How to Leave Corporate America: Open a Franchise
Best Franchises to Own

Looking for corporate America’s stability and support without some of the drawbacks? Consider Franchising.

Looking To Make A Switch?

For many, the structure and restriction of corporate life leads to intense job dissatisfaction. But the idea of leaving a stable job can be intimidating. Fortunately, you don’t have to leave a corporate job without a plan. Opening a franchise provides much of the support of a corporate job but with more room for owners to create their ideal work–life balance.  

Franchising allows companies and brands to expand their products and services to a broader audience. While opening a new business is always risky, franchises build upon a brand or company that is already successful. As an owner, you get to utilize the expertise of those who have gone before and take advantage of existing operations, systems, branding, etc., to build your own branch of the business. The best franchises to own have a vested interest in the success of their owners, so you can expect training and support not only as you begin but throughout your time as a representative of the company. 

In a survey conducted by the Franchise Business Review, 90 percent of franchise owners reported that they enjoyed their work, with 88 percent reporting satisfaction with the overall organization of their franchise. Seventy-three percent of franchise owners say that if they had to go back and choose whether or not to pursue franchising, they would make the same choice again. 

Opening a franchise might be the perfect solution for you if you’re looking for higher job satisfaction and feeling stifled by corporate life.

How to Find the Best Franchise to Own

With so many franchises in so many industries, it can be difficult to narrow down the best franchises to own. Here are a few tips to help:

Pick Something You’re Passionate About

The most important part of choosing a franchise is selecting a company you have some passion for. Opening any business is hard work, and a franchise is no exception—especially at the beginning as your business establishes itself in the community. You’ll spend lots of time with your business and the products or services you provide, so find a business you love. It’ll make your life better! Plus, by picking something you’re passionate about, you don’t have to limit yourself based on your career experience or education. Most franchises don’t require prior experience or familiarity with a product or service—just passion and dedication!

Footprints Floors workers and owners enjoying a job they're passionate about.
Two potential Footprints Floors franchise owners doing their research on the best franchises to own.
Do Your Research

Be candid about your goals and the amount of work you’re willing or able to put in to reach those goals. Knowing your goals will help you find a franchise that offers the support you need to make those goals a reality. Some franchises provide support at the beginning and are more hands–off once the location is up and running. Others are more involved throughout the entire process. Know what level of support and resources you want available to you.

Consider the Market

It’s also a great idea to pay attention to current market trends to see what businesses provide the best setup for success. For instance, the home improvement industry has proven to provide franchise owners with incredible potential for financial success. The housing market has been unable to keep up with the demand for new homes, and more homeowners than ever have turned to remodeling projects instead of moving to improve their living conditions.

Potential Footprints Floors franchise owners considering the market and the best franchises to own.
This Footprints Floors owner enjoys the many benefits of working for the best franchise to own.
Consider the Home Improvement Industry

There are franchises for nearly every element of home improvement, but flooring franchises are particularly strong just now. Replacing the flooring of a home has an immediate effect on the overall value of a property and is difficult for homeowners to pursue without professional help. Plus, many home improvement franchises involve owners hiring professional contractors to carry out the job itself, allowing owners to use directly transferable skills from their past corporate jobs as they provide customer service, oversee employees, and coordinate various locations. 

If you’re passionate about helping others improve their lives and want to increase your earning potential, the home improvement industry is the perfect place to begin your search.

Why Franchise With Footprints Floors

Footprints Floors stands out among other home improvement franchises by providing a truly one-of-a-kind model. Footprints Floors has an industry– low initial investment cost and industry–high earnings. How do we do it? 

First, Footprints Floors cuts costs for owners by not requiring expensive showrooms and warehouses to store product. Customers can choose their flooring from wherever they want, giving them control of what products they use and finding the best price. Customers love the options and savings they find, and it saves our owners thousands of dollars in monthly costs. Having showrooms and warehouses requires increased staffing needs and property costs. Most of our owners operate their businesses primarily out of their own homes. 

Second, Footprints Floors provides incredible customer service support through a dedicated call center that fields potential clients and helps answer clients’ questions and manage your calendar, allowing owners to prioritize existing customer satisfaction. 

The Footprints Floors model has a proven track record of success and an extremely quick ROI for our owners, making it one of the best franchises to own. In fact, the average gross profit for our owners is close to $250,000 annually, with our top earners nearing $1 million. If you’re looking for a job that prioritizes your ability to enjoy life outside of work while also growing your wealth, look no further than Footprints Floors.

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