Flooring Franchise: the Best Opportunity in the Home Improvement Industry

Flooring Franchise: the Best Opportunity in the Home Improvement Industry

The home improvement industry brings in $340+ billion annually and this number is only growing. As the millennial generation starts purchasing homes, there is a higher demand for renovation projects than ever before. Between additions, bathrooms, kitchens, and flooring, there is an endless list of home improvement projects. If you’re looking to capitalize on this vast industry, however, its best to stick to one service. Flooring projects are one of the top requested services by homeowners. Floor repairs are extremely common in older homes and brand new installation is an often requested service in fixer-upper projects. Footprints Floors is a flooring franchise that has managed to create a successful business model around flooring installation and repairs.

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If you’re interested in the home improvement industry, a flooring franchise opportunities with the industry leader Footprints Floors is the way to go. Competitors often require investments of half a million dollars or more to cover showroom buildouts and large inventories. At Footprints Floors, we’ve cut out all the unnecessary (and expensive) nonsense to present you with an extremely simple business plan for an industry low investment of $68,130 and $95,580.

Like No Other

With over 10 years of experience, our flooring franchise opportunities have the expertise and background you can rely on for support and trusted advice. Our support systems are designed to help generate new customers so you can focus on your existing customers, contractors, and employees.

Footprints Floors has quickly become the largest flooring contractor by adhering to these simple tenets which the vast majority of floor installers, for lack of time and resources, simply can’t. Our shared corporate support structure allows Franchise Owners to focus on their customers and their contractors, while the Corporate Office handles all the details.

Our success comes from one key business objective. We offer outstanding customer service in an industry where it is often lacking.

No Experience Necessary!

To be a successful flooring franchise owner, you don’t need any flooring or construction experience. Yes, that’s right. You can take part in the booming flooring industry without ever touching a floor. Footprints Floors has developed a simple business model that allows franchise owners to take care of the business side of things while hired subcontractors do all the labor. As floor franchise owner, your job will consist simply of negotiating contracts and collecting payments. If you’re interested in joining the Footprints Floors family, these are the qualities we look for in potential franchisees:

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Entrepreneurial Spirit

You’ve got business savvy, including a sharp mind for decision making and quick calculations. Strong leadership skills allow you to feel comfortable leading a team and communicating with customers. You’re passionate about growth and strive for success in everything you do.

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Community Focused and Family Oriented

While your main focus is creating a successful and scalable business, you also recognize the importance of quality time for yourself and your family. You’re excited about the healthy work life balance offered by Footprints Floors’ business model. You are involved in your community and are a naturally friendly and outgoing person.

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Organized and Punctual

As most of your job as a floor franchise owner will consist of meeting with customers, negotiating contracts, and checking job sites, you’re able to keep a highly organized schedule and you always show up on time.

Footprints Flooring Franchise – Your Second Family

If you are a good fit for Footprints Floors, you’ll be accepted into our flooring franchise family with open arms. Our corporate support team will never let you down and we will train you to be fully prepared for a successful career from day one. If you’ve got the drive and qualities to join our team, feel free to reach out to us today.

Combine flexibility with profitability.

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