Starting A New Career With A Franchise
The Benefits Of Franchising

Whether you’re looking for a change in pace or just trying to get your foot in the door, there’s no better way to start a new career than by investing in an established franchise.

Looking To Make A Switch?

Franchising in an industry you either know nothing about or are extremely passionate about can end up being the best career move you’ll ever make. The flooring industry offers incredible benefits of franchising that just can’t be ignored! When you wonder “why should I franchise?”, the answer is simple: Your career can be a hundred times better when you do!
Lots of people go into the world of franchising to have a change of pace. Many find themselves in traditional 9-to-5 corporate jobs feeling unappreciated, stagnant and bored. Franchising offers entrepreneurs and business professionals an avenue to utilize their skills in a rewarding career.

Why make the switch to franchising? Let’s look into the motivations that highlight the benefits of franchising.

Your Current Career Isn’t Your Passion

There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a job or career that makes you feel bored, stuck — or just plain unappreciated. A career you care about makes life so much better. 

There are plenty of franchises offering opportunities in fields you care about and feel passion for. Don’t spend another day working a job you couldn’t care less about – build a career on your passions and make money doing so!

Experience the benefits of franchising and pursue a career you love with Footprints Floors.
Making more money is one of the main benefits of franchising.
You Aren’t Making The Money You Want

Regular 9-to-5 jobs mean wage limits and salary caps. You’ll be interested to know that franchising means unlimited potential to how much you can make. Footprints Floors offers franchise owners amazing revenue and financial opportunities. Coupled with low investment rates, the money you invest and can make is unlike any other home improvement franchise out there.

You Don’t Have A Good Work-Life Blance

A traditional 9-to-5 corporate job means very little flexibility in what you can do on your time off. Your personal goals and achievements either have to be put on hold or see little progress. A benefit of starting a career with Footprints Floors is a better work/life balance for you and your family. Franchises like Footprints Floors allow for owners to work when they want — for as long as they want. You can set your own hours and have all the time you want and need to achieve your goals, spend time with friends and family and kick back and enjoy life!

Being able to keep a healthy work-life balance is a major benefit of franchising.
One benefit of franchising is being able to say goodbye to that boss you don't like.
You’re Sick Of Your Boss

One of the biggest reasons people make a career change is that they are tired of having a boss. You might not see eye-to-eye with them, you think they’re incompetent or you just don’t like taking orders from them. One of the greatest advantages of franchising is that you are your own boss. You call the shots in running the business and you have all the say in who you hire and what times you work. This comes with a lot of responsibility, but the tradeoff is worth it if it means having a boss you like – yourself!

Advantages Of Franchising With Footprints Floors

The best thing about Footprints Floors is that you don’t need to be a flooring or home improvement aficionado to be a franchise owner. Our franchise offers industry-exclusive training to ensure that you’ll know every in and out of the flooring industry and make your business a success. We also offer a semi-absentee model, so you don’t even need to be on-site every day to get the job done – just hire a capable manager.

Footprints Floors also has the best corporate support team to make sure your business is running smoothly. We handle all the big ticket items while you focus on the important stuff.

Flooring Is Here To Stay

Everyone needs flooring services at some point. Why not break into the industry and make the most money you can with the booming home improvement industry? Home renovations would be impossible without flooring businesses, and most people don’t want to put in the time, effort, and money into doing the job themselves. And we don’t blame them – it can be tough, back-breaking work. Footprints Floors helps homeowners get the job done efficiently and right! With such an incredible industry to break into and the added benefits of franchising, there’s no better time or way to start a new career!  

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