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Starting a business can be expensive, and a franchise is no different. However, at Footprints Floors, we have worked to create an affordable franchise anyone can join.

Read on to learn how we do it.

Footprints Floors has a low-cost franchise option available to you.

What Makes Footprints Floors an Affordable Franchise

We have intentionally crafted the Footprints Floors franchise model to be affordable for owners and customers without sacrificing product quality. One of the primary goals of Footprints Floors is to help our owners not just turn a profit but to grow their personal wealth. We are proud to be an affordable franchise with one of the lowest initial investments on the market, with some of the highest profitability for owners. How do we do it?

  1. Eliminate expensive showrooms and warehouses. Most flooring businesses store their inventory and display it in dedicated showrooms. This increases costs exponentially for owners, who have to staff, manage, and pay for these locations. Instead, our customers can purchase their flooring from anywhere they like giving them limitless options. At the same time, our owners save thousands in additional costs. We pass these savings on to our customers, making Footprints Floors easy to market compared to the competition.
  2. Management assistance and customer service. We maintain a dedicated call center that assists in lead generation and project assignments. Our team helps set owners’ schedules and connect them with customers, allowing our owners to focus on customer service. As a result, we ensure that the first time a customer connects with Footprints Floors, they have a positive experience.

Becoming a Footprints Floors Franchise Owner

Don’t worry—you don’t have to be a contractor to own a Footprints Floors! While some knowledge of the home improvement industry overall or flooring can come in handy, what matters most as a Footprints Floors owner is your ability to manage the daily business operations. Responsibilities include: 

  • Conducting estimates with potential customers
  • Checking up on jobs in progress to ensure that everything is running smoothly
  • Securing contracts, deposits, and final payments
  • Overseeing bookkeeping and other administrative tasks
  • Maintaining positive relationships with subcontractors
Footprints Floors is an affordable franchise opportunity to make multiple streams of revenue.

Since owners are not required to have official office locations, most of our owners operate from their homes and travel to contract sights as needed. Additionally, appointments are scheduled around owner availability, allowing owners to create their own hours and achieve their desired work–life balance.

So what makes a successful Footprints Floors owner? We’ve found that the best owners can manage varied tasks and schedules well. They should genuinely love providing excellent customer service to their clients and subcontractors. We especially love working with owners with solid business acumen, sales or management experience, and an interest in scaling their franchise. Other qualities we look for in candidates include:

  • Ability to multitask
  • Organized
  • Punctual
  • Accountability
  • Communication skills
  • Initiative

After your application to become a Franchise Owner is approved and the agreement is signed, we’ll help you get your business up and running quickly. Since there’s no need to locate and renovate a business site, you can be ready for business in about 6–8 weeks.

Your Investment

We are proud to have an affordable franchise with an industry–low investment cost for our owners. We want you to turn a profit quickly, so we have worked hard to make our costs some of the most affordable out there. Your initial investment ranges from approximately $78,505-$113,030. This fee covers a range of needs including:

  • Initial franchising fee
  • Initial marketing costs
  • Licenses and permits
  • Costs associated with your training, equipment, software, and branded supplies
  •  Any furniture or fixtures needed if you choose to open a physical location 

Thanks to our low overhead costs, most of our owners recoup their initial investment within only seven months–a fraction of the time it would take for many franchises! Not only do we have a fast recovery time, but our owners turn incredibly high profits much quicker than other franchising options. Units open for one year average over $100,000 in net profits. The value only increases from there, with owners averaging close to $175,000 after two years. The Footprints Floors model is highly scalable, allowing you to grow your earning potential further.

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