Franchise Model: Hardwood Flooring Franchise

Dedicated to quality service and products.

Franchise Model: Hardwood Flooring Franchise

Dedicated to quality service and products.

Successful and Satisfying

Long office hours, an inflexible schedule, stress, and poor pay are the nightmares of a 9 to 5 job. While many dream of the flexible and profitable life as a business owner, just as many are deterred by the inherent risks associated with startup business. Don’t let this stop you from having the life you want! With a franchise, you can have a profitable business and a flexible schedule without the common risks associated with business ownership. Footprints Floors is a hardwood flooring franchise that is leading the profitable home improvement franchise industry. For a successful and satisfying career, consider buying into a Footprints Floors franchise.

As a franchise owner, you get to enjoy all the perks of business ownership without the stress. The franchise method offers tried and true models of successful business, staff training, finance management, marketing assistance, and ongoing support. Buying into a franchise gives you access to all the industry secrets. By partnering with a successful business model, you can take advantage of their brand name, quality products, and industry know-how. In addition to these standard supports and perks, Footprints Floors beats the industry standard by providing additional customer service support. We take care of all the little stuff so you can focus on running your successful hardwood flooring franchise.

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Footprints Floors is a one-of-a-kind residential flooring installation and restoration business. We install hardwood floors, carpet, tile floors, back splashes, and laminates. Our business model has been proven and verified by over a decade of industry-leading unit economics. Our success comes from one key business objective; to offer outstanding customer service in an industry where it is often lacking.

Right Track to High Revenue

In considering buying into a floor franchise, you are on the right track to high revenue. A hardwood flooring franchise is part of the $300+ billion a year home improvement industry. With homeownership on the rise and an improving economic system, homeowners are spending big bucks in home improvement projects. Floors are one of the most important aspects of a home, both functionally and cosmetically. From new installations to complete renovations, there are plenty of flooring projects to keep home improvement businesses busy. At Footprints Floors, we also offer additional home improvement services like tiling, backsplashes, stairs and baseboards, keeping our potential clients and projects diversified. With Footprint Floors, you can be sure you are part of the best hardwood flooring franchise.

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Founder – Bryan Park

It started with an idea – to bring a higher level of customer service and sophistication to an industry where it was severely lacking. This idea has now manifested into one of the most progressive and exciting service franchises on the planet. Hear more from our Founder, Bryan Park, by watching the video here.

Proven Success with a Hardwood Flooring Franchise

Footprints Floors investment and revenue numbers are another important consideration when purchasing a floor franchise. With one of the lowest investment costs (between $65,500 – $91,600) and high average annual sales, franchisees can expect a full return on investment in 3-6 months. Our current system-wide average is $831,682 a year, and we have seen multiple locations reach $1 million in sales by their 4th year. Anyone that is seriously considering business ownership will face initial investment costs. With a start up business, the return on that investment is never guaranteed. When you invest in a franchise, you are invested in an already successful business model; failure is highly unlikely. With over 10 years in the franchise business, Footprints Floors has proven success. Give us a call today to learn more about the hardwood flooring franchise industry.

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Footprints Floors is one of the fastest growing franchises on the planet. Hover over your state to see if there’s still open territory.

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