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Atlanta, Georgia is about to get a brand-new floor installation franchise, thanks to Matt Therriault! Matt, who has an extensive background in the home improvement industry, is set to begin his new career as a Footprints Floors Franchise Owner in early 2020. Matt brings a hearty amount of experience to his new role, both as a business owner and as someone who has spent many years providing construction and remodeling services to the members of his community. 

My remodeling company is billed out as a handyman service,” explains Matt about his independently-owned business, which he plans to continue operating on a limited basis. “It’s home repairs and renovations. For the past two and a half years, all I’ve done is big, large projects- bathrooms, kitchens, stuff like that.” Now that he is a Franchise Owner with Footprints Floors, Matt intends to scale back to smaller handyman jobs, enlisting the help of a trusted crew member to perform these small tasks so he can concentrate on growing his flooring business. “I have someone very reliable that can handle the day-to-day operations,” he explains.

Thanks to the flexible scheduling associated with owning a Footprints Floors franchise, Matt can own and operate two businesses at once- This not only gives him several streams of revenue but also can help him cross-promote his available services: something he says is already starting to happen. “I already have two people who want to book flooring appointments,” he notes. “One wants a February or March appointment for hardwood floors and one wants an appointment at the end of May or the beginning of June for LVP flooring for the entire house. These are clients I’ve done a lot of work for in the past. I’m excited to know that it’s already happening, that there are people who know that I’ve purchased this franchise, and I’m already getting people asking about it.” 

Believe it or not, getting started in the flooring business was in Matt’s game plan as his next career move even prior to discovering the Footprints Floors opportunity. “Before I purchased the franchise, I actually wanted to start my own flooring company!” he recalls. Matt’s desire to open a flooring business led him to research other similar companies, which in turn led him to a number of franchise opportunities, including Footprints Floors. “When I ran across Footprints Floors, it was an instant match as far as what I was looking to do,” he remembers. “Their business model was what I was looking to build on my own, and they already have it! They’ve already invented the wheel and perfected the wheel. I’m not looking to reinvent the wheel- I was like, ‘Here I am! Sign me up!’”

Amazed at finding a floor installation franchise opportunity in such perfect alignment with his own vision of what a flooring business should be, Matt immediately took the first steps in his Franchise Education Process. 

Though he was already quite certain that Footprints Floors was the right floor installation franchise opportunity for him, Matt’s Discovery Day in Denver sealed the deal, as far as he was concerned. “Things fell into place when I went to Denver,” Matt recalls. “I had a three-page list of questions and I never had to ask a single one! In the normal course of Discovery Day, the questions answered themselves.”

Matt especially enjoyed meeting and getting to know Founder Bryan Park. “Bryan is a very personable person, and I felt that we meshed very well,” he says, adding, “I left there feeling as though everything was a really good fit.”

As Matt gears up to begin his training process, he can tell that the Footprints Floors opportunity is catching on like wildfire in Georgia, and is amazed by how quickly territories in the state are selling. “Footprints Floors was nowhere near Georgia when I started my process,” he recalls. “Then Noel Brewick, who is in Sandy Springs and Alpharetta, was in Denver signing his franchise agreement paperwork when I was there doing my Discovery Day!” In addition to Matt’s new Metro Atlanta franchise and Noel’s Sandy Springs/Alpharetta/North Atlanta territory, Michael Brown also recently purchased a Footprints Floors which will be based in Macon and serve all of Middle Georgia. “These franchises are selling out fast!” he notes.

Matt’s new chapter as a Franchise Owner with Footprints Floors is an exciting one in which he looks forward to having even more flexibility in his schedule to share special moments with his family. Married to his wife Heather for nearly 17 years, the couple has two daughters- 13-year-old Madeline and 9-year-old Danielle. Though his self-employment has always afforded him a certain level of schedule flexibility, Matt can already see how the Footprints Floors opportunity will allow that to increase. “My daughter’s got a play next week for Christmas- I’ll be able to stop what I’m doing and go over there and be there for her,” he says, adding, “This will actually give me more time. With the remodeling company, I’m doing all the work, I’m elbow-deep in work and can’t always stop what I’m doing. When I have crews doing the flooring installation work, I will be able to take more time and know they’re doing a great job.”

Matt’s story is an inspiration for independent business owners who are already operating companies within the home improvement industry. If you, like Matt, are looking for a separate stream of revenue that can complement your existing business, it may be time to check out the Footprints Floors opportunity. We’re currently awarding franchises in select U.S. territories. Visit our franchise website to learn more.

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