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Monday marked the beginning of a new month, so to ring it in, we decided to welcome our newest home services Franchise Owner, Ini Esiet, to the Footprints Floors family!  Ini has been up and running with his new home services franchise in Gastonia, North Carolina since March 16th! We were lucky enough to sit down with Ini for a recent interview to get to know more about him and his story.

To This Accountant, Our Home Services Franchise Numbers Made Sense!

Being a home services Franchise Owner with Footprints Floors wasn’t always on the radar for Ini Esiet. In fact, he’s spent the past few years as an accountant, having previously worked as an accounting manager and sales and marketing manager. However, after recently having a son with his wife and relocating to Gastonia, North Carolina from Asheville, Ini decided it was time for a career change. He knew that he wanted to start a business of his own, but was unsure what kind specifically. By chance, he stumbled across a Footprints Floors ad, and after looking over our impressive investment and sales numbers, he was interested. Ini went on LinkedIn to learn more about the company and connected with Rob Ricco, a Footprints Floors home services Franchise Owner in his area. Rob reaffirmed to Ini that opening a home services franchise with Footprints Floors was indeed a great idea. Ini was ready to move forward with the franchising process!

The next step for Ini was to attend a Footprints Floors Discovery Day, which he did not long after speaking with Rob. This was a valuable experience for him, as he was given the opportunity to go along with Footprints Floors Franchise Owners on actual jobs and see what a typical day in their life would be like. The Discovery Day left Ini with, “An overall really good feeling in general,” he described. “Everyone seemed to be really transparent. Anything you could possibly run into that could be a hiccup, they seemed to have thought it out.” Getting to meet both the corporate staff and Franchise Owners themselves helped him to see a variety of different perspectives on the brand and to better understand if our home services franchise was the right choice for him.

home services franchise

Luckily for us, this experience truly solidified Ini’s decision to open a home services franchise with Footprints Floors. However, ultimately for him, it came down to the numbers. “For me, I’m a numbers guy- the decision was pretty much already made by the numbers and then cemented by the great people,” he explains.

What numbers was he referring to? For starters, our Franchise Owners saw average gross sales of $747,401 last year, with our highest performing territories hitting nearly $1.9 million!* For only an initial investment of $68,130 – $95,580, this is a massive opportunity! In other words, our Franchise Owners have the potential for tremendous profits with minimal overhead costs and start-up fees. With a quick start-up time, our Franchise Owners can see their initial investments recuperated in 3-6 months!

In addition to the financials, Franchise Owners like Ini enjoy a variety of other benefits. They receive 24/7 support from our corporate support team, helping them with everything from finding new leads to training new employees, and pushing marketing efforts. They are their own bosses, meaning that they get to set their own hours and work on their own clocks. This allows them an ideal work/life balance, meaning they get to spend more time with their families and do more of what they want when they want. Overall, our Franchise Owners are not just happier because of this, they are more passionate about what they do. They are active figures within their communities and get to truly help homeowners to better enjoy their homes.

A Home Services Franchise With Support You Can Trust

Drawing upon his own experiences in our Franchise Education Process, Ini offered some advice for potential Franchise Owners with our home services franchise: “Try to make it out for Discovery Day and see if you like the business on paper,” he said. “When you get out to a Discovery Day, meet the people, and get more information about the systems that are in place, it adds credence to ‘you’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself.’” It’s exactly this mindset that makes Ini such a perfect fit for our brand, as we like to think of ourselves as one big family that has each other’s backs. Be it our strong support program, the work/life balance our Franchise Owners enjoy, or simply the passion they have for making change within their communities, our Franchise Owners truly enjoy what they do and who they are doing it with. 

As we approach the halfway mark for 2020, we’re thankful for Franchise Owners like Ini Esiet that give our home services franchise life. We’re currently accepting qualified applicants across a variety of territories. If this sounds like something that would interest you, visit our franchising site today.

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*Numbers obtained from Footprints Floors 2020 FDD

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