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Are you seeking a low cost franchise business? Look no further!

Many people dream of making a career for themselves through entrepreneurship, only to find themselves stuck in neutral due to all the action items needed to get off the ground. Starting out can feel so overwhelming that hopeful business owners get stuck in the small details and never find the support they truly need. Fortunately, there are many different structures and options for support when you discover the world of becoming a Franchise Owner.

In addition, up-front costs and risks associated with opening a business or franchise often hold people back from taking that next step. Not all franchises are the same, and some can require a much larger up-front investment than others. It can be difficult to recognize a great investment opportunity quickly, but it’s not impossible! Here are a few qualities to look for as you seek out a low cost franchise business that can work for you.

Low Startup Costs

When you open a low cost franchise business, you set yourself up for huge rewards, without overwhelming risks. Some franchises can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to enter, leaving new Franchise Owners in debt and drowning in stress over the risk they’ve taken. Because of this high barrier of entry, many people are unable to enter the franchising world at all! However, with more affordable options, new hardworking Franchise Owners can avoid debt and begin generating a healthy return on investment much more quickly.

With Footprints Floors, investments range from $75K to $98K including licenses, trainings, insurance, opening costs, and more. This low investment will allow you to get your low-cost, low-overhead franchise business up and running. Because Footprints Floors operates without extraneous employees, materials storage, or showrooms, ongoing costs remain low so you can enjoy the earnings from your hard work.

Home-Based Model

By skipping out on a showroom or a required office from which to operate, Footprints Floors saves on costs and time! In addition to providing flexibility and customizability, a home-based model means your business can get off the ground quickly, with no time wasted on finding a space.

Your business’ monthly budget will thank you for skipping out on the real estate costs of operating from an office or showroom!

Low cost franchise business with footprints floors - a  home based model.

If you’d like to continue with a day job or a second entrepreneurial pursuit, a semi-absentee model may be right for you. With even more possible profit streams and the possibility to manage multiple businesses at once, semi-absentee models can set you up for financial success. At Footprints Floors, Franchise Owners can choose a semi-absentee model after putting a strong and trusted General Manager in place.

Minimal Inventory Costs

When investigating whether you’ve found a good low cost franchise business, take time to look into typical inventory costs. Based on what goods are sold and how supplies and products are stored and distributed, inventory costs can drive a wrench in your plans for profit and success.

To keep inventory costs minimal, Footprints Floors allows customers to source flooring from wherever they prefer. Then, we come in and install it for them, typically for 20% less than other installers! This way, customers enjoy endless options while allowing you to act as a consultant and save on the costs of materials or storage. It’s a win-win!

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Promising Potential Profits

Ongoing costs with Footprints Floors are relatively low because of our home-based model and our customer-sourced inventory practices. In addition, Franchise Owners with Footprints Floors save on costs through a business model with no employees. Instead, build a trusted team of contractors who can fulfill your business needs on a flexible schedule.

With flexibility and support, this opportunity can fit the business goals of any hardworking Franchise Owner! In 2020, average gross sales exceeded $808K, leaving average net profit at over $217K per territory. Imagine what profits like these could do for your life!

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