The Best Home Improvement Franchise Opportunity

The Best Home Improvement Franchise Opportunity

The home improvement industry is a multifaceted opportunity. Repairs, renovations and new construction are always in demand. Valued at nearly $400 billion, the home improvement industry sees new growth annually. While economic downturn may slow home improvement spending, the industry has proven resilient. Economic boom brings rapid expansion as homeowners use their extra cash to update their homes. This stable industry is a great place to invest if you are looking for a new career opportunity.

Footprints Floors is a flooring franchise that has found success within the home improvement industry. More than a decade of experience sustains our strong business model and expanding franchise community. We are looking for qualified entrepreneurs who would like to grow with us!

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Why Footprints Floors

There are many flooring businesses for sale, so why partner with Footprints Floors?

Exceptional Support Model

As a Footprints Floors Home Improvement Franchise Owner, you’ll never be in business by yourself! You’ll have the support of the entire Footprints Family. Each of our established locations benefits from lead generation, new client management, a staffed call center, calendar management, marketing assistance, program development, training and ongoing support. We invest in those who invest in us, so we are here for you from day one.

Successful Franchise Concept

We are proud of the concept we have developed. Supplying communities with quality flooring services and supporting success-drive entrepreneurs has been made possible thanks to our stable franchise concept. On average, our new Franchise Owners see their initial investment recouped within 3-6 months. Our countless stream of five star reviews is proof of thousands of happy customers!

Great Unit Economics

As a leading home improvement franchise, Footprints Floors has established incredible unit economics. On average, our Franchise Owners report $747,401* in annual gross sales, with top locations performing at more than $1.2 million.

*Numbers obtained from Footprints Floors 2020 FDD

A Balanced Lifestyle

Our corporate team makes your phone ring, answers it for you and schedules services directly into your calendar. We take care of all the small details so you can focus on making your business grow. This means a more balanced lifestyle and plenty of time at the end of the week to spend with your family.

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Become a Team Member

Don’t waste anymore time searching for a flooring business for sale. Footprints Floors is the leading franchise concept in the home improvement industry. You can become a team member today!

We are looking for talented entrepreneurs with the following skills:

Business Acumen

Management experience is a plus, but we are generally looking for individuals with leadership skills and business knowledge. You should feel comfortable running your own business and confident managing a team.

Community Focus

Your business is dependent on your community as you will be servicing your local area. Networking skills and a desire to give back to those around you will help you succeed as a Flooring Franchise Owner.


Organized Approach

In all that you do, organization should come naturally. Order, punctuality and consistency are key to running a successful business.

Combine flexibility with profitability.

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