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Who Do We Look For?

We are looking for a specific type of individual to join the flooring franchise family. To help us determine whether you might make a great partner, please read our core criteria below.

Business Savvy

Highly driven, motivated, and a decision maker. You have outstanding leadership qualities to go along with strong customer relationship skills.

Community & Family-focused

You’re passionate about your family and your community. You’re eager to be actively involved in your community, as a means to network and source more leads for your new business. You’re also seeking a business that is family friendly and focused.

Outgoing & Friendly

You should have an ability to connect with your customers, with your staff, and with your wide community. Our typical Franchise Owners tend to smile a lot, enjoy what they do, and represent the brand with pride.


We are seeking to partner with individuals who are eager to grow their business. You should aspire to achieve high revenue and profit margins within your first territory, and then be open to reinvesting into multiple territories. Moreover, you should have not only the appetite, but the ability to manage multiple territories as you scale your business.

Organized, Accountable & Punctual

As mentioned, you’ll be traveling throughout your community, visiting multiple job sites and customers each day. To be a successful Franchise Owner and to build strong revenues, you’ll need to be organized, accountable, and punctual.

“This is definitely a family business – It’s fun to be apart of a big family. We feel so lucky to be a part of this.”

Kate Gudeman
Footprints Floors Franchise Owner


The financial requirements associated with starting a flooring business with us are based on the availability of $45,000 in liquid capital, a net worth of $75,000 and a high credit score. There is a Veterans discount of $4,500 off the franchise fee to qualifying applicants. The franchise fee for one territory is $45,000.

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