Starting Your Own Business or Investing in a Franchise Brand

If you’re seeking to launch a business, one of the decisions and self-examinations you must make is whether you want to launch a franchise or start an independent business. The benefits of franchising are numerous!

The franchisee is the party that purchases the brand rights from the franchisor on behalf of a third party (the brand owner). In addition to ongoing franchise fees for marketing, royalties, and other costs, the franchisee pays the franchisor an upfront fee for the right to use their brand’s trademark.

Picking the Right Franchise Brand for You

If you choose to invest in the wrong franchise brand things can go wrong fast. However, if you take your time, do your due diligence, and find a company whose values align with your own, your path to success will be set.

One of the significant benefits of franchising over starting your own business is that the franchise business is creating a name for itself on a local or national level, which should be valuable to the target market you’re attempting to reach.

Any reputable franchise corporation has created a business system that functions well and delivers positive outcomes. Even better, they must disclose significant amounts of information in their mandatory disclosures so you can research the facts and confirm the findings with current franchisees before making your final decision.

The franchisee may acquire a largely turnkey operation, depending on the conditions of the franchise agreement and the company’s structure. They can have everything they need to complete the work, including an established brand, tools, materials, and a marketing strategy.

Also, a reputable franchise organization will have training programs that will educate you on how to operate the business effectively. Also, they have to have the available resources to help you deal with any issues that may arise as you manage your firm.

While some other franchisees might not offer everything, all franchises offer the franchisor’s expertise. The franchisee gets access to a vast pool of business advice to help them navigate the process of starting and running a firm, whether that information is contained in a searchable, digital knowledge base or just a phone number to contact the franchisor directly. Running a successful business with this information is much simpler than establishing one from zero.

Footprints Floors Home Services Franchise
Has Another New Family Member!

Joseph Kane - Footprints Floors Flooring Franchise Owner

“You are your own boss, and you get to decide what you do each day at Footprints Floors Franchising” – Bryan Park

We at Footprints Floors home services franchise are a cut above the competition and are not your typical flooring company; we’re a cutting-edge, reasonably priced business that uses a distinctive franchise business strategy to stay one step ahead of the competition in the flooring sector.

And because of our faith-based success, we’ve grown tremendously over the years, gaining many trusted and successful new Franchise Owners along the way. One of our most recent is Joseph Kane from Provo, Utah! We sat down for a fun and informative chat with Joseph to learn about how he found himself investing in a superb home flooring business!

Footprints Floors: What industries have you worked in prior to discovering Footprints Floors?

Joseph Kane: My background is essentially in sales for software companies, so SaaS. And then before that, I was an assigned language interpreter for four years, which brings you into many different environments.

FF: How did you first hear about Footprints Floors flooring franchise?

JK: Through a broker. I was requesting information on a different business opportunity and then he brought this one up and so I dove in deeper, and now here we are.

FF: Were you looking at construction franchises, or did you know what you wanted to do there?

JK: Originally, I was not even looking for a franchise business opportunity. Then we talked about the pros and cons of working with franchises, and he brought up a couple. One of them was a restoration company, one of them was a flooring company. Once we zeroed in on the flooring business it just made sense. It was a good fit based on my sales background and skill set.

FF: Awesome! What did you like about their franchise business model?

Joseph Kane and Family - Footprints Floors Flooring Franchise Owner
Joseph Kane and Family - Footprints Floors Flooring Franchise Owner

JK: Their home improvement business model was already in line with my strengths and preferences. With a sales background, on the one hand, I’m going to be doing estimates and working with customers while helping capture the customers’ vision. So I get to be on that side of things, which is similar to my experience. Also, being on the side of production and helping make sure that these jobs come to fruition now that the vision has been realized and there’s a tangible piece to it. So that’s the role that I will fill.

On top of that, the faith-based organization seems to be focused on people first. They genuinely want to make a difference in customers’ lives. If you do what’s right for the customer, and you have that mentality and focus on taking care of the customer, then everything else will work itself out.

They’re also focused on us as Franchise Owners too. Helping each of us be successful and caring about us.

FF: Was there anything about the franchise business model at first that intimidated you? Anything that made you question whether or not this was the path you wanted to take?

JK: The crew side of things is the biggest unknown and biggest question mark. Another factor for me is that this is my first transition from being a W-2 employee to a business owner and not having a paycheck and a salary and all that. And so there are also some nerves around that, and I’ve had to work through all of that.

Honestly, Footprints flooring franchise is awesome and there are no red flags.

FF: With those concerns in mind, was there anyone during the process that helped you feel more at ease with those issues?

JK: Brian was extremely helpful the whole time. He did a really good job helping me understand that everything is going to be okay. And showing how they’ve done this successfully across the country. 80 or 90 franchise owners and they’ve been able to figure things out. I’ve had the chance to get to know 20 or 25 franchise owners and they all had the same concerns as me, but things turned out good and they reassured me that with dedication I’ll be good too.

FF: Do you have a favorite part of Discovery Day?

JK: Meeting the entire Footprints Floors Franchise team!

FF: What sets Footprints apart from other franchise business opportunities in the home services or flooring industry?

JK: I didn’t look at other flooring companies, but I did look at some other home improvement companies and Footprints checked ALL the boxes. They put the Franchise Owners first.

FF: What makes you most excited about owning your own Footprints Floors flooring business?

JK: The ability to have more freedom and opportunity to be a part of my family’s life more.

We can’t thank Joseph enough for taking the time to sit with us and discuss his story. And we couldn’t be more excited for him!

If Joseph’s journey inspires you and you want to change your life and community, let’s talk about Footprints Floors franchise opportunities in your area.