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Join us in welcoming our newest Franchise Owner Kris Bohman to the Footprints Floors family! Kris is planning on opening his floor installation franchise in his new home of Austin, Texas! His location will be our second location in the state of Texas, after Mckinney, and we are ecstatic to have Kris on board with us!

Growing up in Anchorage, Alaska, Kris has always had the home improvement industry in his blood. His first experience was right out of high school when he started doing commercial drywall finishing in Anchorage. After a seven-year stint, Kris decided it was time for a change. Kris’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to save up his money for a year and then purchase a house, which he planned on fixing up and “flipping.” During this process, he hired a real estate agent whom he planned to sell the house. However, after seeing that the agent wasn’t doing a great job, Kris decided to get a real estate license himself. Thus commenced his new career as a real estate agent while “flipping” houses on the side. After some time, though, Kris realized that this wasn’t the best career choice for him. “I made it work, but I knew that it wasn’t something that fit with my personality,” remarks Kris. Being a real estate agent gave Kris more downtime than he wanted and wasn’t challenging enough for him. He knew he needed to find a career that fit with who he was. 

Left at a crossroads of sorts, Kris was unsure of his next move. He knew that he wanted to remain within the home improvement industry, but wasn’t sure where he should work. After looking at a few franchises in the area, he felt a bit discouraged. “I was looking into a plumbing franchise and a couple of gym-type franchises. I didn’t want brick and mortar, especially in Anchorage, where there aren’t many people,” describes Kris. One day, however, Kris struck gold. While doing some research on his computer, he came across Footprints Floors and was instantly hooked. “This just makes sense,” says Kris. “I studied as much as I could, looked through the Financial Disclosure Document and gross numbers, and I thought, ‘These are fantastic.'” He knew this was what he wanted to do, but realized that Anchorage wasn’t the best place for the Footprints Floors business model. There wasn’t a large market in the city, and the population was quite small compared to the rest of the country. Kris’s wife, Katya, had been talking about moving to Austin, Texas, for years, so he decided to look into starting a flooring business with Footprints there. After visiting the city with our team and going to a Footprints Floors Discovery Day, Kris realized that opening a floor installation franchise with Footprints was a no-brainer! He officially signed on several days later.

One of the most valuable things for Kris during his decision-making process was attending a Footprints Floors Discovery Day. “I liked being able to meet with the Founders face-to-face and having a conversation with them,” describes Kris. “It was great to talk with Bryan Park about where he came from, how Footprints started, and how it developed. He’s a normal guy. He just started a business and wanted the process to be as straightforward as possible”. Kris also valued being able to go out on a job with the Footprints crew and see how the flooring process functioned first hand. He had done some flooring before but was far from being an expert. Being able actually to work with a team on the job helped him to feel confident in his decision. Most offer franchises couldn’t offer him this.

Fast forward several months, and Kris is making the final touches on opening his floor installation franchise with Footprints Floors. Kris and his family are loving their new home near Austin. He especially enjoys getting to spend more time with his daughter, Isabell, and wife, Katya. Outside of work, you can find Kris working out at the gym or watching sports. He sees himself having a long future with Footprints Floors and would like to purchase several more territories. In his own words, “I knew I needed to act fast. They’re quickly going to sell out everywhere!”. We would have to agree!

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