Tile Business For Sale With Footprints Floors

Our Services: What Does Footprints Floors Offer?

Footprints Floors offers a wide variety of services to customers, including floor restoration as well as the installation of hardwood, tile, laminate, and vinyl floors. We work closely with customers to determine the right fixtures and designs for each space and help them select the best materials for the best prices, helping both their bottom line and ours.

If you’ve been looking into a tile business for sale, our business model has proven to be popular with customers who often find a better deal and top of the line installation services, and for Franchise Owners who don’t have to worry about keeping a showroom or inventory in stock.

How Do These Services Appeal To Customers?

Customers who have older homes often love keeping original flooring but need help bringing them back to life or repairing flaws. Our floor restoration services and tile business for sale are a perfect, low-cost option to upgrade a space.

Hardwood floors add a luxurious, durable feeling to homes, and we help customers design their spaces from selecting the wood and the stain, to the installation itself. For customers who want a less expensive option that adds the same effect as hardwood, laminate is a fantastic option. Laminate floors are budget-friendly and require less upkeep overall.

Tile and natural stone has grown exponentially in popularity recently. This highly durable, low-maintenance option can go almost anywhere. In fact, we can install it not only on the floors but on walls or in bathrooms as well! Vinyl floors are also making a comeback, especially as the technology behind their development has improved. They are a great option for spaces like bathrooms or kitchens that are prone to water exposure.


What Makes Footprints Floors A Profitable And Desirable Investment?

When you franchise with Footprints Floors, you choose one of the best home-based flooring franchises and tile businesses for sale on the market. You don’t have to purchase an office or expensive showroom or manage inventory.

Our dedicated call center fields customer calls, your subcontractors will handle all the labor, and since your customers select their own flooring, you get to prioritize project management and customer relations while we do our best to assist with any frustrations that arise along the way.

Tile business for sale with footprints floors.

It works like this. Our corporate offices have programs in place that help generate interest in utilizing us for a job. Combined with your own marketing efforts, we gather customers. Once customers decide to inquire about our services, the Corporate Call Center connects them with a Franchise Owner for estimates.

If the customer agrees to the project, then you coordinate with your subcontractor to complete the work and help ensure customer satisfaction. Once the job is complete and the customer is fully satisfied, you collect the remaining balance. All of this is designed to give you as much flexibility and independence as possible without sacrificing the quality of the job.

Our unique model has no direct competition and an excellent reputation on the market. With no wasted money on storage or showrooms or non-essential employees, we provide an average of 20% lower customer costs and opportunities for you not only to generate income but to generate wealth.

While the demand for homes remains higher than the number of homes being built, the need for quality renovations continues. Now is the perfect time to consider investing in a tile business for sale and join the Footprints Floors family.

Footprints Franchise business owners - investing in a tile business for sale.
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