Joshua Post wasn’t necessarily looking for flooring franchise opportunities when he first discovered Footprints Floors. In fact, he tells us, he was actually just on the hunt for a new job. “It was truly by accident!” he admits. “I was interviewing for a job at another franchise, and my girlfriend said, ‘You realize it’s a franchise- why don’t you just own it?’” Inspired by his girlfriend Lindsay’s advice, Joshua decided to do just that. 

After researching a number of franchise opportunities available in his Ogden, UT territory, Joshua kept coming back to one: Footprints Floors. “I started doing a lot of research and Footprints Floors was the one that really stood out,” he says. “Just the business model and the industry- it all just kind of popped out to me. So I started investigating from there.” 

As Joshua learned more about the flooring installation franchise opportunity at Footprints Floors, he became more convinced that he had found the right fit in terms of both economics and industry. “ The entry-level prices were realistic with where my budgets were,” he explains. “The industry was really attractive to me- home improvement is really taking off right now!” He also was impressed with the recession-resistant aspects of the Footprints Floors model, and how people still view flooring as necessary service even in times of economic downturn. “The way the franchise is set up, even in bad economies, there’s still work that can be done,” he notes. “You need floors! And houses are still sold. You might be refinishing instead of replacing. So there’s lots of different directions to go in that.”

After taking a deep-dive into the Footprints Floors model, Joshua’s Education Process culminated in his Discovery Day at corporate headquarters in Colorado, where he got to meet Founder Bryan Park and other members of the executive support team. “The first thing about Bryan that I was really surprised about was how down-to-earth the guy is,” recalls Josh about his first impressions. “I was really impressed with that. I really appreciated what I learned with (Franchise Development Director) Mike (Edwards), I appreciated all the research. But when I sat down with Bryan to have breakfast, I was able to drive it around to a one-on-one conversation with him, and it was really that one-on-one time that sealed the deal.”

In addition to his connection to Bryan and how the company culture and philosophy of Footprints Floors resonated with him, Joshua also found himself enjoying the idea of being backed by a full corporate support team, as opposed to having to manage the day-to-day hassles and headaches faced by independent business owners in the home improvement space. “I love the systems in place,” he says, noting, “I’m a corporate guy but don’t have a corporate mentality so I love the support but also love being able to make it my own.”

flooring installation franchise owner

Joshua also realized the significance of investing in the Footprints Floors opportunity relatively early on in the game. “I’m only the 20th Franchise Owner at Footprints Floors so far,” he tells us. “I liked being able to get in at the level I got in at.”

As someone with an extensive, 26-year background in the independent senior living industry, Joshua has gained a great deal of experience in a variety of fields, from property management to landscaping and construction to even housekeeping and janitorial work. This jack-of-all-trades type of expertise is something he feels will serve him well as he embarks on his new career with Footprints Floors. “I have a lot of experience as far as the maintenance side of flooring, so it’s kind of a natural fit,” he says. Though his role as a Footprints Floors Franchise Owner will handle the business side of operations rather than the labor aspects of the jobs that his flooring franchise books, he feels that his background in construction, remodeling, and other roles in the home improvement industry will serve him well in his new business. “I’ve got family in construction, so it was just kind of a good direction to go in, he says. “I’m not the one doing the construction, I’m the one finding the subcontractors.” 

Joshua says that one of the best things about starting a flooring installation business with Footprints Floors has been the extremely quick ramp-up time. After signing his franchise agreement on January 2, he was looking forward to the very real possibility of being up and running in his Ogden, Utah territory within 6 weeks! “Some of it, I was just lucky,” he says, adding, “I was able to get into a training class right away. Things have been working in my favor!” 

Joshua lives in Ogden with his girlfriend, novelist and corporate communications specialist Lindsay Woolman, as well as two dogs and a cat. (“That’s our noisy family!” he remarks.) In his spare time, he enjoys making music as a singer/songwriter and guitarist, as well as embarking on outdoor adventures like fly fishing in small creeks and streams.  We are proud to welcome him to the Footprints Floors family and wish him all the best in his new flooring franchise business!

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