Affordable Franchise: Footprints Floors Investment Breakdown

Affordable Franchise: Footprints Floors Investment Breakdown

Affordable Franchise Opportunity

At Footprints Floors, we offer entrepreneurs a low cost franchise opportunity that is hard to beat. Most of our Franchise Owners are able to recoup initial costs within three to six months of getting started, thanks to our call center that makes sure your schedule is filled up with appointments from day one. System-wide average returns are an impressive $808,547* on average with net profits of $217,394.**

Start a Footprints Floors affordable franchise flooring business today.

*Refer to 2021 Franchise Disclosure Document Item 19- Average Gross Sales of combined Table 1 and Table 3

**Refer to 2021 Franchise Disclosure Document Item 19- Average Net Profit of combined Table 1 and Table 3

Take advantage of Footprints Floors low cost franchise opportunity.

What makes us such an affordable franchise? Without the need for inventory, a big fancy showroom or a rented office space, our upfront investment is markedly lower than that of competitors. It’s possible to start your own flooring business with as little as $75,000 which covers the $60,000 franchise fee, training expenses, office supplies, insurance, licenses and permits, franchise starter package, and more.

Working in the home improvement industry puts you in a solid career that tends to be more resilient than most. In fact, market reports anticipate the industry will reach $542.5 billion by 2027 with flooring services being one of the most in-demand offerings out there.

Even with a 6% monthly royalty fee to cover marketing, support, new production and industrial advancements, it’s easy to see why so many entrepreneurs opt for launching a career with Footprints Floors.

Why Go with Footprints Floors?

Get the support you need while starting an affordable franchise with Footprints Floors.

Exceptional Training and Support

You’ll receive 56 hours of classroom training and 67 hours of on-the-job experience at headquarters in Colorado to give you the competitive edge you need to be successful in your new role.

Affordable franchise owner Floyd Khemai at Footprints Floors.

Easy to Qualify

Rather than an extensive background in flooring, all you need to know to be a Footprints Floors Franchise Owner is how to take estimates, collect fees and manage payments.

Footprints Floors low cost franchise opportunity is hard to beat.

High Quality Service

When it comes to both design and construction, you’ll only find the best at Footprints Floors. And our services are affordable too, which is why we’ve been growing our business for over a dozen years now.

Footprints Floors has an affordable franchise opportunity.

Successful Business Model

We’ve found a unique approach to doing business that sets us apart from the rest. Our model allows for rapid scaling up and a more manageable workload for Franchise Owners. It also helps that, thanks to our call center, you’ll never miss a client’s call or have to worry about client acquisition.

Footprints Floors is the industry-leading flooring company and affordable franchise opportunity.

Freedom & Flexibility

When you’re the one in charge, you get to decide when you take time off and how quickly you want to grow your business. While our Franchise Owners work from 9-5 five days a week, they’re also able to give their attention to other priorities when needed.

Industry-Leading Low Cost to Start

Invest in your future by taking advantage of this low cost franchise opportunity that will give you the kind of lifestyle you’re looking for. When it comes to finding an affordable franchise with the stability, proven track record and strong branding you can depend on, look no further than Footprints Floors. Contact us today to learn more.

Living Room flooring made possible by the low cost franchise opportunity at Footprints Floors.

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