Does the good news ever stop for people wanting an affordable franchise opportunity? Not when we’re talking about Footprints Floors! We’re celebrating the addition of new Franchise Owner Martin Petty, whose Little Rock territory is the FIRST in the entire state of Arkansas- talk about getting in on the ground floor! 

We got to know more about Martin, including what prompted him to invest in our affordable, faith-based franchise, his expectations for future success in his market, and what kind of experiences he’s had so far as a Franchise Owner. 

Finding an Affordable Franchise in Little Rock- Martin’s Story

Martin Petty points to his affordable franchise location in Little RockMartin has worn many hats in life, but we noted how he had embraced change and continued growing all through; he never stops at the same spot. He encountered Footprints Floors while researching affordable franchise businesses that could offer a good return on his investment. 

Footprints Floors stirred his interest so much that he entered our Franchise Education Process, went all the way through to be awarded his Little Rock franchise territory, and has not looked back since.


When it came down to choosing to invest in Footprints Floors, Martin gave us two reasons why he felt it was the right move for him:

First, the business model resonated with Martin and his love for home improvement, especially flooring. As a manager of established companies, the business model made sense to him from a managerial perspective. 

He could also tell that success as a Franchise Owner was achievable and not far-fetched. He was looking for an investment that he would enjoy, that would give him value and time for himself and his family. The Footprints Floors franchise was offering all that – plus the potential to earn unlimited income.

More Than Just an Affordable Franchise – It’s FAMILY!

As a Franchise Owner, Martin now puts his focus and effort into ensuring that he satisfies customer needs and gives them a quality experience. He is rolling his sleeves and putting the knowledge acquired over many years into action.

Martin is not new to startups either, with many years of experience in various roles, including several management and supervisory positions in his previous line of work. He has dealt with customers and appreciates customer satisfaction, qualities he brings to his franchise.

A problem-solver by nature, Martin has always had a genuine interest in home improvement, and this affordable, Christian Franchise was just what he needed to push him forward. When the opportunity presented itself, he could not hold back. His franchise is now the first Footprints Floors in Arkansas, and he wants to take advantage of the great potential within the state and lay the foundation for a reputable franchise. 

When he met with our corporate support team at Footprints Floors headquarters in Colorado, Martin felt at ease as he realized that they are genuinely interested in the Franchise Owners’ growth and individual success. It gave him an affirmation that it was the appropriate investment for him. He appreciates that the corporate team takes time to support and guide new Franchise Owners to their maximum potential. 

During his Discovery Day, Martin enjoyed the experience at the job sites. He saw firsthand how the business model produces results. At the end of the day, he had a conversation with Footprints Floors Founder Bryan Park, which sealed the deal. He noticed their like-mindedness in the outlook towards life and investment. He knew that in addition to being an affordable franchise, owning a Footprints Floors would be a perfect fit for him and his family.

The Footprints Floors corporate team is one of the best aspects of owning a franchise, says Martin, sharing that he feels right at home with the positivity and energy they bring. “They provide support and communication with unmatched capability, making them such a great team to be around,” he says.

Martin Petty with Footprints Floors Founder Bryan ParkOn venturing into entrepreneurship, Martin believes he has done all there was to do in employment, and he is now ready to focus on his franchise. “After delegating tasks over many years, gaining all the knowledge I have, experience, and skills, I decided to invest in myself,” he explains.  He believes he will be a successful entrepreneur thanks to the formula of perseverance and determination he attributes to previous career successes, noting, “You will never succeed if you are scared of failure.”

Martin considers Footprints Floors as an affordable franchise that has set itself apart from other service industry investments. There is a demand for the franchise’s services, aside from being a venture that directly impacts customers’ lives. 

Footprints Floors’ business model did not just offer Martin potential unlimited growth; it came at a relatively affordable cost. After working for multiple companies managing and opening new operations on their behalf, it is time for Martin to invest in himself and grow. He is well equipped and will utilize his managerial and problem-solving skills in his Franchise.

Looking Ahead to Owning an Affordable Franchise in a BOOMING Industry!

As a Franchise Owner, Martin now looks forward to growing his business and enjoying the flexibility of hours and making his schedule his way. He is also looking forward to the immense potential of sales and income. In addition, his main aim is to connect and help customers build the home of their dreams, the core business of the franchise. 

Martin also has great discipline and leadership skills from being an active-duty soldier in the U.S. Army in his earlier years. He feels confident that these skills will help him in the running and maintenance of the franchise. He advises fellow and potential entrepreneurs to conduct proper research on their states’ laws and regulations before starting home improvement services.

Best of all, the flexible work-life balance that comes with owning a faith-based Footprints Floors franchise gives Martin the time to enjoy his favorite pastimes while still achieving his entrepreneurial goals. “I can now focus my family, and also dedicate time to my hobbies, including scuba diving, hunting, fishing, house remodeling, skydiving, hiking, working on cars, and gardening,” he tells us, adding, “My interests are God, family, and the great American dream.”

As Martin embarks on his new career as a Footprints Floors Franchise Owner, we are excited to see how his great confidence and previous career experience will help him expand his Little Rock, AR franchise territory and add to the great reputation for customer service that our affordable franchise has already established in other markets nationwide. 

Are you feeling like it’s time to break free from the 9-to-5 corporate grind and find your own success as a business owner? As an affordable franchise opportunity with great potential for quick ROI, Footprints Floors helps Franchise Owners just like Martin live a more balanced life while providing a necessary service to homeowners in their communities and doing something they can feel great about every day. Please visit our franchise website for more information.

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