These Parents of 3 Found the Flooring Franchise Opportunity of their Dreams!

To say people keep snapping up our affordable flooring franchise opportunities is the understatement of the year – after awarding 59 new franchise territories in 2020, we’ve already awarded 34 territories so far in 2021, and have completely SOLD OUT in 43 major U.S. cities!

Some of our Franchise Owners are experienced investors, while others are brand new business owners. One thing they all have in common is a keen eye for a good flooring franchise opportunity.

Our latest Franchise Owners, Dan and Laura Hermansen, were on the hunt for a business that would perfectly suit their family’s needs. The couple, who are the first faith-based Owners to bring our franchise to Kansas, found their ideal opportunity in two Kansas City-area Footprints Floors franchises.

Dan and Laura are married with three young children. They live and work in Kansas City, where their exclusive flooring franchise territories are located. Dan’s worked in the truck equipment industry for over 18 years, doing production planning, purchasing, marketing, and sales. Laura is a speech-language pathologist, with a Master’s degree and over 15 years of experience.

When it comes to free time, family comes first for the Hermansens. Dan shares, “We have wonderful and energetic young children. We enjoy cooking together, board games, and PBS Kids family night on Friday evenings. In a past life, we really enjoyed traveling, music festivals, and live comedy shows. We look forward to doing those things again someday.”

Balancing Career With Family

Dan and Laura are in their prime and looking to make the most of these years. That means spending more time together, being present for their children, and pursuing their own interests.

The Hermansens aren’t work averse. They simply have a different vision for their lives- one that no longer includes building someone else’s nest egg.

Dan and Laura are clear on why they chose entrepreneurship. “The opportunity to work together in a business that provides flexibility and complements our lifestyle,” says Laura. “We want to build a company that can benefit our family and our community for generations to come.”

The hunt for the perfect business opportunity was on. When the Hermansens found a Christian business that looked promising, they reached out to a franchise consultant to discuss it. This consultant ended up introducing them to our faith-based, flooring franchise opportunities.

“We first heard about Footprints Floors from a business broker that was returning our call about a different business we had seen for sale,” recalls Dan. “After a brief conversation about our goals and backgrounds, he recommended we check out Footprints Floors.”

A Flooring Franchise That Fulfills Career AND Family Goals

Why did their broker steer the Hermansens our way? Well, it’s one thing to find a promising business for sale. Owning, managing, and operating one long term is far more complicated. The Hermansens needed a financially sound business that was feasible for their skill set and appropriate for their desired lifestyle. Footprints Floors checked all the boxes for Dan and Laura from the start.

“We both liked the concept right away,” Laura says. “The overall model of the company felt like a good fit for us. The ability to control our own schedule, the low overhead cost, and the reasonable cost of entry was attractive to us. It made sense to us and we started the journey towards becoming Franchise Owners.”

Our franchising system is designed to put successful entrepreneurship in reach for industrious individuals. Part of how we do this includes giving our flooring Franchise Owners full-service corporate backing. We handle lead generation, appointment scheduling, and customer service queries in our dedicated call center, freeing up our Franchise Owners’ time to concentrate on building their empire. Additionally, Franchise Owners don’t need to worry about performing the flooring installations themselves- we equip them with the knowledge they need to successfully hire and manage a quality subcontractor team of industry professionals. Our industry-leading franchise support is the reason why Owners don’t need prior industry experience- only great work ethic, a positive attitude, and the drive to make their new business a success.

This was big for the Hermansens. “We liked that experience in the flooring industry was not a prerequisite to be successful and we felt like our past work experience would benefit us in the day-to-day operations,” Dan says.  “The fact that corporate helps with lead follow-up, estimate booking, marketing, and technical support was very appealing to us.”

Dan and Laura’s Flooring Franchise Discovery Process

The Hermansens first experienced our unrivaled support during their Discovery Day. This is where potential Franchise Owners get a personal introduction to our company and team members, including Footprints Floors Founder Bryan Park. We nurture our prospective and existing Franchise Owners like they’re family and that begins even before they’ve made any commitments. 

Laura shares that what they liked most about their Discovery Day experience was “having the opportunity to ask anything. Meeting some of the staff and getting to go into the field. It was all very helpful and informative. The whole executive team has been warm and welcoming. They’ve been approachable and shown a desire to help everyone be successful. We like that Mr. Park is an active and ambitious leader.”

Taking the Leap Toward Entrepreneurship

Becoming a Footprints Floors Franchise Owner is a life-changing decision, and we do all we can to ensure our Franchise Owners are well-prepared to successfully operate their new flooring franchise business. 

We don’t just hand out information packets, training videos, and financials, like some home services franchises do. We do our best to let potential Franchise Owners experience what it’s like to run a Footprints Floors territory. They get a feel for who we are, what we stand for, and how we operate. By the time our Franchise Owners make that final decision, they’re fully confident that our flooring franchise opportunity is right for them.

Getting to know Footprints in a pressure-free, supportive environment helped the Hermansens come to their decision. Dan says, “The decision for us evolved over time, so it is tough to nail down an exact moment. Listening to and participating in the validation calls was extremely beneficial to us understanding the model and the opportunity.”

A Stake in the BOOMING Home Services Industry

The Hermansens have invested in more than our flooring franchise opportunity. They now have a stake in the booming home services industry. Laura says, “We believe the Home Services industry is strong and poised for growth going forward.”

There definitely is room for growth here. The home services market is expected to grow at a rate of 18.91% by 2026. The Hermansens are starting off with two exclusive territories and are poised to capitalize on this, thanks to our scalable structure.

There’s also a lot of fun to be had along the way. Like many Americans, the Hermansens have the renovation bug. “We enjoy seeing home improvement projects take shape, making spaces more functional and more appealing at the same time,” shares Dan. “We are very excited to help people transform their living spaces and make their visions a reality.”

Investors often opt for restaurant and food-related franchises, without considering alternative industries. Call us biased, but we feel that consulting with homeowners on interior renovations is way more fun than supervising line cooks. Our Franchise Owners are able to enjoy a healthy work-life balance thanks to schedule flexibility and freedom to set their own hours- not to mention getting to avoid the massive overhead, real estate costs, and staffing hassles that often come with food service franchise investments.

Looking Ahead

The Hermansens have some advice for anyone looking for their perfect business opportunity. “Do your research, know what you can afford, and make sure the company you join will support you in the ways you need,” says Laura.

They’ve certainly got this support with Footprints. As Dan says, “The ongoing assistance from the corporate team is a big differentiator. They continue to expand the opportunities for growth by developing relationships with national brands and continuing to increase the resources available to franchisees.”

Laura adds, “We were fortunate to be able to attend the 2021 Annual Conference. While there, we connected more with the corporate team which confirmed for us that we had made the right decision.”

Already up and running in Kansas City, the Hermansens are settling into their new lives as business owners. “We look forward to running a business together and developing relationships with customers, crews, vendors and our fellow Franchise Owners,” says Dan. “We will find success by taking care of our customers above all else. We value honesty and integrity, and we will operate accordingly.”

Their family vision is now a reality, thanks to our affordable flooring franchise opportunity. And this is only the beginning for them.

We’d like to congratulate the Hermansens on joining Footprints Floors. We can’t wait to hear more from them!

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