The Benefits Of A Home Services Franchise


You don’t have to run a huge operation to see success with a home services franchise!
Footprints Floors franchise owners enjoying the benefits of a home services franchise.

Whether you’re passionate about improving the homes and lives of others in your community or you’re simply hungry for a challenge and a smart investment, getting involved with a home services franchise could be the perfect fit for you. The thriving home improvement industry and the unique offerings of Footprints Floors make becoming a Franchise Owner a great opportunity to run a fast-growing business.

Support and training for Franchise Owners allows you to fast-track your growth and experience, while our unique and optimized business model makes scaling and growing as simple as possible. Mitigate risk and increase your potential for ongoing returns with a low-overhead model that allows you to run your business without nonessential employees, inventory on hand, storage spaces, or showrooms.

Enjoy the flexibility in your schedule and your career with various options for Footprints Floors Franchise Owners. Whether you want to stay hands-on as an owner/operator or whether you’d like to eventually transition to a semi-absentee model, Footprints Floors has a path suited for you.

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Thriving Industry

Home improvement has taken center stage in many people’s lives over the last few years. With real estate booming and baseline preferences changing when it comes to home details, it’s very common to have various home projects going throughout any given year. The home improvement industry is expected to reach $454.6 billion by 2023, with about 80% of U.S. homes being at least 20 years old. Especially coupled with the inventory crisis in many areas, it’s quite common for individuals to buy a home with the intention of changing it drastically. 

When you become a Franchise Owner with Footprints Floors, you not only tap into a lucrative industry, but you also have the chance to provide a much-needed service for homeowners in your community. With a model that’s optimized for business success and customer satisfaction, you can help others to upgrade their way into happiness in their homes.

Fast Growth

Service franchises are a smart investment because they don’t take long to get off the ground and begin seeing significant growth early on! In fact, because you don’t need to obtain a physical showroom or office, hire formal employees or build up inventory, the average time to ramp up after signing an agreement with Footprints Floors is only 6-8 weeks!

Franchise Owners with Footprints Floors typically break-even within seven months by following a tried and true process for growth.

Owning a home services franchise means skipping the months or years of independent trial and error instead of leaning on the support and resources provided for you! Plus, you will benefit from the excellent reputation that Footprints Floors has been working to grow for more than 10 years. This allows for fast-tracked growth and the potential for quicker earnings.

One of the biggest advantages of a home service franchise is quick growth.
Simple To Scale

With Footprints Floors gaining customers and picking up momentum in your business is simple and scalable. While in some industries growth would require more employees, more inventory, and possibly more space, opening a home services franchise allows for a streamlined growth process as you enjoy the flexibility of Footprints Floors.

No unnecessary employees, no storage space, and no inventory required means you can grow and scale without extra stress!

Low Overhead

Centering your business around services instead of products gives you the huge advantage of operating with low overhead. Instead of stocking up on flooring products, Footprints Floors allows all customers to choose and source their own inventory. This provides them with more agency and freedom, leaving your team to do what they do best and provide excellent installation services.

The model also allows you to work out of your home since there’s no need for a showroom or even an office space when your customers are responsible for their materials.


A home services franchise offers low overhead and high reward for franchise owners.

With a team made up of contractors, you don’t have to worry about extraneous costs if you’re not able to fully book your services, especially as you start out. The Footprints Floors model allows you to focus on your growth while enjoying the savings on real estate, personnel, and inventory.

Flexibility Of A Home Services Franchise

In addition to the cost savings provided by the unique Footprints Floors model, this model also allows you to stay in control of your schedule and your life! With a home-based business and the opportunity to utilize a semi-absentee model once you’ve chosen an excellent General Manager, you’ll be able to call the shots on how and when you work. This model can leave the door open for passion projects, additional businesses or jobs, and extra family time. What could you do with this level of added flexibility in your life? 

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