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Flooring Business Opportunities

There are plenty of opportunities to explore when looking into the home improvement industry. You can create an amazing career in the home improvement industry focusing on remodeling, renovations, and all sorts of avenues.

What Makes Flooring Great?

One perfect avenue for entrepreneurs to explore is flooring. Flooring is an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to create a lasting legacy and career that is stable and lucrative. Together we’ll explore what makes Footprints Floors the best home improvement franchise and why flooring is the ultimate business opportunity.

There are endless possibilities in the flooring industry when it comes to the interests of the consumer. As a flooring-focused home improvement franchise owner, you will reap the full flooring business opportunities that are awarded to you when you build upon the success of what flooring has to offer. As flooring has always been and will always be in high demand, let’s explore the reasons why. 

Cutting Down On Time And Money

One of the biggest reasons to own a flooring-focused home improvement franchise is that people are always in need of flooring services. A lot of the time, people would rather pay for professionals to install, remodel and refinish their floors than do it themselves. It’s hard work and incredibly time-consuming! Not to mention that the cost of buying your own flooring, the materials and equipment, and setting time apart to get the work done as a homeowner is incredibly high. 

Aspiring entrepreneurs learning about flooring business opportunities.
Experience the many flooring business opportunities with a Footprints Floors franchise.
It Makes A Statement

Homeowners are always looking for a way to make a statement and express their style. Flooring is a great way to do that. The opportunities offers consumers a way to express themselves. Homeowners can go bold with dark hardwood floors or go for a more subtle light laminate. Whatever the case, you’ll be there to help. 

Endless Variety

Flooring has endless and varied options. Homeowners can choose to have hardwood floors, tile, laminate, carpet and more! Not only that, but homeowners will want to change their floors if they choose to remodel/renovate their homes. When that happens, they’ll need a reputable business like Footprints Floors to assess and fulfill their needs!

Learn about the many flooring business opportunities when you invest in a Footprints Floors franchise.

The Opportunities Of Flooring And Franchising With Footprints Floors

If you’re interested in investing in a flooring franchise, there is a lot to consider with the benefits you’ll experience. Footprints Floors is a flooring franchise that represents the perfect low-risk, high-reward opportunity.

The Money You Invest

Where other home improvement franchises could cost you upwards of half a million dollars, you can start a flooring installation business with Footprints Floors for a mere investment of $68,130 – $95,580. This industry-low investment covers your franchise fee, training fees, professional fees and business licenses. The home improvement industry brings in $340 billion annually and flooring projects are one of the top demanded services. For less than $100,000, you can stake your claim in this lucrative economy.

The Money You Make

On average, our home improvement franchise owners’ average gross sales is $808,547, with top performers bringing in over $1.2 million. This incredible success is due to our simple business model which allows us to reach more customers than the average competitor. Paired with our incredible craftsmanship and quality customer service, Footprints Floors’ business model leads the industry.

The Support You Deserve

We know starting a flooring installation business can be overwhelming. From day one, you’ll have a team of highly experienced support staff to help you get up and running, and continue to grow your business into the future. Our goal is to have you think of us not as the “support team” but as your second family. From grand opening promotion, to finance management and marketing, we have you covered. Our team takes care of the tough stuff so you can focus on running a successful home improvement franchise.

The Flexibility You Need

Starting a flooring installation business can be a taxing endeavor that eats up most of your time. When you partner with Footprints Floors, however, you’re able to run a successful flooring franchise without sacrificing your free time. Our business plan was developed to allow owners to create a schedule that works best for them, so they still have time for their families at the end of the day.

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