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Interested in opening a Footprints Floors but not sure if you have the right skillset to do so? No worries.
Footprints Floors franchise owners enjoying the benefits of a home services franchise.


Whether you have years in construction or a passion for building relationships in your community, Footprints Floors is a flooring franchise for sale committed to providing support for owners to help them find success.

We are actively looking for Owners who are passionate about learning and ready to grow their business. Footprints Floors has an excellent reputation on the market, and we love finding Owners who are as enthusiastic about expanding their sales as we are! We also value those who want to build positive relationships with their communities. The hallmark of our business is making the workload of our Owners as light as possible so that they can focus on the relationships they make with the families we help.

Additionally, we love Owners who are organized. The primary job of a Footprints Floors Owner is to oversee projects, including managing calendars, collecting payments and ensuring customer satisfaction. Being on time and communicating well with customers is incredibly important.

While we will be there to help, our most successful Owners are also independent and able to drive their own success with excellent entrepreneurial drive.

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When you partner with Footprints Floors, you aren’t required to do any of the floor installations or generate any new leads or answer customer calls. So how does the process actually work and what are Owners responsible for?


Our corporate offices work hard to generate leads and interest across the market. Of course we encourage our owners to do their own networking, but you can count on help from corporate in finding customers.


The corporate call center handles work requests and passes those requests on to Franchise Owners.


The job is then coordinated between the crew and the customer-subcontractors complete all the work, our Franchise Owners check in to make sure things are going well.


Once the job is completed, Franchise Owners verify that the job was completed to customer satisfaction and collects the final payment.

Continued Support

It’s standard in franchising for Owners to receive support from Corporate. After all, Corporate offices want to protect their brand and reputation across the marketplace, and the success of their Owners is a reflection of that brand! Among flooring franchises for sale, Footprints Floors is committed to going above and beyond in helping our owners reach their business goals.

It all starts with our training. You’ll begin with two weeks of training in our beautiful Colorado support center. From there, you’ll have four to seven weeks of hands-on training in your business in your home market, where you learn all the ins and outs of managing your own Footprints Floors.

Then, you return to Colorado for another seven to 10 days to finish off your training and get additional support for questions that have come up in getting your business started.

Even after you’re up and running, we provide continued support calls, webinars and training modules, communication and networking opportunities with other Owners, and finance management support.

One of the biggest advantages of a flooring franchise for sale quick growth.

Although you’ll be involved in helping to market your business (word of mouth is a powerful tool!), we are committed to helping our owners get off to a good start. This means setting owners up with a website and SEO, providing vehicle wraps and direct mail campaign materials, lead generation, and more.

We want to make things as simple for our owners as possible, which means our Owners are never required to answer incoming phone calls, entering leads into confusing databases, following up with possible leads, scheduling appointments or contacting clients about estimate reminders. We have an incredible support team that takes care of clients so you can take care of needs on the ground.

You’re also never asked to install any floors. Instead, you work with subcontractors to install the flooring. Never worked with a subcontractor before? Don’t worry. We’ll train you on how to oversee, manage and pay crews. We’re committed to paying crews well which helps us to find the best talent available.

As you build relationships with your crews and continue to provide them jobs, you’ll find that they’ll be loyal to you and be easy to manage.

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A flooring franchise for sale offers low overhead and high reward for franchise owners.

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