Footprints is on the move! We’re thrilled to introduce one of our newest franchise owners, Michael Titus, who is bring our flooring franchise to Northern Indiana. 

Michael comes from a diverse professional background, spending a large portion of his career working mainly in manufacturing operations and industry control. After going to college at Purdue University pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering, Michael spent 9 years in the military before owning and managing his own business for 4 years. While he enjoyed working in manufacturing operations, Michael eventually realized his real passion lied in operations and working directly with customers.

While spending his time searching for new business opportunities, Michael discovered Footprints Floors. “I really liked the business model and everything that they had to say,” he expressed. “I kept digging into it and investigating, talking to different franchisees, and it just progressed from there.” From the start, our business model is what truly stood out for Michael. He claims “the most attractive part of the business model is how Footprints Floors utilizes different existing technologies to their advantage.”

As Michael continued to research our flooring franchise and whether he was good fit as an owner, he increasingly saw how joining the team was an opportunity of a lifetime. “This was everything that I was looking for. From the first view, I saw a very high level of potential,” Michael states. “The more I dug into it, the more education I did; I wasn’t disappointed – I felt stronger and stronger about it all the time. The more I talk about it, the more excited I get about.” What specifically stood out to Michael was our commitment to our customers. As someone who wanted to work more directly with the customer base, Michael sought out a business opportunity that allowed for him to establish strong relationships with his customers—and Footprints Floors provided exactly that. “The customer satisfaction and the utilization of existing technologies to their advantage really set Footprints apart from others. Footprints Floors is the whole package.”

Michael knew he wanted to be a Footprints Floor franchise owner when he gained the opportunity to engage with current Footprints Floors owners on their personal experiences and how they started their journey. “A moment that really defined the turning point in moving forward with the franchise process was talking with current franchisees,” Michael said. “It was great to hear about the things they are working on, and how Footprints was working with them and helping them handle issues. This made it very encouraging.”

Although he wasn’t able to meet our founder Bryan Park and corporate team in person, Michael argues that the support and conversations over the phone furthered his excitement in getting involved with our flooring franchise. “[Bryan] is a very easy going individual who definitely knows his business. I liked everything he had to say, and it just got me more and more excited about the opportunity.” As a business individual who has researched numerous business and franchise opportunities with other companies in various other sectors, his experience with Footprints corporate team as well as current franchisees helped Michael realize that Footprints was the business opportunity that he had been looking for. 

“Everything that I’ve seen so far, I’ve been really excited about; I was looking for a reason to not be excited! I have been looking  for many years, and there are many franchises where I haven’t pulled the trigger. Everything that was said and offered, I really got excited about.”

As he prepares for the start of his franchise, Michael is most excited to experience the independence that comes with owning a Footprints Floors and being able to interact one-on-one with his customers. “I wanted to become an entrepreneur for the independence. It allows me to make decisions to influence others in a positive way, and lay out my own path as opposed to letting someone else do it for me,” Michael states. “[I’m most looking forward to] the opportunity to work with customers and help them achieve what they feel are their goals.”

For other individuals considering joining our flooring franchise team at Footprints Floors, Michael offers this piece of advice: “Take a serious look. It’s definitely worth the time.”

If you’re interested in joining the Footprints Floors team like Michael did, click here to visit our franchise page! Here, you can learn all about what we do at Footprints Floors, how to get involved with our flooring franchise, and why YOU should join our strong team of franchise owners!

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