The Best Flooring Franchise: We do the Hard Work So You Don’t Have To

The home improvement industry is a $340 billion economic powerhouse made up of various corporations, small businesses, and franchises. Footprints Floors stands out as the best flooring franchise in this industry with our exceptional standards of support. If you invest into our flooring franchise, you’re opening yourself up to a world of benefits. Each and every Footprints Floors Franchise Owner receives support in the following areas:

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Business Savvy

Our extensive training program is designed to teach business savvy individuals the ins and outs of the flooring industry. Whether you are an experienced flooring contractor or not, we will train you in the Footprints Floors way. The program begins with 56 hours of classroom training. Then we’ll take you to our corporate headquarters in Colorado where you’ll receive and additional 67 hours of on the job training. Once you’ve graduated, you’ll be able to handle any situation thrown at you as a flooring Franchise Owner. We focus on the flooring industry in general and the details of our franchise business model.

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Finance Management

Once you’re up and running, our talented finance team can help you keep your books clean and up to date. We will run analyses for you and help you make any important financial decisions as your business continues to grow.
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Our talented marketing team has developed the Footprints Floors flooring franchise into a well respected brand. Our services are so demanded that you’ll be busy your first day! From day one and onwards, you can expect assistance in everything from social media to website and SEO, public relations, direct mail campaigns, customer relations and our customer referral program.
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Ongoing Support

In order to keep our spot as the best flooring franchise we are always looking for ways to improve. To keep our Franchise Owners up to dates with these improvements, we implement monthly webinars, online trainings, and regular support calls. Footprints Floors is one big family and you can count on us to support you throughout your entire time spent with us.

Footprints Support

We know starting a flooring business can be overwhelming. From day one, you’ll have a Team of highly experienced Support Staff to help you get up and running, and continue to grow your business into the future. Our goal is to make sure you think of us not as the “Support Team” but as your second family.

Never Miss a Service Call

As if our support program isn’t robust enough, we’ve created a customer referral program so that our owners never miss a service call. Our unique business plans takes all of the hard work out of your hands. Our customer call center handles all incoming service requests and we pass them onto the Franchise Owners. All you have to do is confirm the appointment, manage the appointed subcontractors, and interact with the customer. As a Footprints Floors Flooring Franchise Owner, your job is to ensure that customers receive a five star experience. You don’t have to get your hands dirty and you don’t have to worry about lead generation. Our marketing team keeps the phones ringing and our customer service team answers the calls. You pocket the money!

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Success Backed by Corporate Support

Footprints Floors has managed to create a strong brand by focusing on the success of all our individual locations. Unlike other franchises, we won’t leave you in the dark once the franchise fee is paid. We understand that starting a flooring business is difficult, and that’s why we’ve set up various corporate support solutions for all of our Franchise Owners. As a part of the Footprints Floors Family, you’ll have access to:

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Customer Call Center

While customer service is undoubtedly the most important factor of any business, it’s also no secret that dealing with customers isn’t everybody’s favorite pastime. That’s why we take care of all customer inquiries for you! Our Customer Call Center handles all incoming customer calls and solves every customer concern, leaving our Franchise Owners time to focus on the more important aspects of their floor franchise.

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With over 100 hours of comprehensive training, you’ll learn everything there is to know about the home improvement industry and how to run a successful floor franchise.

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You can count on our marketing team for SEO, social media, public relations, email campaigns, and customer relations. We’ve got you covered!

Territories Are Going Quickly.

Footprints Floors is one of the fastest growing franchises on the planet. Hover over your state to see if there’s still open territory.

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