We’re bringing our flooring installation franchise to the Motor City, and it’s all thanks to Adnan Alhaider! Adnan is on track to open two Detroit-area Footprints Floors locations soon, and we couldn’t be more excited! We were able to chat with Adnan and learn a little more about his background, goals, and what led him to choose a franchise opportunity in the recession-resistant Home Improvement industry.

Adnan comes to us from the corporate world, fresh from an 8-year career at an engineering firm where he worked his way up to a business management position. However, he never forgot his fond memories of owning his own business years before joining the corporate workforce. “Fresh out of college I started my own company that lasted for 2 years, and then I was getting married and decided to find more stable employment,” he says, referring to the import/export wholesale kitchenware distribution company he founded. “But I’ve always had that entrepreneurial spirit and have been entertaining ideas of owning a business.” 

Wishing to minimize the substantial risk that comes with starting a business from scratch, Adnan first looked into turnkey business opportunities available for purchase in his community. During an online search, he happened to see an ad for Footprints Floors! Though he had never considered owning a flooring installation franchise, the ad intrigued him enough to fill out a confidential questionnaire. “(Footprints Floors Franchise Development Director) Mike Edwards called less than an hour later,” Alhaider recalls, adding, “ It was kind of an accident that I found out about them!”

Discovering our flooring installation franchise opportunity may have been a happy accident, but Adnan knew a good thing when he saw one- he was fascinated by our outstanding economics and simple, home-based business model and enjoyed the potential for security that owning a business in a recession-proof industry like Home Improvement can offer. “The business model makes the overhead much lower,” he explains. “There’s no monthly rent, no employees that are just there because you’re open, whether you have work to do or not. The whole corporate support system- a call center, appointment schedulers- the percentage the franchise is charging is never going to be more than what it would be to have to hire a secretary and pay for an office.” 

The low initial investment attracted Alhaider initially, but it was the warm, family-oriented business culture that held his interest and made him seriously consider the possibility of investing in a flooring installation franchise. “For nearly the past eight years, I was with an incorporated, family-owned business,” he tells us, recalling, “It had that family atmosphere to it. That’s one thing I kind of noticed right off the bat with Footprints Floors, as I learned more about them and then when I actually got to meet the team in Colorado- they have that sort of culture too! That drew me to them and made my decision easier.”

Seeing the Footprints Floors team as one big happy flooring installation franchise family especially hit home for Alhaider upon meeting our Founder, Bryan Park. “I’ve done my fair share of looking into companies and franchises- I don’t think I can say I’ve found any company where the owner is willing to give up so much of his own time to work with Franchise Owners,” says Adnan. He also received a warm first impression from the rest of the corporate staff and was impressed by the level of support he can look forward to as a Franchise Owner. “Anything you need, someone’s going to give you an answer,” he says. “You don’t have to figure it out all on your own.”

Many years ago, Adnan pursued his dream of entrepreneurship by starting a company from scratch. This time around, he doesn’t have to go it alone- he has the full support of our Footprints Floors corporate team backing him and helping him build a successful flooring business. He’s looking forward to being part of our Footprints Floors network, and we’re excited to have him in the family!

If you, like Adnan, want to take control of your financial future by investing in yourself and opening your own business, a Footprints Floors franchise may be just right for you! We’re gaining serious ground in territories across the United States, and are awarding franchises to people we feel make a great fit for our tight-knit family of Franchise Owners. Investing in the Footprints Floors opportunity means getting to own a company in a recession-resistant industry that will always be necessary for as long as people need floors in their homes! Visit our franchise website to learn more.

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