We’re excited to introduce Footprints Floors franchise owner Aaron Benedict! In this video, Aaron discusses how switching job gave him the fulfillment he desired in a career, and how our flooring franchise opened doors to great success!

“Prior to Footprints,” Aaron states,” I did about three and a half years of telecommunications sales and marketing. Although medical device sales and marketing was very prestigious, cutting edge, and technical, I knew that I could be highly successful in flooring restoration.” 

Once launching his own Footprints franchise in 2016, Aaron discovered that running his own business granted him the flexibility and independence he couldn’t get from his previous line of work. “I work a lot more. My hours are longer, but there’s so much more fulfillment in what i do now because I am in complete control of my day, my income, and my own business. I’m not having to worried about being micromanaged or having middle management in my car every six weeks doing ride-alongs, and that was very realistic in medical sales. It’s just easier to put my head in the pillow at night, honestly!”

At Footprints, we pride ourselves in maintaining a strong franchise owner support model. Our flooring franchise provides all of our franchise owners with personal call center support, and to Aaron, this support proved to be critical in his success. “The support has been incredible,” Aaron claims. “There are so many people who are experienced, seasoned, and knowledgeable that I can call on. Our online presence and web presence have never been better. It makes it really easy to sell the footprints experience to customers, and everyone has been extremely gracious and helpful.”

How successful has Aaron been since joining our flooring franchise? According to him, “business couldn’t be better.”

“The first two years were awesome. My first full year, I set company records for new franchisees in terms of sales and profitability. I’m in my second full year with the company, and I am trending to set another record for best profitability for ‘Franchisee in Year Two.” In regards to his financial goals, Aaron states, “next year, my goal is to be at $750,000 in gross margins. By 2021, I’d like to be between 1 million and 1.2 million dollars in total revenue at a gross margin of 44 to 45%.”

If you’re working in corporate America and need guidance on how to make the switch, Aaron offers his personal experience and counsel. “One piece of advice to someone leaving a very comfortable corporate gig would be to just trust the model. Look at the historical data and the performance data of all the other territories, and you will see that this works. Everyone who has been here for more than a year or two has been highly successful. So it’s just being patient with yourself, going into this with the right expectations, not being too hard on yourself, and trusting the model, and trusting the numbers that are there.”

We’re thrilled to see how successful Aaron has become with Footprints Floors, and how he has obtained a truly rewarding and fulfilling career through our flooring franchise. We look forward to seeing how Aaron continues to grow the success of his business in the future!

Aaron found a fulfilling and rewarding career with Footprints Floors— and so can you! As we continue to expand the scope of our flooring franchise across the nation, you could potentially find YOUR own success by opening your own Footprints Floors. CLICK HERE to visit our franchising page, where you can learn about what we do and why you should enter the flooring franchise space!

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