As 2018 has come to a close and 2019 is beginning, the franchise industry has seen a surge in the popularity of home-based franchises. Over the past decade, nearly 250,000 people, in the UK alone, have started working from their houses. in 2017, this number was 8,000,000 people for the United States. While the UK, overall, has a higher percentage of the overall population working from home, the “work-from-home” trend is expected to continue increasing in both countries.

One of the biggest attractions of owning your own home-based franchise is that they tend to be lower cost, both in terms of initial outlay and then ongoing overheads. Working from home also tends to provide faster, more efficient training and ramp-up times.

For our Franchise Owners, we aim to keep the business simple, straightforward and cost-effective. As a home-based opportunity, we have completely eliminated the need for any type of showroom, decreasing our overhead, logistics, and staffing requirements. This allows our Owners to pass the savings onto their customers, meaning we are competitively priced in any market! In addition, our corporate call center answers all incoming calls and set appointments for our Owners so they can focus on managing their subcontracted crews as they provide excellent customer service to their communities.

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