Footprints Floors Franchise vs. N-Hance Franchise vs. Concrete Craft Franchise

Footprints Floors Franchise vs. N-Hance Franchise vs. Concrete Craft Franchise

So, you’re on the lookout for the right handyman franchise because you watch the trends and have noticed how incredibly solid and promising the home improvement industry is. Smart move! But with so many options out there, it’s tough to know which one is really worth a second look.

To make the task a little simpler, let’s consider what these three home improvement franchises have to offer with a side-by-side comparison.

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“In just a few years, I’ve made more money with my Footprints Floors franchise than I did in 13 years as an Independent Flooring Business Owner!”

Mark Duskes
Footprints Floors Franchise Owner

Possibility #1: N-Hance Franchise

Chem-Dry carpet cleaning Owners used their 20 years of business experience to launch N-Hance in 2001. With a focus on refinishing cabinets, floors, furniture, and other wood surfaces, they quickly grew until they had a presence in all 50 states by 2006 and have close to 500 franchises currently in operation.

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Possibility #2: Concrete Craft Franchise

Specializing in stamped concrete, concrete resurfacing, stained concrete and commercial flooring, the Concrete Craft franchise is the only one of its kind in the nation. Bringing a degree of artistry to ordinary concrete, they have been featured on Extreme Makeover on HGTV. Doing business in both the private and commercial sector, Concrete Craft has been serving the public since 2006.

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Possibility #3: Footprints Floors Franchise

For more than a decade, Footprints Floors Franchise has been installing and refinishing floors and putting in baseboards and backsplashes with a more personalized approach. With competitive pricing and the highest earning territory at nearly $2 million, this handyman franchise has reinvented the typical flooring company model to be simpler, more cost effective, and more efficient than the rest.

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Three Questions to Consider

What does the investment look like?

Because every entrepreneur is interested in turning a profit, the investment to start any number of home improvement franchises matters. If you’re looking at max out-of-pocket numbers, Footprints Floors Franchise costs $70K less than what it costs to start an N-Hance Franchise. When compared to Concrete Craft Franchise, high-end costs are $120K less.

Which one has the best overall business model?

Well, if having a flexible business model that requires fewer employees and a simpler, streamlined sales process are important to you, Footprints Floors is the only franchise that offers such a vital combination.

Which one offers the most product diversity?

Unlike N-Hance franchise and Concrete Craft franchise that only work with a single material, Footprints Floors Franchise is both professional and proficient when it comes to installing or refinishing products like hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tile, carpet, and stone. They also offer extended specialty services, giving Franchise Owners the greatest number of revenue streams among the three.

Home Improvement Franchises: Worth A Closer Look

Only Footprints Floors provides inclusive training to those of various backgrounds. They are the only franchise among the three owned and operated by a veteran. They offer the most comprehensive financing options and are the only franchise that is not restricted to brand partnerships.

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If you’d like to partner with a handyman franchise that is truly a step above the rest, inquire about this thriving franchise opportunity.

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