Numbers: The Investment into Our Affordable Franchise

If you want to start a business in the resilient and thriving home improvement industry, you’ve made a smart choice. With an annual value of $450 billion, it’s no secret that the home improvement industry is booming.

Flooring projects in particular do well in the home improvement sector, as they are important both functionally and aesthetically to homes. Demand for flooring services is expected to rise 5% each year. Floors are often the first project considered in any large-scale home improvement project.

As one of the most promising segments in which to do business, there are ample, affordable franchise opportunities in the flooring industry. Some have considerable advantages over others, however, so it takes a careful eye to differentiate which one may be right for you.

Footprints Floors has a low-cost franchise option available to you.

Just What You’re Looking For

You’re probably looking for a franchise with a strong track record, established brand recognition, and a solid business model. Strong unit economics and a robust support team are also important. Beyond that, you want to select an affordable business opportunity that represents a sound investment. With all of these elements in place, our Franchise Owners have a solid foundation on which to build.

Franchising vs. Self Start-Up

Many investors are tempted to start their own independent flooring company. This may seem like a more affordable option with greater potential freedom. While there are certainly benefits to running your own business, there is significant potential for financial loss and associated risk that comes with taking this path.

Entrepreneurs going solo must present a sturdy business plan that outlines all the strategies the Owner will use to avoid bankruptcy. You must also show how reputation-based, financial and competitive risks will be averted, and which contingency plans you have in place should you fall into any of the common start-up pitfalls.

On the other hand, franchising offers several benefits and a higher degree of security.

Footprints Floors affordable franchise proven work gear icon.

All the foundational work has been put in place, proven and tested.

Footprints Floors affordable franchise renovation goggles icon.

Very little experience is required since intensive training programs will help qualify you for the job.

Footprints Floors affordable franchise ongoing support person icon.

Constant access to ongoing support can be accessed through the corporate team.

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Corporate buying power allows the Franchise Owner to purchase materials at a reduced rate.

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Financing is often easier to secure when you represent a well-recognized brand.³

Finding the Best, Low-Cost Franchise

Finding an affordable, risk-averse franchise is a high priority for most. Here’s a comparison of the high-end investment costs between three major flooring companies:

  • $223,000 Floor Coverings, International
  • $168,747 N-Hance
  • $95,580 Footprints Floors

You don’t have to look far to see that Footprints Floors is a franchise with investment levels that are hard to beat. Entrepreneurs can open a unit with as little as $75,000. That’s because there’s no office space to finance, no fancy showroom to manage, and no inventory to store. As a home-based business with very little overhead, we are one of the most affordable franchises in the flooring industry.

Investment Breakdown

We want you to know exactly what your investment is being used for, so we spell it out in detail with solid numbers.

Franchise Fee – $75,000

      This is like an entry fee. It’s the price you pay to unlock the franchise opportunity, giving you access to the Franchisor’s proprietary business systems and intellectual property.

Training Expenses – $500-$5,000
To ensure our Franchise Owners perform well, we take the time to train them on how to run a successful business. You’ll learn the ins and outs of the home improvement industry and how our business model is structured.

Office Supplies and Furniture – $50-$1,000
Even when running your affordable franchise from a home office, there may still be expenses to create the appropriate setup. This amount should cover everything you need to make it functional.

    Computer System – $0-$3,000
    The Footprints Floors CRM system will help you stay organized and keep track of all your invoices and scheduled projects.

    Insurance – $50-$150
    This expense keeps you secure in the work you’ll be doing.

    Professional Fees – $300-$1,000
    This fee helps pay for those who work hard to ensure you get your business started.

    Vehicle – $0-$4,000
    A vehicle wrap is free marketing for you as you drive to and from job sites.

    Business Licenses and Permits – $0-$2,000
    We’ll make sure you’re prepared to officially and legally operate your business.

Footprints Floors affordable franchise investment breakdown and equipment costs.

    Franchise Starter Package – $1,080
    From the cost of your Grand Opening to acquiring initial supplies, you’ll be well prepared to make your mark within your community as an expert provider of flooring services.

    Miscellaneous Opening Costs – $0-$500
    This feel helps pay for other odds and ends like business cards, flyers, banners, etc.

    Virtual Office Membership Fee – $100
    This software sets you up to run an efficient and successful home business operation.

    Additional 3-month Fund – $5,750-$17,750
    This fund is sufficient to carry you through those first crucial steps while you gain traction as a professional in the flooring industry. Until you establish a strong ROI, you’ll need this reserve to act as a buffer during the start-up phase.

Royalty Fee

You may be wondering about any ongoing costs, like royalties. The monthly royalty fee is 5.5% and covers marketing, support, new production, materials and industry advancements. This fee is collected monthly and is based on your current revenue. While some franchise fees can be as high as 12%, ours is on the lower end to keep as much of the returns in your pocket as possible.

An Affordable Franchise With Strong Returns

When you own an affordable business like Footprints Floors, you have the potential to see impressive gains. Our proven business model is the reason our system-wide average sales are at $808,547, with highest performing territories bringing in $1.9 million. It’s not just our expert craftsmen and superior customer service that bring about these strong economics, we’re also able to reach a larger client base than our competitors.

As soon as you are serious about learning more about this promising opportunity, we invite you to consult with our Director of Franchise Development and look over the impressive numbers found in our Franchise Disclosure Document. There you’ll find transparent descriptions detailing all the reasons we can maintain such a dominant presence within this business sector.

A quick return on investment may be possible for hard-working, growth-focused Franchise Owners.

What are the Financial Requirements?

Qualified franchise applicants require $75,000 in liquid capital, a net worth of $250,000, and a high credit score. Other than that, we’re hoping to find candidates who have strong leadership, business management, and customer service skills.

Footprints Floors is an affordable franchise opportunity to make multiple streams of revenue.

Multiple Streams of Revenue

Besides floor installations, we also refinish floors and install baseboards and backsplashes. This gives us an array of revenue sources.

Our customers love our fair prices and rave about our commitment to excellent customer service. With low overhead and hefty profit margins, it’s no wonder we’re one of the most successful and affordable business opportunities around.

Invest in Your Future

Wouldn’t you love to step into the role of a savvy entrepreneur within a skyrocketing industry?

Many entrepreneurs are looking for a franchise opportunity that is risk averse while delivering multiple benefits. If that describes you, you may have found your match here with us at Footprints Floors. We’re an affordable franchise that’s going places. We’re proud of the track record we’ve established after more than a decade of doing business.

Current Franchise Owners love what they do for many reasons.

  • Our highly competitive investment rates
  • An uncompromising commitment to customer satisfaction
  • A positive reputation with former clients and the Better Business Bureau
  • The family-like environment that offers unparalleled support
  • The healthy work-life balance their schedule provides
  • Excellent unit economics

As you look ahead and consider what you most want for your future, financial independence and positive work/life balance are important.

Once you’ve decided to join us, it’s just a matter of reaching out to tell us more about who you are and what your career goals look like. From that point on, it will only take 4-6 weeks before you’re off and running with your own flooring company. Even though such a quick start-up is virtually unheard of in this industry, we can make it happen thanks to our highly systemized onboarding program.

Your future can look brighter than ever as a Footprints Floors Franchise Owner.

Combine flexibility with profitability.

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