This Wall St. Veteran Just Made a Solid Investment in our Hardwood Flooring Franchise!

As faith-based Footprints Floors grows, word of our hardwood flooring franchise continues to spread through the home services industry. And seasoned investors are eager to capitalize on the opportunity at hand.

Our newest Franchise Owner knows a thing or two about making a solid investment. As a former Wall St. investor, the financial aspects of the Footprints Floors opportunity was the driving force between Bill Evans’ decision to purchase three exclusive territories in Las Vegas, Nevada. We’re proud to have him on board!

Bill is quite busy with his new territories, but he made some time for a conversation about his journey to Footprints Floors and his experiences with our hardwood flooring franchise.

Hardwood flooring franchise owner Bill Evans- Las Vegas

Bill’s Journey to Hardwood Flooring Franchise Ownership

The first thing we wanted to know was, what drew a finance guy towards our hardwood flooring franchise?

Bill says his aim was “to further challenge myself, serve my community, as well as have more control over my professional life and destiny.”

His professional life is impressive. Bill comes to us from an extensive career in finance and upper-level management. He says, “I spent the first decade of my career in investment management and corporate finance in New York, including a handful of years on Wall Street. The second decade of my career has been owning and managing small and medium-sized businesses.”

But there’s far more to Bill’s life than work. He has an active family life, along with several personal hobbies to enjoy, when he can.

“I spend time with my three children and their extracurricular activities,” says Bill. “My personal interests are running, hiking, snow skiing, and water skiing, as well as skydiving and hang gliding in my younger years!”

Bill sounds a lot like many of our other Christian Franchise Owners. He’s hardworking, well-rounded, and needed a business opportunity that would support a more balanced life. 

After first hearing about the Footprints Floors opportunity through a franchise broker in Hawaii, Bill was curious to see whether our hardwood flooring franchise model was as impressive as it sounded on paper.

He was particularly drawn to the outstanding economics of our business model, citing the “low-cost investment with a relatively quick path to positive cash flow, strong gross margins, and the potential for a decent ROI” as a key reason for taking a closer look at Footprints Floors.

However, for Bill, it was the tremendous franchise support and healthy work-life balance that accompanies this potential for profitability as the main thing that set us apart from other franchise opportunities. He notes, “I’ve seen some franchisees work extremely hard in other models and make little to no money. I feel like Footprints Floors understands that it is in its best interest to keep the royalties and fees modest so that the owners are able to thrive and survive, which in return is the most sustainable path for the Footprints Floors organization in the long run.”

Flooring installation Franchise Group Shot

Meeting the Footprints Floors Team

Bill was able to gather this level of insight during his Discovery Day process, where he met our Founder, Bryan Park,  and the rest of the Footprints Floors corporate team.

“I felt like Bryan and his team were real and transparent in discussing the good & bad about the opportunity versus other companies that sell a skewed picture of the real day-to-day experience,” he reflected. “Bryan and his team have strong experience within the industry and the right balance of work and play. They are down-to-earth and likable.”

We do our best to give every potential Franchise Owner a realistic picture of what it’s like to own our hardwood flooring franchise. That includes going into everything we provide to support our Franchise Owners and create mutual success. This careful approach, backed with our proprietary systems, is what sets us apart from other franchising opportunities in the home services space.

Interacting with the Footprints Floors team at our Colorado headquarters helped to solidify Bill’s decision to franchise with us. He remarks, “Unlike other franchise models where there is often an economic imbalance between the franchisor and franchisees, I think Footprints Floors has a good cost-to-benefit ratio in terms of the royalties and fees paid in exchange to services provided such as a CSR, digital marketing, lead generation, key partnerships with national flooring product vendors, and so forth.”

Flooring installation Franchise Difference

The Footprints Floors Difference

It’s not just about the numbers. Bill also likes the industry in which our hardwood flooring franchise resides. He finds carrying out home services to be more appealing and rewarding than other common franchise options, like the restaurant industry.

At Footprints Floors, we’re more than a hardwood flooring franchise. We also offer design, staining, tiling, and floor restoration services. This gives our Franchise Owners multiple revenue streams, customer options, and keeps things interesting.

“I like the real estate and construction industries,” Bill says. “In particular, the daily activities of managing a business, performing estimates, overseeing jobs and crews, and serving homeowners in Las Vegas is a worthwhile pursuit in my mind.”

Bill’s looking forward to running and operating his new hardwood flooring franchise territories. He says, “I enjoy the process of building businesses, solving problems, and contributing as a team member to our small business. Work is a blessing.”

He has a lot of work on his hands, with three territories to develop at once. But this finance veteran understands his path to success.

“Making modest incremental personal improvements every day and week,” Bill says. “From past experience, these actions sum to a lot when you apply yourself over an extended period of time. Also, I try not to take myself too seriously and find ways to have fun on the job.” 

Bill has a bit of advice to offer anyone thinking of acquiring their own hardwood flooring franchise. He acknowledges that “buying, building, and managing a business is a long-term commitment. It’s a marathon as opposed to a sprint.”

There will be a definite learning curve for our Franchise Owners who are new to entrepreneurship. But with our support, this process is structured and smooth. We have over ten years of experience in successfully duplicating our business model and continually improving these processes.

Bill isn’t in this alone. We’re here for him, along with all our Franchise Owners, who get to handle the face-to-face customer interactions and other, more satisfying activities involved in a home services business, while we take on the lead management and administrative chores. 

Bill says, “The corporate team are not only talented and experienced, but they also take a genuine interest in the Owners’ development and success. They are all around good guys and gals and this comes through.”

Footprints Floors is still developing, right along with our Franchise Owners. We aren’t just expanding our territories. Founder Bryan Park and our corporate team are still improving and refining this company. There’s much growth ahead in the home services industry. And we’re planning to make the most of it, with our unique flooring franchise opportunities.

Are you interested in investing in your own hardwood flooring Christian Franchise? Or in scaling up to a veritable flooring empire of your own? Just visit our franchise website for more information. Our exclusive territories are going quickly and there won’t always be time to secure the location of your choice.

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