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The Best Franchises For Retirees

Learn about the best franchises for retirees and explore the next chapter of your career!
Footprints Floors is the best franchises for retirees because they provide a new chapter.

Your Next Chapter

Whether you’re looking to supplement your income or you’re simply excited at the opportunity of a new adventure after retirement, becoming a Franchise Owner with Footprints Floors may be the ideal next chapter on your journey. Learn about the perks of franchising after retirement and look into why Footprints Floors is among the best franchises for retirees.

Why Franchise After Retirement?

Create Wealth

Even after retiring, many people find themselves wishing for a way to boost their monthly budget. Whether you’re looking for a way to fund more vacations, striving to create generational wealth for your family, or you simply know the potential value of a great investment, owning a franchise can become the ideal path to your wealth goals.

Because of the flexibility offered by many franchising opportunities, some experienced professionals even make the pivot right before their technical retirement. Burnout is common across career fields, and it’s completely understandable to long for a change before your technical time for retirement has arrived.

It’s so common, in fact, that almost a quarter of new business founders were over the age of 55 in 2015, with that percentage only expected to grow. Becoming a Franchise Owner with Footprints Floors can provide that needed change while also fulfilling financial needs.

Stay Involved

Some retirees aren’t worried about generating extra income but simply don’t want their careers to end completely. Owning a franchise provides an easy way to stay connected with your local community, engage with businesses in your area, and remain active. Plus, providing great service for customers and meeting your own business and growth goals simply feels good!

Learn Something New

Many retirees work in just one or two industries throughout their entire careers. While that strategy absolutely has its draws, many people enter retirement with a desire to explore other options and try something different. Entering the world of entrepreneurship by becoming a Franchise Owner opens doors to learn countless new skills such as business development and management. This can be an exciting new adventure for retirees or couples ready to try something new while building generational wealth.

Why Franchise With Footprints Floors?

Footprints Floors is the best franchises for retirees because they are part of the lucrative home improvement industry.
Lucrative Home Improvement Industry

The home improvement industry currently brings in $380 million every year, and that number is only expected to grow. Particularly beginning in 2020, homeowners across the U.S. have begun dedicating more time, energy and money to their homes. Plus, as real estate surges and new homeowners enter the scene, fixer-uppers are selling like never before.

Footprints Floors specializes in services like installing, repairing and refinishing hardwood floors. With our unique business model, we offer low prices for our customers and low overhead for Franchise Owners.

Semi-Absentee Option

By running a semi-absentee franchise, you gain the flexibility and freedom of a part-time schedule while still enjoying the creativity, control, and earnings of entrepreneurship. With Footprints Floors, most Franchise Owners begin in an owner-operator model. However, if you have already chosen a General Manager with whom you have worked before and trust fully, you may choose to start with a semi-absentee model. Otherwise, you’ll work more hands-on at the beginning of your business until you find the right General Manager to allow you to make the switch to semi-absentee.

In addition to giving you more time to enjoy your retirement, a semi-absentee model also gives you the chance to scale your business if you’d like. When you take control of your time and income, opportunities abound.

Footprints Floors is the best franchises for retirees because they provide a semi-absentee option.
Footprints Floors is the best franchises for retirees because they provide a home based career option.
Home Based

Footprints Floors is among the best franchises for retirees because the majority of the work is home-based. There’s no need to go into an office. With our owner-operator model, you can expect to go to worksites in order to perform estimates and consultations as well as oversee current jobs. You’ll also be in charge of managing contracts and collecting deposits and final payments.

In a semi-absentee model with the right General Manager, you may be able to complete all your tasks from the comfort of your home, or from your latest travel destination! This flexibility is the main reason why many of the best franchises for retirees offer semi-absentee options.

Low Barrier To Entry

Many expect retirement to be a time of low stress and a lot less jumping through hoops in their career. That’s why another draw making Footprints Floors one of the best franchises for retirees is the easy start!

The initial investment to become a Footprints Floors Franchise Owner is relatively low at $75,000. After signing an agreement, new Franchise Owners enjoy a very quick ramp-up time of just 6-8 weeks. With straightforward processes and support along the way, getting started on your entrepreneurship journey with Footprints Floors is smooth and simple.

Footprints Floors is the best franchises for retirees because they a low barrier to entry.

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