Footprints Floors: A Flooring Company for Sale

Footprints Floors: A Flooring Company for Sale

You might be surprised to learn just who can qualify to own a home improvement franchise through Footprints Floors. The ideal candidate might be a former school teacher. Maybe it’s someone who just left a career in the army. It could be a woman who is tired of the corporate business world and is looking for a fresh start. Or it may be a former salesman who feels like it’s time to take the lead running his own business.

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No matter what your background is, if you’re hoping to find just the right flooring company for sale, all that’s required to get started are a few basic qualifications. And none of them have to do with flooring!

A Mind for Business

You’re driven, motivated, and a natural leader.

Interpersonal Skills

You have no trouble connecting with people and you communicate well.

Organized & Accountable

As you visit job sites and keep a tight schedule, you’re reliable and can meet your deadlines.

Family & Community Focused

You genuinely care about the people around you. Family and neighbors are a high priority.

Growth Matters to You

You’re not afraid to think big, aspire for high revenue and strive for expansion.

If those traits describe you, it’s possible you may have just found a golden opportunity!
Our many services help increase our revenue streams while keeping our Home-Improvement franchise model recession resistant.






How Much Will it Cost Me To Open This Home Improvement Franchise?

To franchise through our flooring company for sale, it takes $50,000 in liquid capital, requires a net worth of $350,000 and a healthy credit score. If you’re a veteran, there’s a 10% discount off the starting franchise fee, which is $60,000 for one territory.

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Hear From Franchise Owners

Don’t just take it from us. Hear from those who took the leap and became Footprints Floors Franchise Owners.

Flooring Franchise

Do I Have What it Takes?

From the very start, you’ll be supported by a team of highly qualified individuals who know exactly what it takes to get you up and running. While our relationships with our Franchise Owners are professionally oriented, we still treat each other as if we’re all part of one big family.

Generating leads is not your responsibility. Our client base is already in place, so appointments are booked within your first week of business. Just submit your schedule to the call center and we’ll fill in those windows of time and make sure you stay busy.

Customer service concerns are also handled through the call center, which keeps your job simple and straightforward. This arrangement makes for happy customers too, because it means calls are never missed, so there’s no lag time waiting for a response.

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Where Do I Start?

Once financial requirements have been met, you’ll begin our training program. After 56 hours of remote training, you’ll join us at headquarters in Colorado for another 67 hours of hands-on instruction where you’ll learn how to hire crews, give customer estimates, and find out what it takes to run your own home improvement franchise. Even after you open for business, we’ll continue to offer support calls, webinars, and further training.

If the successful trademarks of Footprints Floors have piqued your interest, contact us today to learn more about our flooring company for sale!

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