The Grand Canyon State is about to get a whole new home improvement franchise, thanks to Tony Yang! Tony, who has an extensive background in business ownership, will be opening the first of four Phoenix-area Footprints Floors franchise locations in the near future. We’re excited to bring our flooring franchise to Arizona, and we think having Tony at the helm as Franchise Owner will be a great fit!

As the owner of two popular locations of Osaka Japanese Steakhouse, a modern Japanese restaurant featuring teppanyaki, sushi, and seafood, Tony is a veteran when it comes to owning and operating a business. A graduate of the University of Tennessee with a degree in engineering, Yang fell into the restaurant business after a couple of years of looking for a position in his field post-graduation. “My friends got me into it,” he recalls.

For over seven years, Tony has been at the helm of operations, overseeing every aspect of his two restaurants and helping them grow to achieve major success. However, he looks forward to gaining more freedom and schedule flexibility as the owner of a home improvement franchise. “The profit is good, but you have to spend a lot of time with daily operations,” he says about the restaurant industry. 

A self-described people person, Tony has always enjoyed meeting new people and chatting with patrons of his restaurants. He feels that Footprints Floors is the perfect opportunity to keep enjoying interactions with customers, and says that it was the focus that our home improvement franchise places on its customers that drew him to the opportunity. “It’s a different business model, but the concept is the same- about the people,” Yang explains. “In the restaurant business, every day you meet different people and get to talk to them. You’ll be surprised at how many different stories you hear!”

Tony first began exploring franchise opportunities after talking with his financial advisor about growing his portfolio. Though he wasn’t necessarily looking for a home improvement franchise, the Footprints Floors opportunity stood out to him because of its commitment to customer service and satisfaction. “We were looking at different franchise opportunities like Jamba and other types of businesses,” Yang recalls. “I picked Footprints Floors because of the culture. They are 100% in the people business. It’s not like saying, ‘I’m just going to sell you something.’ They create a relationship between you and the customers.”

Once Tony had a chance to take a closer look at the Footprints Floors model, he knew he was interested in the opportunity. On his Discovery Day in Denver, when Yang got the chance to meet with Founder Bryan Park and the rest of the corporate staff, he could tell that this company was different from other corporate franchises in the home improvement space. “You want to be part of the team because they treat their team members like family,” he says. “They’re into the personal relationship with the customer and with each other.”

As a seasoned entrepreneur, Tony knows that starting any business comes with its fair share of risk, and advises all new business owners to look at both the positive and negative sides of entrepreneurship before starting a venture. “The biggest plus side is, you’re the boss!” he exclaims, adding, “You know you make the decisions to best grow the business. The downside is, you will spend ten times the amount of time working, compared to other people in your business. You have to be sure it’s working.” The simple operations of the Footprints Floors model allow our Franchise Owners to eliminate a great deal of the stress most business owners face on a daily basis, simply because our corporate team is there to provide constant, real-time support and assistance with matters both big and small. This goes a long way toward helping our Owners achieve their business goals while maintaining a healthy work-life balance- something that not every independent business owner is able to enjoy.

Tony will be operating four Footprints Floors territories in the Phoenix area and looks forward to providing local homeowners with the superior customer service and high-quality results our home improvement franchise prides itself upon and looks forward to being instrumental in making people happy. “You want to put the smiles on people’s faces,” he says.  “They’ll be stepping on the floors for a long time!” 

If you are looking for a franchise opportunity that combines excellent customer service with quality craftsmanship, Footprints Floors may be the perfect fit for you! Our flooring franchise is currently awarding franchises to people in territories across America, and we’re selling out fast! Franchise Owners like Tony Yang are seeing the high potential for return thanks to our outstanding home-based business model, and are excited for an opportunity that offers the level of schedule flexibility that our Franchise Owners enjoy. Most of all, our Franchise Owners love our customer-focused, service-oriented approach to business, and like bringing transparency, honesty, and a genuine love of people into the home improvement industry. Visit our franchise website to learn more about us.

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