We’re excited to introduce Daniel Wilkinson, one of the newest members of the Footprints Floors family, to our flooring franchise! Daniel was awarded his Cypress, Texas territory back in January, and is on track to begin scheduling jobs soon. We are thrilled to have Daniel on board and look forward to the contributions he’ll make to Footprints Floors by starting a flooring business in Cypress.

Daniel comes to us with a strong professional background in sales and operations management- two fields where organization, attention to detail, and interacting well with people are absolutely necessary. “ I’ve been very fortunate to be in one position and make friends and contacts,” he says about being at ease when networking with others, adding, “Good relationships are key.” However, Wilkinson notes, working for a corporation can be a very different experience from networking with prospects as a business owner. “I appreciate and enjoy what I did, but especially on a sales front it was always limiting to work for someone else- the sky only gets so high,” he explains.

While Daniel enjoyed his 12-year career in sales balanced with 10 years of operations management experience, he has always been an entrepreneur at heart and looks forward to bringing his genuine love of talking with people to his new role as a flooring Franchise Owner.  “I always wanted to go into business for myself,” Wilkinson shares, adding, “I was in the process of going into a cigar business with a friend, but then he brought his brother into the business instead.” 

Though a cigar business would have been a fun and fulfilling way to satisfy the entrepreneurial itch, Daniel was intrigued by the simple operational model and family-oriented culture of Footprints Floors when he first came upon the opportunity. “Footprints Floors made a lot of sense to me,” he says. “I liked the conversations, the success of other Franchise Owners, their work ethic, the culture…all of it!”

Daniel’s discovery of Footprints Floors didn’t come from a search for flooring franchise opportunities, though: he was approached by a franchise consultant with Business Alliance, Inc. on LinkedIn while searching for new operations management opportunities following an unexpected layoff at his last position. “They lost a major client,” Wilkinson explains. “Over Labor Day weekend, the client got bought out by someone else and their contracts got X’d out. Lots of layoffs. [The consultant] reached out and I realized I should be thinking about investing in a company rather than just getting another job.” Daniel’s Franchise Education Process began in October 2019, and by the end of January, he was signing his franchise agreement for a Footprints Floors territory in Cypress.

Over the course of Daniel’s Education Process, he was able to take an in-depth look at our flooring franchise model and speak with our Founder, Bryan Park, during his Discovery Day in Colorado. “Speaking to Bryan, he seems very down-to-earth, humble guy, seems nice and helpful- wants to help,” Wilkinson says. “When I went up there to visit them, I was like, “Yup, this works for me.”

Along with the appealing family-oriented culture of Footprints Floors, one of the biggest selling points for Daniel was the amount of support he could depend on from our Corporate Team. He was excited by the prospect of a franchise that would give him everything he would need to succeed in his business. He was especially drawn to the call center that handles appointment scheduling, customer service, and more. “The bread and butter for me is the telecommunications department,” he says.

Daniel, who got married this past May, lives in Cypress with his wife and three children- a 14-year-old son and two daughters, ages 11 and 6. In the spirit of our family-focused business, Daniel plans on turning his flooring franchise into a family business, enlisting his father’s expertise for help with possible expansion to a second franchise territory in the coming years. “My hope is to bring my parents into it at some juncture,” he says. “My parents are going part in with me on the investment, but it’s only a year or two before my dad’s going to retire. Before sales, he was in construction, so he knows how to work with crews. My hope is to have him run another territory in one or two years.”  Wilkinson also hopes to include his mother in his Footprints Floors business for assistance with bookkeeping. “Mom was an accountant- I hope she can work the books,” he says.

As Daniel moves through our training process and gets closer to scheduling the first jobs for his Cypress territory, he is confident that his considerable sales prowess will help him achieve success in the home improvement industry. “My primary job is staying organized, building customer relationships, and making that sale,” he explains. “If you’ve been in sales before, you’ve heard time and time again, sales is sales. It’s convincing people to choose your product over another.” Daniel’s belief in the Footprints Floors business model will help him connect with customers who are seeking quality flooring services with excellent customer service.

Along with realizing his dream of owning a business, what is Daniel looking forward to most about being a Franchise Owner? “Without sounding too materialistic, the money!” He explains, “I do it for the money, but I also work best when I’m not managed. With me running the ship, I feel confident with the resources that Bryan and Footprints Floors will provide.”

Welcome, Daniel- we are excited to see you succeed with your Cypress, Texas territory!

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