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There has never been a better time to invest in a floor franchise than now. That’s because the home improvement industry is stronger than it’s been in over a decade. With housing and rental prices skyrocketing, homeowners are choosing to stay where they are and renovate rather than move. That makes for a prime opportunity to invest in this booming business sector.

Footprints Floors floor franchise home improvement industry.

The home improvement industry is projected to reach $465 billion by 2022.¹

Footprints Floors specializes in the floor franchise niche.

Flooring is an excellent niche, as new floors are considered an essential project when upgrading a home.

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With more of the millennial generation purchasing homes, the demand for remodeling is higher than ever before.

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Since people are choosing to stay where they are, and most homes are over 30 years old, there are plenty of floors to update!

What Sets Us Apart?

Footprints Floors stands out from all other floor franchises with no inventory, no showroom, and no end to the selection of flooring materials from which our customers may choose. During our 11 years of floor installation and restoration, we’ve seen enormous success! Our fine-tuned business model is so well structured and our Franchise Owners feel secure knowing we’ve got their back. That’s more than the independent entrepreneur can say! When you partner with us, your risk is considerably reduced.

There are seven key elements that make our business model so successful:

1. Multiple Services

Over the past decade, we’ve evolved from a small flooring business into the successful franchise we are today. We work with all types of flooring material—hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tile, stone, and carpet. Customers love that we can help them turn their dream remodel or new construction project into a reality with our flooring, baseboard, and backsplash services.

Thanks to our outstanding customer service and industry-leading economics, we have quickly become one of the largest contractors around. We focus on providing the highest quality craftsmanship for every installation.

With our skilled professionals and their high level of expertise, we deliver perfect flooring installation and refinishing services every time. From small repairs to large installation jobs, we pride ourselves on offering top quality workmanship at a fair price.

Footprints Floors floor franchise provides many services.
Footprints Floors floor franchise provides customer call center support.

2. Customer Call Center

Often, a business Owner’s least favorite task is having to handle constant customer concerns. At Footprints Floors, we eliminate that responsibility by fielding such calls through our expertly managed Customer Call Center. Our customer service representatives are available around the clock to handle incoming calls. We are the only floor franchise that offers this level of customer care. Through this means, phone operators can mitigate customer concerns, so you can stay focused on more pressing obligations.

From scheduling appointments to working out contract details and addressing concerns or questions, customer service can become tiresome. Many business Owners don’t have the time or patience to take calls. At Footprints Floors, we have customer service care built directly into our corporate support business plan.

3. Simple Scheduling

Footprints Floors’ straightforward business model has lead generation built right into it. You’ll never have to worry about recruiting customers—our corporate support team will supply you with all the appointments you need from day one!

All new Franchise Owners set their schedule with our corporate team to let us know which days they are available to take jobs. We will only schedule appointments based on the schedule given us, so you stay in charge of your workload.

As a Footprints Floors Franchise Owner, your weekly schedule will look something like this:

  • Monday & Tuesday – At the beginning of the week, you schedule jobs with the customers our corporate team sends your way. You will visit the job sites on location for estimates, agree on a price with customers, and collect 50% of the payment upfront to cover project costs.

  • Wednesday & Thursday – Mid-week, your subcontractors will arrive at the job sites and complete the projects you’ve just scheduled. You will spend your time driving to and from job sites overseeing their work.

  • Friday – You’ll close out the week by collecting final payments from customers and paying your subcontractors for their hard work.

  • Saturday & Sunday – The weekend is yours to enjoy as you see fit! Some Franchise Owners like to use one of these days to catch up on paperwork, but we have developed our business plan such that the end of the week is totally open for you to enjoy.

Footprints Floors floor franchise business opportunity scheduling.
Footprints Floors floor franchise offers endless flooring options.

4. A Low Cost Floor Franchise

Many competitors require their Franchise Owners provide customers with flooring materials themselves. This means increased costs for inventory, storage, and showroom space. Not only are these costs substantial, but this type of model can drive away business because customers are limited in material choice. A client might instead choose to go with a different company that offers their preferred flooring material. Footprints Floors isn’t limited to the inventory they have on hand, which makes customers happy, resulting in a steady flow of business.

Our franchise opportunity is a home-based business, which cuts down on costs substantially. With no need for a fancy showroom, inventory warehouse or brick and mortar building, all you’re left to do is manage your business and hire qualified subcontractors to complete jobs. There’s no rent, no build-out, and no HR costs. This keeps overhead impressively low, increasing the potential for high profit margins. Our initial investment is at an industry low of $65,500 – $91,600.

5. We’ll Train You!

Unlike other service franchises that require experience, Footprints Floors Franchise Owners do not need a background in home improvement. As long as you are business savvy, we will teach you everything else you need to know about running a successful flooring business.

  • Training – Our extensive training program teaches business-oriented individuals the ins and outs of the flooring industry. Whether you have experience or not, we will train you in the Footprints Floors method. Once you’ve completed training, you’ll be able to handle any situation thrown at you as a home-improvement Franchise Owner.

  • Finance Management – Once you’re up and running, our talented finance team will help with bookkeeping. We will run frequent analyses and advise you for any important financial decisions.

Footprints Floors floor franchise owner training.
  • Marketing – Thanks to our talented marketing team, our floor franchise is now a well-respected brand. Our services are in such high demand, you’ll be busy from your first day onward! You can expect assistance in everything from social media to website and SEO, public relations, direct mail campaigns, customer relations, and our customer referral program.

  • Ongoing Support – To maintain our position as the top flooring franchise, we are always looking for ways to improve. To keep our Franchise Owners up-to-date with current trends, we provide them with monthly webinars, online training, and regular support calls.

Footprints Floors functions as one big family and we will support you throughout your entire career with us. It is our responsibility to nurture our Franchise Owners so they can continue to grow. The success of one unit reflects the success of our brand as a whole, so we’re committed to you and your journey.

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of owning a Footprints Floors floor franchise.

6. Freedom & Flexibility

Getting caught in the grind of a taxing job gets old. Many people leave Corporate America for that reason, preferring instead to launch out on their own in search of greater fulfillment and flexibility. Owning a Footprints Floors franchise can turn that dream into a reality.

Footprints Floors is one of the top competitors in the floor franchise in profitability, support, and flexibility. While our Franchise Owners benefit from our support team and enjoy high earnings, they also appreciate the flexibility we offer.

Typically, successful businesses require grueling hours of work, leaving little time for personal pursuits. At Footprints Floors, however, our corporate team takes care of the essentials so that our Franchise Owners have a more relaxed schedule. You can reap all the monetary benefits of owning a successful business, while still having time for yourself and your personal life.

Operating a floor franchise like ours puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to striking the right balance. Your job is simple. Once the week’s responsibilities have been fulfilled, it’s time to kick back and relax. Not many business Owners have that luxury, but it’s important to us that you have a healthy work/life balance.

7. Scalable Business Opportunity

While many investors are satisfied with a single franchise unit, experienced entrepreneurs often seek multi-unit opportunities that allow them to double or triple their earnings. While some industries are better suited for multi-unit models than others, what really makes the difference is scalability. Franchises with low startup costs and simpler business models are perfect for multi-unit operations.

Those seeking a floor franchise opportunity that will be successful across multiple locations will be impressed with what Footprints Floors offers.

Benefits of Multi-Unit Operations
  • Increased Revenue – The most obvious benefit of multi-unit Ownership is increased revenue. Each location acts as a robust stream of revenue for Franchise Owners, keeping your business operations flowing smoothly.
  • Shared Marketing – A key to successful franchising is the strength of the brand. Footprints Floors is recognized as a quality provider of flooring services, thanks to our exceptional customer service and strong marketing program. As a multi-unit Owner, you’ll greatly benefit from both our brand recognition and our marketing team.
  • Reduced Costs – As a multi-unit Owner, your fixed costs will be shared over various locations, allowing you to lower your cost per unit. As the investment into a single floor franchise is at an industry low, you can expect minimal operating costs overall.
  • Easier Access to Financing – On average, multi-unit business Owners have more opportunities to receive financial assistance than single-unit operators.
  • Competitive Advantage – Operating a multi-unit business puts you in a monopoly-like position within your area. Combine the power of multiple locations with the support of a strong corporate team and you’ve got all the elements in place to see outstanding success!
There is immense growth opportunity in the Footprints Floors floor franchise business.

With the simple, scalable business model of Footprints Floors, you’ll have no difficulty making your start in the profitable home improvement industry. Imagine ruling over your floor franchise empire and reaping the rewards that abound in this robust sector.

Calling All Entrepreneurs

If you’d like to start a hardwood floor franchise, consider Footprints Floors. We are searching for motivated individuals that want to provide outstanding customer service and become successful entrepreneurs. We hope to partner with individuals that are eager to grow their business, aspire to achieve high revenues, and manage a well-established business model. If that describes you, we’d love to hear from you! Reach out today to learn more.

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