Starting a Flooring Business: Made Easy with Footprints Floors

Get your Footprints Floors Business Open for Less Than $70K

Starting a Flooring Business: Made Easy with Footprints Floors

Get your Footprints Floors Business Open for Less Than $70K

Starting a Flooring Business

Have you ever wanted to start your own flooring business, but didn’t know where to start? Perhaps you looked into the start up costs and found the investment out of your reach. Starting any kind of business from the ground up involves a lot of money, planning, and time. You’ll need to think about things like: loans, investors, business titles and licenses, office or retail space, products and inventory – the list goes on and on. And, if starting a flooring business is your dream, you’ll have to add construction, carpentry, and contractor knowledge. If you haven’t already worked with a flooring company, this knowledge can be difficult to come by. But what if you’re just interested in home decor and want to start a successful business? Well, Footprints Floors’ flooring franchise might be the answer you’re looking for!

There are a number of reasons why our Franchise Owners love their Footprints Floors franchise and why you might like to own one too:

Footprints Floors - Parks

Successful Franchise Concept

Footprints Floors has a proven track record of 10 years of growth and success with a genuinely unique franchise model that has no national competitors or imitators.

Footprints Floors has strategically and intentionally grown, utilizing a model that allows rapid scalability of the support functions which allows Franchise Owners to focus more on the customer and less on the daily tasks that often overwhelm small business Owners in our segment.

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Outstanding Economics

Footprints Floors has some of the strongest unit economics for any service business, period. Our growing franchise with over 16 territories allows us to achieve economies of scale and cost advantages with our suppliers. Per our audited Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), most Franchise Owners have hit $500K or more in year two, with Franchise Owners moving on to reach over $1 million in revenue in year four. Average year-over-year profit, as shown in item 19 of the FDD, is 24%.

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Low Cost of Entry

Compare our entry level cost to our proven income potential. Franchise Owners average investment is around $50K. With the average Franchise Owner generating sales of almost $580,000, we proudly boast a 783% sales-to-investment ratio! With these types of economics, we typically see your investment recouped within 3 to 6 months.

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Freedom & Flexibility

We believe in the importance of a healthy work-life balance. Our flooring franchise opportunities afford our Franchise Owners both the freedom and flexibility to build a stable and prosperous business while enjoying a flexible schedule for their families. Our Franchise Owners typically operate a 9am — 5pm business, often blocking out hours or entire days to do the things in life they could never have done in the corporate world.

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Strong Partnership & Support Model

As a new Franchise Owner, we will help to ensure all your customers will receive consistently excellent customer service. How? We handle it for you. Our call center answers all incoming calls, sets customer appointments, helps manage the Franchise Owners schedule, and directs inquiries to appropriate Franchise Owners based on territory Ownership.

We also help ensure you have a stream of new leads to work with, at a fraction of the cost of what smaller, independent companies have. We’ve spent years building partnerships with effective lead generating companies and vendors that allow for volume pricing in nearly all markets across the United States.

Franchising – A Proven Model

With all the costs and planning involved, it is easy to see why starting your own business can be so difficult. And, even if you’ve made it through the hassle of getting your business off the ground, there is no guarantee it will succeed – in fact, more than half of new businesses fail. The franchise model, however, is a proven way to avoid the risks of typical business models. When you buy into a franchise, you are purchasing the rights to an already successful business. You still get to enjoy the flexibility, independence, and profitability of traditional business Ownership but you don’t need to worry about failure!

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flooring franchise

So, if you dream of starting a flooring business, Footprints Floors is here to make your dream come true. We have spent the last decade developing our successful flooring franchise business model. We know the ins and outs of the flooring and home improvement industries and we are happy to share this knowledge with you so you can start a successful flooring business. If you partner with us, we will train you so that you are set up for success. We also will take care of all customer service and marketing needs, so you don’t get weighed down by the small stuff. With Footprints Floors, you get to focus on starting a flooring business and building future success. Our low investment cost of $68,130 and $95,580 and average gross sales of $969,724 sets you up for a quick ROI and guarantees continued success.

Footprints Support

We know starting a flooring business can be overwhelming. From day one, you’ll have a Team of highly experienced Support Staff to help you get up and running, and continue to grow your business into the future. Our goal is to make sure you think of us not as the “Support Team” but as your second family.

Start a Flooring Franchise with Footprints Floors

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If you’re interested in joining the Footprints Floors family, just reach out to us! We will schedule a simple interview so we can get to know one another a little better. If you’re a good fit, we will send you over our FDD so you can look over the finer details. Any questions you have, we will be happy to answer. If you like what you see – and we bet you will – then you can speak with our corporate staff and if all goes well, you’ll be awarded with your very own Footprints Floors Franchise! Starting a flooring business has never been so easy.

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