We are extremely excited to welcome our newest franchise owner, Steve Smith, to Footprints Floors! Steve becomes the newest member of our floor franchise family as he is opening his own Footprints Floors in Mesa, Arizona.

Coming from a diverse background of professional experience, Steve has had established careers in everything ranging from sales management to being a high school teacher. But, like many of our Franchise Owners, Steve wanted to build a career that offered more independence as a working individual. Hence, he came across Footprints Floors “while searching for opportunities to gain more control of my future, over corporate positions.” When the chance to start his own business with our flooring franchise arose, he knew the opportunity matched his career needs. “I’ve always thought about becoming an entrepreneur […] but now, I knew it was doable.”

Steve found various reasons as to why Footprints Floors was the best fit for him, given the great number of other franchises that exist in the service industry. What really stood out to Steve, firstly, was our business model, specifically in regards to start-up costs and growth. “[There is] no inventory, a low cost start-up, a true focus on the customer experience, and the ability to grow at a rate that is comfortable for the business owner.” Looking to find a career that offered him increased jurisdiction, Steve found that these specific components of Footprints Floors perfectly fulfilled the gaps in his professional life that he sought to fill. 

Another aspect that distinguished our franchise from others for Steve was our staffing component. Unlike other businesses, such as those in the restaurant industry, Footprints Floors utilizes subcontractors, eliminating the need for extensive staffing. “Food and retail have the staffing component that adds a degree of difficulty in starting a new business,” Steve states. “I never wanted to hire a “start-up staff” on Day One, and feel the responsibility to them and their families, until I knew I had a good handle on my own business.” Steve found that removing the need to focus on staffing not only allowed for an easier launch for his business, but also helped keep that start-up cost low and easier to maintain.

Although Steve had various reasons for what drew him to Footprints Floors, attending Footprints Floors’ Discovery Day was what truly sealed the deal in deciding to open his own. Calling it the moment that cemented his decision, his meeting with founder Bryan Park made Steve realize that opening a Footprints Floors was the right move for him. His first, and greatest, impression of Bryan came from when he got to witness everything in action. “The best part was going into the field to see jobs in progress, and, later, watch Bryan himself do estimates. He connected with each customer on a personal level. He’s genuine, as is all of the staff.” Seeing how Bryan is still highly-engaged and hands-on in the business, Steve knew that the sincerity and authenticity of the corporate staff would translate into strong support for launching his own Footprints Floors. 

Along with meeting our founder, Steve also found our commitment to our customers’ satisfaction at Footprints Floors to be a crucial attribute in choosing to work with our floor franchise. “Footprints Floors has a unique culture of caring about the customer. It is not just a transaction.” He got his first look at this personalized service when observing Bryan interact one-on-one with our customers, and decided the high standard of service distinguished our floor franchise from other competitors in the industry. “The goal is to deliver the best quality service by giving customers a great experience, which is outside the norm for flooring companies I’ve had contact with.” 

Since opening his own Footprints Floors, Steve is eager to establish his life and influence in his community as a franchise owner. “I’m most looking forward to finding my groove in day-to-day business,” Steve says. “[I have] a genuine concern about the customers, and a goal to make their life easy and beautiful.” So, what advice does he have for other curious individuals looking to potentially franchise with Footprints Floors?

“Spend time with new franchisees! Learn about their own start-up and A-HA! moments!”

If you, like Steve, are searching for a change in career with an opportunity that offers greater independence and flexibility, opening your own Footprints Floors could be the perfect business venture for you! Click HERE to explore our franchise page, where you can find all the information you need to learn about Footprints Floors, and why you should get involved with our floor franchise today!

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