Want to Own your Own Floor Refinishing Franchise?

Dedicated to quality service and products.

Want to Own your Own Floor Refinishing Franchise?

Dedicated to quality service and products.

Unique Support and Guidance

If you’re considering becoming your own boss and owning your own floor refinishing franchise, consider joining Footprints Floors. With more than 10 years of growth and success combined with a history of industry leading economics it’s no mystery why we have become a widely recognized brand and the largest flooring contractor around. By choosing to focus on our customers and contractors and offer unique support and guidance to our Franchise Owners. If you’re ready to become our own boss, give Footprints Floors a call.

Footprints Floors

Footprints Support

We know starting a flooring business can be overwhelming. From day one, you’ll have a Team of highly experienced Support Staff to help you get up and running, and continue to grow your business into the future. Our goal is to make sure you think of us not as the “Support Team” but as your second family.

Low Cost, High Revenue

By choosing to join a franchise like Footprints Floors, you’re not only becoming your own boss, but are also taking control of your future. You’ll enjoy a freedom and flexibility not commonly found in Corporate America. You’ll be able to hire your own staff, set your own hours and focus on your customers and contractors. Not only that but you’ll also be privy to our unique and proven business model and become part of our corporate support structure. We will make sure you are provided every opportunity to succeed.

Not only will you be supported from day one as a new Franchise Owner, but you’ll also be joining a nationwide franchise with brand recognition from coast to coast. Your investment required to join is comparatively low and your opportunities for high revenue are limitless. With continuous, industry leading unit economics our Franchise Owners continue to experience significant year-over-year economic growth. If you’re ready to join the largest floor refinishing franchise around, give Footprints Floors a call.

If you’re looking for the best flooring franchise opportunities in the industry, learn more about Footprints Floors!

Experience Success

When you choose to join Footprints Floors by becoming a Franchise Owner you are investing in a successful franchise with more than a decade of industry leading economics. We are a one-of-a-kind residential flooring installation and restoration business made up of individuals from a wide array of backgrounds. Whether you come from Corporate America or even are a former flooring business Owner, with Footprints Floors you will experience success. If you’re considering starting a flooring business, make sure to learn more about our unique franchise opportunities and the potential success they offer!

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