the entire corporate team’s attitude and inclusive vibe helped him to feel at home.

“The corporate staff was great, super laid back, made the Discovery Day flow really well, and made us feel welcome and comfortable. [Founder] Bryan Park is a great franchise leader because he has built the business from the ground up and has worked every facet of the flooring industry,” Matt says.

“He seems to truly love what he is doing and love serving others. He has a big vision for the company and his Franchise Owners and is just getting started. He’s excited and wants to bring us along for the ride!”

When Matt says that Bryan wants to bring other people along, he means it literally! Bryan took Matt and a few other potential Owners on a road trip to see our home services franchise in action and to answer any questions about Footprints Floors with total expertise and transparency.

“I liked when we got a chance to do the ride-along in his truck to different job sites and flooring stores. It felt very natural and you could feel his passion for the business, his employees, and the Franchise Owners,” Matt says. “[He was] just an open book and we stopped and had a lot of great talks. I felt like I was already in training and was just taking in his years of experience.”

This sealed the deal. Matt now owns a home services franchise that lets him keep his entrepreneurial freedom while gaining a healthy work-life balance.

“Footprints is the right fit because I love the home industry and I love being involved in a client’s remodel,” Matt says. “Their franchise model was so appealing because they deliver turnkey systems and I’m able to own my own business but have a team that has done it before leading the way.”

New home services Franchise Owner Matt Gilstrap

Getting Started With Our Home Services Franchise

After completing his comprehensive initial training session, this serial entrepreneur is raring to go! Matt shares that he’s filled with energy and optimism for his future.

“I’m really excited to get away from doing the manual labor and start doing the part of the business I love,” Matt says. “I am looking forward to wearing regular clothes and not painter’s attire. And just to be a part of a team, excited to have the backing of such a reputable company,”

He also adds, “I have a very flexible schedule now so if anything, I will be working a lot more which I’m excited about. I am looking forward to having some structure, I think I will be a lot more productive.”

Well, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. And we can give Matt a home services franchise with flexible operations, but we can’t force him to actually slow down!

We’re happy to see that, with Footprints Floors, Matt is able to channel his passion for entrepreneurship and the home services industry into a successful business that gives him back the most important thing of all– time.

If you’d like a business of your own that lets you live the entrepreneurial life, while maintaining the work hours you want, please visit our franchise website for more info.

Combine flexibility with profitability.

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Doug Engle Finds Life Balance With His New Footprints Floors!

Doug Engle Finds Life Balance With His New Footprints Floors!

He Spent 30 Years Traveling Up to 50 Weeks Per Year. See How Doug Engle Found a Better Quality of Life with Our Home Services Franchise!

There’s one less stressed-out road warrior and it’s all thanks to our home services franchise!

Doug Engle is one of our latest to improve his quality of life with our Flooring Franchise. Doug locked down his exclusive home services territory in the Lancaster/Harrisburg/Reading, Pennsylvania area.

Like many others, Doug found us while searching for a better work-life balance. After 30 years spent traveling for work, he’d had enough of his frenetic schedule and went to a franchise consultant to discover his options.

New home services Franchise Owner Doug Engle

We took some time with Doug to chat about his transition to business ownership. Our conversation started off with what drew him to the home services industry.

For Doug, it was simple: “Quality of life, helping people, and unit economics.”

As for the Footprints business model itself? Doug says, “High-quality in-demand service, [an] owner-operator model with the ability to scale the business quickly, and exceptional unit economics” helped him make the leap to becoming a franchise investor with Footprints Floors.

Our home services franchise offers Owners the ability to set their own hours, take days off, and grow at their own pace. This had definite appeal for Doug after his hectic career in the automotive and senior care industries.

Owners of restaurant franchises don’t have the freedom to pick and choose which days they want to work. But these perks are built right into Footprints. (Thanks to our flexible operational system.)

And helping people?

Doug now gets to spend his time doing fun home renovation consulting. Many people like home décor and renovation, but most only get to experience it when watching television shows. 



home service Franchise Owner Doug Engle

Helping People + Making Money= The Perfect Career!

With his in-demand home services franchise, Doug is getting paid to enjoy this popular pastime. And he never has to get hands-on with the work- he leaves that up to the capable hands of master craftspeople on his subcontractor team.

“The value proposition for both the customer and business owner is exceptional,” Doug says.  “It affords the opportunity to help people while providing the perfect balance of business opportunity with the coveted work-life balance we all seek.”

It all translates into an incredible owner experience. One that Doug was more than ready to make his reality. 

“A career change is intimidating but business is business. Managing is managing, and customer service is customer service,” Doug says. “I’m confident Footprints has the infrastructure and support to help me overcome any concerns on the technical side of the business.”

Taking a Deep-Dive Into Our Home Services Franchise

Doug got a thorough look at our infrastructure and support throughout his Franchise Discovery Process. But he really got to know this for himself during his personal Discovery Day.

It’s one thing to have all the financials in front of you, but business ownership is a lifestyle. You need to know that both the system and the people are right for you. And you should understand what leadership team you’ll be signing on with.

Doug had some definite concerns that he needed Footprints Floors Founder Bryan Park to address.

“I went to Discovery Day with the primary objective of gaining confidence in the management/support team, which I did,” he says. “My biggest concern was the long term.  I was concerned that the typical franchise endeavors to grow ASAP and sell out to private equity.”  

These concerns were alleviated when Doug got to speak to Bryan for himself. “Bryan’s shared that his vision is to not only not sell to private equity, but perhaps build by adding other related brands under the same umbrella.”



Total Transparency From Day One

Not all franchises offer this level of access to the Founder and leadership team. Footprints is designed to capture the best of our home services franchise’s growth potential while keeping leadership close to the ground.

“Bryan is the prototypical Franchisor. Hands-on, engaged and committed to Owners’ success.  A rarity among today’s franchise systems,” Doug said. “His experience, hands-on, commitment to the brand, and ability to attract an above-average support team.”

In addition to having his questions answered, Doug was able to personally experience what it’s like to own one of our home services franchise territories.

“A bonus was the opportunity to shadow sales calls and field visits.  And providing ample opportunity to speak to other Franchise Owners, most of whom were in the same boat as I. That served to give me a firsthand opportunity to see exactly what the job entails,” Doug says.  “That commitment to full transparency and an “eyes wide open” approach is a testimony to Bryan’s commitment to finding the right owners and not just selling franchises.”

This transparency helped fully prepare Doug for the road ahead. And speaking with other new Owners gave him a sense of any areas where he might need a bit more effort.  

“Finding crews appears to be universally the biggest concern among new Owners.  That is true in every position I’ve had previously, and I excelled at that aspect of the business,” Doug said. “I believe every industry has the same issue; I also believe that the ‘good’ companies/managers do not have that problem.”

Looking Ahead to a Balanced, Successful Career

Doug’s optimistic, rational, and ready to put his energy into his new home services franchise. He’s also looking forward to having his life back.

“I spent 30 years traveling 40-50 weeks a year.  Not traveling will be a huge quality of life improvement for me,” Doug says. “I look forward to achieving my goals while maintaining a personal life.  And collaborating with other Owners committed to building the brand.”

“As a bonus at some point, I look forward to building a business that affords me the opportunity to work at my own schedule.  What I’ll do with that opportunity is still unknown.”

With our scalable home services franchise, Doug’s moving into a time of growth and freedom.

And he has more than just a great system going for him. Doug has our leadership, owner support team, and Franchise Owner network to lean on.

He can build the business he wants, work the hours he wants, and maintain his personal life.

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