Flooring Franchise Owner Kevin Warfield

As our flooring franchise continues its nationwide expansion, we’re thrilled to announce the imminent arrival of the first Footprints Floors location in Tucson, Arizona! Kevin Warfield, one of our newest Franchise Owners, will be leaving San Diego, a city he’s called home for years, in order to open his flooring franchise in Tucson in coming months- a change that he is excited to make after many fulfilling years in his career in finance. Kevin sat down with us for an interview about his goals and aspirations for owning the first Tucson territory of our flourishing flooring franchise.

Like a number of our Franchise Owners, Kevin’s professional background has a lot to do with business and little to do with flooring, construction, or anything else in the home improvement industry. “I’ve spent 17 years in the banking world, ” Kevin tells us. “Everything has been great- but I’ve been living in the corporate world basically my whole career, and I wanted to try something different.” After spending nearly two enjoyable decades with the national banking conglomerate, Kevin decided to leave his position as a Relationship Manager, where he was responsible for managing the portfolios of highly-complex clients in the property management division.

Uncertain as to exactly where his new path would lead, Kevin was sure of one thing: he wanted to own his own business. He began researching businesses for sale in the Tucson area, including a couple of franchises. After partnering with a franchise consultant, Kevin began reviewing options, intent on finding a franchise opportunity that would fulfill three major criteria: not having any permanent employees on a payroll, not having to own a brick and mortar building, and, of course, allowing him to be his own boss. Our flooring franchise opportunity was an excellent fit for all three criteria, something that made Kevin immediately interested when he first learned about Footprints Floors.

One other aspect of the Footprints flooring franchise which fit the bill for Kevin was his underlying interest in real estate, thanks to his previous career experience with people in property management. “I liked that I was passionate about what I would be doing,” he says, adding, “I love real estate, I love investing- I have always had a pretty good eye as to what looks good, what works in a house, with flooring.” Kevin also enjoys “the consultant aspect of things,” and looks forward to helping customers find the right flooring to fit their needs and budget as a Footprints Floors Franchise Owner.

Kevin was able to complete an in-person Discovery Day at our Colorado flooring franchise headquarters, where he met Footprints Floors Founder Bryan Park, along with other members of our executive support team. In addition to getting insight into the day-to-day operations he could expect in his own flooring franchise location by meeting some Denver-area Franchise Owners and riding along on a couple of assignments, Kevin also managed to make time to meet up with some local family members and partake in some of the amazing outdoor recreation Colorado has to offer. “It ended up being an amazing trip,” he recalls. “I did some camping and met up with family, and it all tied into the Discovery Day.” 

As fun and informative as his trip to Footprints Floors headquarters was, Kevin admits that he arrived in Colorado with his mind already made up about owning a flooring franchise. “I can’t say [Discovery Day] is what sold the whole thing,” he explains. “There were already a lot of other things that had pretty much made the decision. I met people I could see myself working with, building a future and building a brand myself.”

As Kevin firms up his plans for attending his Franchise Owner training in Colorado later this summer, he reflects on his choice to leave corporate America behind in pursuit of a flooring franchise business he can call his own. “I’ve always been kind of looking outside of the box,” he says of his desire to become an entrepreneur. “I’m giving up a really good gig, a lot of years with a bank, but I think it’s a good moment to make this transition. I’ve always owned real estate, always looked at investment opportunities. I think there is a little bit of risk leaving a secure job, leaving my home in San Diego, but I’m at that point in my life where family is my priority and money is second to that.

It’s this intrepid entrepreneurial spirit that Kevin believes will help him achieve success as the owner of a flooring franchise. Though he feels that it may be “pretty premature” for him to offer advice to prospective Franchise Owners, he did have a few words of wisdom for anyone who is considering business ownership, either through our flooring franchise or elsewhere: “I would say ask a lot of questions, do your research, and make sure that your own skills will help you feel comfortable.”

We look forward to seeing what great things lay ahead for Kevin and his Tucson, AZ flooring franchise!

We’re selling out flooring franchise territories in cities nationwide- if you think you’d make a good fit as a flooring Franchise Owner with Footprints Floors, the time to act is right now! Visit our franchise page for more information. 

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