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Why Franchise with Footprints Floors

The home renovation market is huge, and flooring installation is a big part of that. Valued at over $27 billion in 2022, it makes sense to join such a lucrative industry. But with so many options on the market today, making the right choice for starting flooring installation business can be overwhelming.

Footprints Floors stands apart from other flooring installation franchises for many reasons. With no need for a brick-and-mortar or warehouse location, operating costs are low, on top of an already lower-than-average initial investment. Footprints Floors also has a tried-and-true business model, a stellar customer base and tons of corporate support. Still not sure? Read on to understand what to look for in a flooring franchise and why Footprints Floors checks all the boxes.


What Homeowners Look For

When you franchise with Footprints Floors, you choose one of the best home-based flooring franchises and tile businesses for sale on the market. You don’t have to purchase an office or expensive showroom or manage inventory.

Our dedicated call center fields customer calls, your subcontractors will handle all the labor, and since your customers select their own flooring, you get to prioritize project management and customer relations while we do our best to assist with any frustrations that arise along the way.

Starting a flooring installation business with Footprints Floors is rewarding - financially, and as you work with families.
  1. Choice: Homeowners value a range of options in the types of flooring available to them from a company, including tile, carpet, hardwood, vinyl, and laminate options. Footprints Floors makes this easy for customers because it doesn’t sell any flooring – it just installs it. Homeowners can order any flooring they like, without limits on the supplier or manufacturer.
  2. Cost: Flooring can be expensive. Homeowners appreciate businesses that give them the best value for their money without sacrificing product quality. Because we only install flooring, we’re able to keep prices affordable. Footprints Floors also provides free estimates, which customers appreciate.
  3. Visualization: Companies that help customers visualize how the new floor will look in their space help their clients feel more confident in choosing the right product. Companies can help their homeowners do this through virtual visualization tools, flooring samples to place in a room, showrooms, or a combination of options.

4. Warranty: Updating flooring is a great way to invest in a home. Clients want to know their contractors care enough to do the job right. Companies that provide quality guarantees and warranties inspire confidence in homeowners. Footprints Floors only hires qualified, licensed contractors so homeowners can feel reassured in the quality of the work.

5. Reputation: Homeowners look at a company’s overall reputation before choosing their contractor. This includes past client satisfaction rankings through Google or Yelp and asking friends and neighbors about their experiences. Customers also value companies recognized for their success by organizations like HomeAdvisor or the Better Business Bureau. Footprints Floors has the five-star reviews, and the recognition customers want.

If you are thinking of starting flooring installation business in your area, contact Footprints Floors.

Starting Flooring Installation Business

What Franchise Owners Love About Us

There are several ways Footprints Floors stands out as a fantastic business opportunity for starting a flooring installation business. Other franchises ask owners to invest in costly show rooms and additional warehouses to store flooring options and employees to run these locations. With a Footprints Floors franchise, owners can conduct business out of their own homes. This saves franchise owners thousands of dollars annually and results in greater profit margins. Most franchisees can expect to reach more than $1 million by their fourth year of operation, making Footprints Floors one of the most profitable franchises on the market today.

With Footprints Floors a maximum starting cost of $91,600 and industry-leading revenue averages, Footprints Floors owners generally see a profit in as little as 3-6 months after they open. In fact, Footprints Floors boasts a 783% sales-investment ratio!

Another things owners of Footprints Floors franchises love is the support we continue to offer after opening. We don’t just train owners to know how to do their job well. We also enable them to focus on building and maintaining positive relationships with their crew and clients because our Footprints Floors Call Center handles most of the nitty-gritty elements of customer service. This work-life balance is virtually unparalleled in franchising.

What Homeowners Love About Us

Footprints Floors allows customers to find their flooring anywhere they choose. This gives customers the widest range of choice possible and full control over the flooring pricing compared to other companies that require clients to purchase from their warehouses at set prices.

Footprints Floors clients also appreciate our hardwood floor restoration services. Most flooring companies only do new floor installation. As the only national franchise that does floor installation and hardwood repair, Footprints Floors can service a wider variety of clients overall and extend their flooring expertise to a range of homeowner needs.

Customers love the VIP treatment they receive when they hire Footprints Floors. We take care of moving furniture and relocating plumbing and appliances and leave the home in excellent condition. 

Ten years of excellent work and customer service has led to top rankings in customer satisfaction through services like Google and Yelp. Footprints Floors has also received recognition from the Better Business Bureau and HomeAdvisor. It’s no wonder customers continue to choose Footprints Floors for their floor installation and restoration needs.

Finding flooring installation business is tricky - Footprints Floors is here to help!

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