This Former Banking Exec Escaped the Corporate Grind, Thanks to Our Flooring Installation Franchise

Here at Footprints Floors, we’re in an absolute boom time. Our flooring installation franchise is expanding right across America, penetrating into markets of all sizes, and attracting sharp investors.

Our latest Franchise Owner joins the ranks of finance professionals who are choosing to invest in our flooring installation franchise. Omar Linton purchased two Footprints Floors territories in Paramus, a small New Jersey suburb about an hour outside of New York City.

We had some time to speak with Omar about his life, career, path to Footprints Floors, and personal outlook for his future.

Flooring installation Franchise Owner Omar Linton

Omar’s Journey to Franchise Ownership

“My professional background is in finance,” Omar says. “I’ve worked in various senior level roles in operations, finance, and client service at various large banks.”

Omar worked in this high-pressure field for close to 20 years. And he eventually had enough.

“I was tired of the grind of the 9-5 and I’ve always wanted to be my own boss and control my own career,” Omar says. “I have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and I know that hard work will produce amazing results, especially in this business.”

Omar spent his career in New York City. He says, “I enjoy traveling both domestically and globally with my family. I enjoy exercising daily. I’m a big foodie and I enjoy trying out new restaurants.”

The banking grind may not have left Omar with much time for anything else. With the flexible hours afforded by our flooring installation franchise, he now has that time back to pursue his interests and spend time with his family.

And Omar’s new territories are right across the river from Manhattan. A perfect location for taking advantage of everything the city has to offer!

How Omar Discovered Our Flooring Installation Franchise

As with all our new flooring installation Franchise Owners, we were curious to know how he found us. Omar says, “I initially learned about Footprints through a franchise advisor, Don Brammeier who represents DB Franchise Advisor.”

Don Brammeier isn’t just a franchise advisor, he’s also one of our Franchise Owners. Don represents over 500 franchises, including Footprints Floors. And once he got to know our business model, Don decided to purchase three exclusive flooring franchise territories for himself.

This one-of-a-kind business model convinced Omar that our flooring installation franchise was right for him.

“I think that the business model is very unique,” he says. “I don’t believe that I’ve ever seen a business model like this one before. With the growth of the flooring services industry, I believe there is a ton of growth that will take place here.”

A Ground Floor Opportunity… in a Surging Industry!

There’s definite growth available in the home services industry. And our flooring installation franchise gives aspiring business owners the opportunity to participate in this. 

Footprints Floors’ industry-leading model is designed to lower the barriers to business ownership. Then we make it easy to scale up, by taking care of the hassles of management.

Flooring installation Franchise Owner Omar Linton

“I was sold on the business model and how efficient and effective it was,” Omar says. “I also really like the contract labor model and I believe there will be a lot of growth in the flooring business in the years to come.  The initial investment and the return on that investment were also very attractive to me.”

Working with subcontractors helps reduce costs, minimize overhead, and eliminates the burden of staff management. Having these issues removed was a big sell for Omar.

He says, “I really like the labor contract aspect of it and not having to worry about selling actual product or material.  Also, the fact that the franchise helps with driving the advertising to bring in potential business is great.”

It all works together. Omar says, “I realized how efficiently the model worked, i.e., the lead generation process and the subcontracting business aspect of it.”

Omar has a few tips for anyone thinking of investing in their own flooring installation franchise. “During your vetting process, pay close attention to the process and model, and how it works to see if it’s a good fit for you.”

A Firsthand Look at Franchise Owner Life

All these details were covered in Omar’s Discovery Day, where he was introduced to Footprints’ Founder Bryan Park and our corporate support team. We asked Omar to share some of his recollections about his time with our team.

“The discovery day was a lot of fun. Being able to ask Bryan Park various questions and his strong transparency around the business and how the model worked was great,” Omar says. “Being able to see the process of how an estimate was conducted and the daily process of checking up on the various outstanding projects was also very cool.”

We get all our Franchise Owners started off right. An important part of this is having personal introductions to who they’re getting into business with.

“They are all so likable and down to earth,” he says. “They look to be a very supportive team that will be by my side for this entire journey that I am about to embark on.” 

We work closely with all our Franchise Owners. Omar’s Discovery Day was only the beginning of this long-term relationship. 

“All of the senior executives were very down to earth and very transparent,” Omar says. “There was no question that I asked that they couldn’t answer with relative ease.  They made me feel like a part of the family as soon as we all met.”

Flooring installation Franchise Owner Omar Linton

Ready to Grow!

With the support of our team and his new network of fellow Franchise Owners, Omar is ready to develop his flooring installation franchises.

“I look forward to learning lots about the flooring business and growing my business very aggressively,” he says. “I also look forward to being able to service my clients and customers to the best of my ability way beyond their expectations.”

The aggressive growth that Omar wants is possible because our business model is flexible and responsive. Our flooring installation Franchise Owners can grow at the speed that’s right for them, without worrying about the drawbacks found in other opportunities.

“At this point, I am not looking to hire employees,” Omar says. “That could change down the line, but the way this model works where employees are not necessary was very attractive to me. I also see a tremendous amount of growth potential in this industry.”

Omar’s ready to build his flooring installation franchises. “I believe that my strong work ethic and my ability to work well with and service clients and customers will make me successful in this business,” he says.

We’re confident he’ll make this venture successful. Omar has what it takes to make this happen: motivation, drive, and great people skills.

He has an excellent track record from his 20 years in banking. Omar’s high-level experience in management and client service is a great asset for him.

Not all our Franchise Owners have a background that’s strong in business, management, or finance. At faith-based Footprints Floors Franchise, our Owners come from all walks of life. What they have in common are the staple traits that lead to success. They’re hard-working, conscientious, and friendly.

If you’re interested in one securing a flooring installation franchise for yourself, please visit our franchise website for more information. Territories are going fast.

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