When This Tile Industry Expert Saw a Flooring Company for Sale, He Knew it Was a Perfect Fit!

More industry insiders are discovering our flooring company for sale. Our latest Franchise Owner is a flooring materials master.

Meet David DeBear, CTC, from South Jersey. David is one of the newest Franchise Owners of an exclusive Footprints Floors territory, and he shares how he came across this uniquely ideal opportunity for his background.

Life Before Footprints Floors: David’s Story

David comes to us from a successful career in the flooring materials manufacturing industry. We asked him to share a little about his professional background with us.

“I’m a Certified Ceramic Tile Consultant (CTC). I’ve spent over 25 years in the Ceramic Tile industry with one of the nation’s largest installation materials manufacturers as its National Architectural and Commercial Business Development Manager,” he says.

“I’ve been providing professional development to the industry through the American Institute of Architects, National Tile Contractors Association, and other industry channels.”

David enjoys his profession. But after years spent advancing the company he worked for, he was more than ready to get into business for himself. 

“In today’s world, I was tired of the big corporate environment and was looking for something different that would allow me to use my skills and energy,” he says. “Footprints Floors has provided this opportunity for me. I feel at home here.”

David began his journey to our flooring company with a clear understanding of the business lifestyle he wanted. He knew he wanted to remain in the home services industry. He’s seen the underpinnings of our industry, knows what makes it tick, and where it’s going next.

So, he reached out to a professional to get things started.

“I found Footprints Floors through a franchise coach. I think it is the right fit for me because of my background and love of the industry,” he says. “I have spent most of my career in the construction industry as a supplier and consultant to other entities within the industry.”

Familiarity isn’t the only reason David wanted a flooring franchise. He finds the home services industry to be far more appealing than other, more popular franchising options.

“The service industry works well for what I am looking for,” David says. “Industries where inventory is managed, and the burden of a brick-and-mortar business were not of interest to me. And I am not at all interested in the restaurant industry personally – only as a patron.” 

David’s consultant presented him with a range of franchise options which included our flooring company for sale. He says, “as I looked into other opportunities, I kept coming back to Footprints. With my background, it is a perfect fit”.

Getting to Know Footprints Floors:
David’s Franchise Journey

We had to know why he kept coming back to us. “Comparing Footprints to other service-oriented companies, the business model just works better,” David says. “I like the low overhead, customer and crew interaction along with the processes that are tried and true. The entire business model.”

David learned how our business model performs in action throughout his Franchise Education process. But Footprints Floors is about more than great financial metrics and proprietary systems.

It’s also about the people involved and the way we all work together for success. It’s important that all our potential Franchise Owners get to meet us and personally experience what it’s like to be a Franchise Owner. That’s what Discovery Day is for.

In David’s Discovery Day at our Colorado headquarters, he met the Footprints team and other Franchise Owners. And he was able to spend time with the Founder himself.

“[Founder] Bryan Park’s goals are simply to succeed and provide opportunities for success for those around him. The business model and the family of people within the organization make all of the difference,” says David. “I like the open approach and acceptance into the Footprints family.  Everyone is willing to take the time to help out and promote success.”

Our Founder, support team, and Franchise Owners all work together to make Footprints thrive. That’s what turns our carefully designed system into a flourishing operation.

David only had to experience a little of our company culture to recognize the value. “I am early in the process,” he says. “However, all indications show me that it only gets better. It’s the willingness to listen, act on ideas, and the support from the team. We all win with this approach.”

Finding the Right Flooring Company for Sale With Footprints Floors

This supportive structure lets us take people from all walks of life and fit them into Footprints with success. Our Franchise Owners come from all different backgrounds. They each find something unique to help them thrive within Footprints.

We asked David what he thought would make him successful. He was very direct. “That’s my history in the industry, love of the industry, the business model provided, and the people within the organization,” he says.

David fits right into the faith-based, Christian Franchise Footprints Floors family now. That was clear when we asked him what he enjoys most about being a member of the organization. He said it was, “being part of the community and the Footprints family. Having the freedom to manage my business as I see fit and controlling my own destiny. Also, I’ve been an education advocate for 25 years and feel that I can help others in the family be more successful.”

David is ready to do this by sharing his flooring expertise with his fellow Franchise Owners through their exclusive support network. For now, he has this advice with anyone considering our flooring company for sale.

“I would advise potential Franchise Owners to step back and not look at the singular idea of installing floors. Take a good look at the lifestyle that is associated with Footprints Floors,” David says. “Interaction with people in your community, the family-first attitude of the team, and the opportunity to help others make their lives better – both customers and teammates as well as yourself.”

Thanks to our flexible business structure, David now has more time for himself as well. Time for him to be outdoors, go sailing, and simply spend more time with his friends and family.

We’re proud that this tiling installation expert decided to join faith-based Footprints Floors when he saw our flooring company for sale. 

If you’d like to know more about Footprints Floors, please visit our franchise website for more info. You can see if any territories are still available in your area. And check out more stories from other Footprints Floors Franchise Owners.

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