Starting a Flooring Business with the Support of a Franchise

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own business, you’re not alone.

Starting a Flooring Business with the Support of a Franchise

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own business, you’re not alone.

Important Things to Consider

The entrepreneurial spirit lives on in many of us and plenty dream of leaving the corporate world behind to pursue big business dreams and bigger pay. Unfortunately, owning a business isn’t so easy. For those who are considering taking the plunge into entrepreneurship, it is a good idea to consider the challenges of starting a business:

Expensive Initial Investment:

Starting a business from scratch requires a lot of capital. And, unless you have a stellar idea with pretty good proof that your business will succeed, it will be hard to find investors. That means that you will be upfronting the cost of your business all by yourself.

High Risk:

Not only is a new business venture expensive, but it is also risky – half of new businesses fail annually. It’s even more risky if you’re banking all your savings on your idea; you could end up with a failed business and an empty bank account.

No Support:

When you start a business venture by yourself, there is no one to help you along the way. You have to figure out the costs of production, sales, and operating all on your own. You will hopefully learn from mistakes made along the way and continue to grow, but this isn’t always the case – often, a bad decision can be what runs your business into the ground.

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With such dire consequences, it’s hard to see how anyone has the courage to start a business. If done successfully, however, the rewards are immeasurable. If you’re unwilling to face the potential downsides of entrepreneurship, a good option is franchising. Franchising allows you to experience all the benefits of business Ownership (flexibility, high profits, and independence) without the risk involved with outright business Ownership.

Footprints Support

We know starting a flooring business can be overwhelming. From day one, you’ll have a Team of highly experienced Support Staff to help you get up and running, and continue to grow your business into the future. Our goal is to make sure you think of us not as the “Support Team” but as your second family.

Starting a Flooring Business with Footprints Floors

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If you are interested in starting a flooring business but you are now terrified of entrepreneurship, do not fear – franchising with Footprints Floors is the answer! Starting a flooring business is a great idea as it capitalizes on the booming $340 billion annual home improvement industry. Home improvement projects are on the rise as more couples are buying new homes and current homeowners looking to complete renovation projects. Floors are an important part of the home, both structurally and cosmetically and thus flooring projects are a top priority for many homeowners. By starting a flooring business with Footprints Floors, you have a chance to join this lucrative industry.

How is Footprints Floors Different?

Creating a business with the type of unit economics that Footprints Floors has does not happen by sheer luck. There are a number of reasons as to why customers choose our floor franchise over the other options available to them:

Highly Competitive Pricing

Our home office model has kept us from spending money on expensive showrooms and unnecessary employees. This allows us to keep our overhead extremely low.

VIP Service

At Footprints Floors, we ensure every customer receives a superior level of service. We do things that other companies can’t, or simply won’t, like move all furniture and relocate plumbing and appliances.

Prompt Visits For Free Estimates

Since the Franchise Owner isn’t actually performing the work, we’re able to provide estimates at times convenient to the customer. Rather than showing up covered in stain and dust, we show up in business-casual, branded clothing.

Strong Brand

Our great online ratings with the Better Business Bureau, Home Advisor, and Yelp carry over to new floor franchise territories which allows new Owners to start with hundreds of great reviews.

Hardwood Floor Restoration

There is no national player in the Floor Restoration business. The other national franchises only provide floor installations. At Footprints, we offer our customers the option to more affordably revive their floors back to a state of beauty.

Franchising Made Easy with Footprints Floors

Owning a franchise offers all the career and financial benefits of business Ownership without breaking the bank and leaving you a stressed mess. For just $68,130 and $95,580, you can begin your dream of starting a flooring business. When you invest in Footprints Floors, you invest in success. With training, marketing, customer service, and ongoing support you’ll never be in business by yourself (only for yourself). Contact us today to learn more about your future with Footprints Floors.

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