He Helped Others Find Flooring Franchise Opportunities…Then Snagged One for Himself! Meet Don Brammeier

As a franchising consultant at a firm that represents over 500 companies, Don Brammeier is an industry insider. 

Out of all of the franchising options he researches for clients every day, however, Don chose Footprints Floors as the right franchise business opportunity for himself.

We’re honored to have him join us as one of our latest Franchise Owners.

Don evaluates franchises for a living. He specializes in matching people with the right opportunity for them.

After introducing two clients to Footprints Floors, Don loved the concept so much that he decided to capitalize on the massive surge in the home services industry and invest in our flooring franchise opportunities himself.

In fact, Don isn’t just opening one new flooring franchise. He’s secured three exclusive franchise territories in beautiful Southwest Florida.


What made Don choose Footprints Floors over other flooring franchise opportunities?

So why did this industry insider pick Footprints Floors? Don’s come across hundreds of solid franchise options in his line of work.

That’s where he first heard about Footprints Floors. “The more I got to learn about the business model, the more I liked it,” he explains. “The rapid growth and still staying ahead of the curve really impresses me.”

But there’s more to business than good numbers on a page. 

Don says, “Support is real critical when you’re evaluating a franchise and Footprints Floors is doing an excellent job.”


From franchise consultant to Franchise Owner- Don’s journey

Don’s witnessed the reality of owning a franchise himself. Before working as a consultant, he spent 16 years with a major international Franchisor.

In his operations role, Don worked with Franchise Owners at this company day in and day out. He saw their struggles, where they failed, and where they needed help. He knows how crucial back-end business support is for long-term franchising success.

“Lead generation can be very difficult, especially because I have no marketing background and I don’t particularly care for it,” admits Don. “So, the fact that Footprints can produce the leads and schedule the appointments based on my calendar was huge for me.”

Our unparalleled level of Franchise Owner support and marketing assistance is what tipped the scales for Don.

Taking action with flooring franchise opportunities in Southwest Florida

Like many people, Don has long cherished the idea of entrepreneurship. “I always had it in the back of my mind – even from years and years ago – that someday I’d like to have my own business,” he tells us.

Despite this, he wasn’t moved to action until he heard about how the faith-based, Christian Franchise Footprints Floors business model is head and shoulders above other flooring franchise opportunities in the home services sector.

The more he learned about Footprints Floors and the way we do business, the more Don saw the potential for a customer-friendly flooring franchise right in his area.

“I see a real need for it here in the Southwest Florida residential marketplace. I’ve had my own experiences with home improvement services, which haven’t always been the best. I thought there was a real opportunity here,” he says.

Don’s personal work ethic and commitment to providing outstanding service align with our high customer service standards- something that he noted right off the bat when looking into our flooring franchise opportunities for his clients. He says, “We provide services based on integrity. That’s what I bring to the table. We’re bridging the gap between the contractors or subcontractors that are actually doing the work and the homeowners.”

“No matter what, I’m as good as my word. I’ll do whatever it takes to make it right. I think that resonates with people. A mistake might be made, but I’ll make it right. I’ve proven this over my years.”

Many homeowners can relate to the headache of dealing with contractors. Not all are enterprising enough to realize the potential business opportunity.

Thanks to Footprints Floors, Don is capitalizing on these frustrations with several new flooring franchises geared toward helping homeowners get the service and results they want at an affordable price.



Overcoming uncertainty with the support of the Footprints Floors team

But Don still felt some uncertainties about this new venture. Even with his extensive franchise industry background and years of examining different brands, at first he was not sure if owning a franchise was the right move for him. He says, “Like most people, there was always a reason why I couldn’t.”

Becoming a business owner is a major decision. A touch of apprehension is to be expected. Our team’s warmth and great company culture quickly alleviated this for Don, as he saw that the franchise he was about to invest in was more like a big family than a corporation.

“I guess the real thing that impressed me with Footprints, is the people,” recalls Don. “I got to start to meet the folks involved, like [Founder] Bryan Park, [Director of Operations] Rachel [Simpson], [Director of Managed Services] Debbie [Melkonian], [Franchise Development Manager] Jon [Jarvis]…they’re just genuinely good people. They’re professional, smart, and I know they’re going to do their best to make sure I’m successful. And I like the way Bryan is building the business.”

One of Don’s concerns was a lack of direct knowledge. 

At faith-based Footprints Floors, we take care of this by giving our Franchise Owners everything they need for success. This includes operational training, proprietary financial management, and our full-service corporate call center. We look after our people 100%.

Our Franchise Owners don’t need personal experience in the flooring industry, crew management, sales, or anything of the sort. They come from all walks of life.

People with diverse backgrounds are experiencing incredible success with Footprints. This is because our franchise business model adapts to many different skill sets, whether personal or work-related. The willingness to grow and an enterprising spirit are most important.

Along with his time in consulting and operations, Don spent 20 years in the commercial appliance repair industry. He has a sense of what it’s like to operate a regional service business. 

With our team’s support, Don is eager to pour his talents into his new flooring franchises. He’s confident about this new opportunity and optimistic for his future.

Flooring franchise opportunities that offer freedom & flexibility

Don’s only lived in Southwest Florida for a few years. And he didn’t move his family there just so he could be holed up working. 

He says, “It won’t take a large staff to operate the three territories. I can step back from much of the day-to-day activities when we reach a certain point. Then I can enjoy the area we live in. We call it our paradise.”

Even with three flooring franchise territories, our uniquely flexible business model gives him the opportunity to do so. Lifestyle freedom is a core part of this franchise. 

Footprints Floors fits perfectly into Don’s Gulf Coast life, starting with the fact that he can run it right from home. 

“It is home-based, but it’s definitely scalable,” he says. “You get the growth that you want, thanks to the lead-generating call center and scheduling flexibility. It truly is your business and your baby. You get to do with it, what you want.”

And Don isn’t only thinking about what’s right for now. He started off with three territories and still has a vision for an even bigger future.  He says, “The scalability made investment a big part of this. The franchises can develop into a real asset. It’s the right thing to do and I think it’s good.”


Don’s next steps as a Footprints Floors Franchise Owner

For now, Don’s settling in and setting his sights on learning everything it takes to succeed as a Footprints Floors Franchise Owner.

“I’m really looking forward to the upcoming training that starts next week and getting to know everyone a little better,” he says. “Everyone is so genuine and open.”

It isn’t enough for flooring franchise opportunities to be affordable or attainable. Footprints Floors makes sure Christian Franchise business ownership is practical. This care is built into every part of our franchise system.

Don experienced this for himself. It solidified his decision to move forward when he was still feeling unsure, and has given him confidence in his future success in the flooring business. He says, “It’s going to be successful because of the folks who are there to support and guide you through it.” 

Don’s taking a new approach. “Life’s an adventure, so go for it. This is fun.”

Don scooped up three of our exclusive Gulf Coast territories. Our franchise territories are selling out quickly. Some states are entirely sold out, but good locations are still available.

This is a recession-resistant franchise business model, with great profitability. Please visit our franchise website for more information on flooring franchise opportunities.

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